Rural Oregon Community Development Web Tour

Key Resources

Powerpoint Presentation: Youth Leadership for Community Internet Awareness Use this for your own presentations.
Tri-county presentation tour press release

Building Learning Communities
Master listing of community-building and community networking resources.

K12 Teacher-training and Resource Hotlists
Master listing of educational resources.
See also   for web-curriculum created
through the online class "Making the Best Use of Internet for K12 Instruction."

Planning for Local Community Internet Awareness Initiatives  

The Kellogg MIRA Model for Community Internet Awareness

Rural Solutions, INC.
A Venture Philanthropy Concept Paper for a rural development cooperative.

The Story of the Impact of Internet on Dillon, MT:

SJ Mercury News front page article on impact of Internet in Dillon, Montana
Dillon-net   Read their story at

See also the companion story on La Grande, Oregon!

Ecommerce Training Resources

Ecommerce Start-up Training Resources Includes Youth entrepreneurship.

Access Minnesota Main Street Rural Ecommerce

Check out their Ecommerce Curriculum at   One of the best.

Minnesota Mainstreet Ecommerce Resources  

"The 'E' in Me",
Entrepreneurship training resources from the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Qwest in Idaho has a Ebits Training program with good resources  

Women's Entrepreneurial Networks

Women's Rural Economic Network
Collectively Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Women's Economic Self-sufficiency Team (WESST) Artisans, Taos, NM   Rural women artists' web sites.

The Women's Business Center at Coastal Enterprises, Inc.     Betsy Tipper
Helping Maine women grow their businesses through telecommunications.

SBA's Women Business Owner's website:

Center for Women and Information Technology

Youth Building Communities!

Morino Institute's YouthLearn is an online community for people
integrating technology into out-of-school learning environments.
Extensive collected resources!

Youth Using Technology to Build Community and Bridge the Digital Divide!  
Kids create web pages for non-profits. Many free web tools listed to help kids get started!

Sisters, Oregon students run a successful quilting business  
from , a student run Internet Service Provider 

Teens Teaching Internet Skills to Seniors
We are re-inventing our classic 4-H Youth afterschool-weekend
club activity to be a community technology leadership program.
Only 12 percent of our members are farm kids. Guess where the others live.
In towns, cities and suburbs.
See also: Americans Communicating Electronically National 4-H leader: Tom Tate

Teen Resources
A Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Teen Resources Project

Digital story telling

Chamisa Mesa High School teaches digital storytelling.
Also check out what our students are doing for the community and their
peers:  See also

This is a site that contains web sites that kids have created.

Believe it or not that site is by a 13 year old.
I started a basic web site and then learned what I needed to in order to
make my site more fun and attractive.

This organization provides creative arts mentoring for at risk kids. 

After School Programs: Federal Resources 

21st century community learning centers Federal Resources

SEE the New Cyberfair Competition for inspiration! 
International competition for kids to create community-oriented web pages

International competition for kids to create instructional web pages. Over 3000 such sites!

Two Super Sites for Girls!
Long listings of resources, mentoring programs, projects, and links
for helping girls using science, math, technology, to cross that digital
Long listing for 'girls-only' resources and projects!

Senior Sites (Elders, not HS Seniors!)

FirstGov for Seniors 
Federal resources for seniors

SeniorNet is based on the concept that older people are not adverse
to using new technology, just unfamiliar with it.
See also,

Senior Corps
Featuring a RSVP volunteers program.

American Association of Retired Persons
Includes chat rooms and participants who
are very generous about helping "newbies."

Senior Surfers
Our intention is to have between 2,500 & 3,000
SurferLabs available in communities within the next four years.

Computers for Homebound and Isolated Persons(CHIPs)

Regional Community Networks and Virtual Incubators:

Oregon Innovation  

Central Oregon Regional Community Network

Idaho Virtual Incubator

Louisville virtual incubator

Wisconsin virtual incubator

Missouri Association of Community Information Networks (37

North Central Kansas Regional Community Network)  

Association for Community Networking   Strongly recommended!

Arizona CNs

CN guides listed

Free Web-based Collaborative Tools

A list of free/low-cost computer resources (both newand recycled)

Federal Computer Recycling Program