Oregon Youth to Bootstrap Rural Internet Awareness

                           http://lone-eagles.com/oregonarticle.htm    By Frank Odasz, frank@lone-eagles.com

Lone Eagle Consulting will be presenting for NE Oregon communities strategies and resources for youth-driven rural Internet awareness, May 7-9th, 2001. Models will be shared for providing social incentives, and ongoing community self-assessment, for generating local Internet awareness, local skill and innovation capacity, and successful Ecommerce businesses.

Rural communities today are facing the challenges of how to bring high speed Internet to town in order to be competitive with urban areas. Most communities, however, are not prepared to address the issues of how to raise citizen awareness as to the Ecommerce and social potential of the Internet. They also do not know how to engage citizens as motivated self-directed learners supporting one another on an ongoing basis to meet the shared challenges of staying current in a world of accelerating change. There’s a great deal of benefit that rural citizens can realize through existing Internet connections, of which citizens need to be made aware!

Frank Odasz will discuss local program models for community members to engage in learning new skills, grow self-confidence, and grow the collaborative capacity of the community by everyone learning to share what they learn. He will also present ideas for providing social incentives and ongoing community self-assessment for Internet awarneess, local skill and innovation capacity, and successful E-commerce businesses. The more local citizens that find assistance to grow a personal vision, and can find the help they need to grow their knowledge and skills, the more sustainable that community becomes. A special youth focus will show how today's youth can lead their community in Internet awareness.

"The reality of what the Internet offers is that we ALL can be both learners and teachers all the time. We're all now faced with the same big question " What free web tools, in combination with learned attitudes, perspectives, and skills, will produce the greatest benefits for the most people with the least investment of time and money?" says Mr. Odasz.

Topics that Frank Odasz will discuss in a presentation titled "Youth Leadership for Community Internet Awareness" include youth leadership, E-commerce for beginners, and social networking strategies for building a sustainable community. Youth today are key technology leaders and technology change agents in all communities. Learn how youth can use digital photography, art and music to motivate citizens to learn to use the Internet to become self-directed learners and to self-publish locally and globally. An online "Train-the-Trainers" Internet Guide will be presented (http://lone-eagles.com/guide.htm ) along with a review of many self-teaching Internet training resources. A dozen low-cost, short-term youth-driven citizen engagement initiatives will be showcased.

Born in Cody, Wyoming, in 1952, Frank Odasz has been a carpenter, oil field roughneck, dude ranch manager, college professor, and is now a "Lone Eagle," an independent instructional entrepreneur. In 1982, Frank attended the University of Wyoming to learn the benefits computers and telecommunication could bring to rural citizens. As one of the early pioneers with both online learning and community networking, he founded the Big Sky Telegraph in 1988, offering online courses to rural teachers in one and two-room rural schools.

Frank Odasz's tour is sponsored by the Northeast Oregon Economic Development District, Region 13 Workforce Investment Board, the Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce, and the Oregon Career Network. For more information please call Marya Nowakowski at NEOEDD 426-3598

Four Suggested Action Initiatives to Bootstrap Your Community:

1. Youth-driven Community Technology Nights: Begin holding regular presentations to showcase locally available Internet skills and mentoring assistance, local web innovations and local Ecommerce successes. Create a local Community Ecommerce Businesses Web Mall to promote local businesses!

2. Post a Community Mentors Roster: Create and maintain a web page listing citizens alphabetically by the topics for which they are willing to offer online and offline volunteer mentoring.

3. Post Local Ecommerce Training Resources: Create a local Ecommerce resources web page to make locally available the best-of-the-best rural economic development and Ecommerce training resources, models, and strategies from global sources.

4. Begin Local Teleliteracy Training: Free local Internet self-empowerment training programs can be created, both online and offline, using the following existing free online Internet Basic Skills short courses, mentored locally by youth and peers.

Three Easy Online Mini-Courses for Internet Beginners

Each of the following free online short courses for citizens could be offered as part of a community teleliteracy program with a certificate of completion and/or an embroidered patch awarded to those who complete the lessons. Citizens could mentor citizens with prizes or recognition for those who help the most citizens attain success by completing the lessons.

Each of the following mini-courses require only four hours to complete and can be modified as necessary. Determine what your citizens need to know, and create opportunities for them to learn these skills online, either on their own, or with peer mentors.

Mini-course 1: 
Internet Self-empowerment - Becoming a Self-directed Learner
Successive hands-on experiences are simply presented to quickly build the skills for using search engines, free web tools, and the Internet to learn anything from anywhere at any time.

Mini-course 2:  Empowering Others through Internet Mentorship
Learn to help build the learning capacity of your community through successive hands-on experiences using Internet collaborative tools and instructional authoring tools for citizen-to-citizen instruction, and mentorship.

Mini-course 3:  Easy Internet Ecommerce for Beginners
Successive hands-on experiences are simply presented to quickly build skills and concepts using free Ecommerce tools, services, and resources, with emphasis on identification of existing successful models that are the most easily replicated, such as Ebay auctions.

Bootstrap Academy and Lone Eagle resources are online and free to all at http://lone-eagles.com/teled.htm
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