Community Network Applications Web Tour

A Web Tour of community education, health care,
Ebusiness and Electronic Democracy applications


"How to Get and Use the Tools"     

Recommended Reading:

Community Networking primer
A good first article on the practical function and applications of community networks.

A Free Web Tools Web Tour
Free tools for collaboration, Ebusiness, and authoring instructional materials

Community Network Funding Sources and Grantwriting Tips

The Good Neighbor's Guide to Community Networking
Contains 11 Chapters on Ecommerce, youth-based community development, model sites and URLs,
plus a bibliography listing the best community networking guides and resources.

Building Learning Communities through
Community Technology Centers
An introduction to the self-empowerment opportunities
the Internet offers anyone with Internet access.

The Ten Internet Collaborative Tools
Published in ISTE's Leading and Learning with Technology Magazine Dec/Jan 1999

Lone Eagles Learn to "Teach From Any Beach "
Learning to teach online; anyone, anywhere, anytime. Published Nov. 1999

Culture Club: A Cultural and Community Survival Concept Paper A Youth-Based Community and Cultural
Survival Strategy. For a one-day workshop version see

Center for Digital Storytelling  
Important models and resources for telling your community's story online. GREAT!

        Master Listing of Rural Empowerment Resources

Additional Readings from Lone Eagle Consulting's
archive of Community Networking Articles and Templates
can be found at

General Community Networking Resources

Community Networking Clearinghouse  
Borrow the best ideas and resources from hundreds of other
community networks and related organizations. Build on the best!

University of Michigan Community Connector Resource    
Excellent collected resources from the School of Information!

        Community Network Briefing Book from
        the Blacksburg Electronic Village

Association for Community Networking
A new organization created by many of the original pioneers.

U.S. Dept. of Commerce Technology Opportunities Program (TOPS)  Hundreds of case studies on grantees over the past five years.

Community Networking Models

700+ local businesses and organizations have web sites posted.
Includes text-based conferencing in a web-accessible format.

La Plaza Telecommunity
A rural tri-cultural community network which was the first to use a graphical interface. Innovations include wireless, a community wellness database, an artisians Ecommerce   project, and much more. An exceptional model!

Metropolitan Austin Information Network (MAIN)
A successful large urban community network.    

E-business Start-Up Training Resources Web Tour

               Information condenses to knowledge, which condenses to wisdom,
                          and value is created in an information economy.

Business@ Home
Making a life while making a living.

Home Office Association of America
SoHo (Small Office/Home Office Resources;) Excellent! See their resource links!
Free services for creating your own E-business!
Another free service for creating your own E-business!

An auction site which has provided sustainable businesses for many home-based businesses in very rural locations.

Two Magazines on Ebusiness: Business 2.0 and
Fast Company

Adult and Youth Entrepreneurship Training Resources 
The Kauffman Foundation has a billion dollar endowment for funding youth
and entrepreneurship programs. See also
From Washington DC, the most electronically wired, educated, wealthy, and politically charged community in the world; here are sophisticated resources for learning how to grow an online business.

Telecommuting Jobs Listing and How-To-Telecommute Handbook
Interesting focus for a home business; to teach others telecommuting skills.

Mining Company Telecommuting Resources

The above resources were taken from
Hotlist of Student Entrepreneurial Resources:
Wonderful listing of dozens of important resources for student entrepreneurship, home-based businesses, community service, and more!

Community Participatory Decision-Making,
  and Electronic Democracy:

Citizenship is the American Ideal. There may be an army of actualities
opposed to that ideal, but there is no ideal opposed to that ideal.
                                                                        G.K. Chesterson

Liberty Net
Institute for the Study of Civic Values--Help strengthen America's commitment
to our historic civic ideals. Many resources for citizens to build a true, informed,
proactive democracy!

Neighborhoods Online: National
A key component of LibertyNet; helping neighborhood activists and organizations gain information and resources of use in solving community problems; online resource center.
A clearinghouse for cause-related web collaborative activities.
Select the Virtual Activist training course! Activist Group Directory
Here's a great searchable directory of "communities of interest;" citizens with a mission!

Votelink-the voice of the 'Net
Free on-line voting and discussions; See Teen Voting and discussions!

Civicnet: Civic Dialog and Citizen Participation Resources
Resources from The Center for Civic Networking and The Innovation Groups.

An Electronic Civil Liberties Library
From the Electronic Frontier Foundation: Select Netculture and Online community, and Cyberanthropology.

Minnesota E-Democracy Initiative 
An exceptionally vigorous state initiative. Good source of links to similarly minded folks.

Home, School and Community Collaboration Models

Cyberfair Project from the Global Schoolhouse
An Intl. competition for K12 students to create local web community content.

More School and Community Collaborative Services

Collaborative Learning Community,
and Mentoring Models and Resources

Web Authoring and Web Conferencing Resources
Select "Web Conferencing" and click on David Woolley's Web conferencing site!
Includes a guide to selecting web conferencing software. 
A searchable directory of discussion forums on the web. Resources on community collaboration.

Lone Eagle's Listing of Mentoring Projects 

Health Care Links

    Important trends are online medical diagnosis assistance
    services and discount drug purchasing.

            From the National Library of Medicine comes a superb health resource!

            Online medical consultation and much more;
             an important model for a whole new array of medical services

               Dr. Koop MegaMedical Resources
            This the type of megasite we can expect to see more of;
            pointers to hundreds of quality resources!

              Mayo Clinic Health Oasis
            From the famous Mayo Clinic.

               CNN's Health Site
            Current topical health information and links to other resources

      More Health links at        

Suicide Counseling:

Thirty thousand people commit suicide every year in the US.
It is the third greatest cause of death among young people.
Learn what you can do to give people the social and emotional
support they  obviously need.

          Survivors of Suicide
            For those who lost a loved one to suicide.

            American Foundation for Prevention of Suicide

 Federal Government Resources and Contacts

U.S. Dept. of Commerce Technology Opportunities Program (TOPS)  Hundreds of case studies on grantees over the past five years.

Thomas Jefferson Government Resources
Direct from the Library of Congress, here are extensive
resources on current congressional activity; Bills, congressional
records, advisory board reports, congressional Internet sites, and
even email addresses and mailing label files for serious community activists.

Providing a comprehensive central access point for locating and acquiring government information.

Your first click for government resources.

The White House
Take the White House Tour!!

Guide to online mentoring and federal computer recycling program 

Educational Links

        Self-Directed Learning Resources:

        Cross-Cultural Self-Directed Learner's Internet Guide
           An instructional brokerage resource with emphasis on pointing to the best online tutorials,
           and educational resources, on the Internet for self-directed learning. This guide will soon
           be updated on contract with the AT&T Learning Network and the ERIC/CRESS
           Clearinghouse for widespread distribution..

           This guide is supported by free access to two college credit online classes:

           1. Making the Best Use of Internet Resources for K-12 Instruction
                 A hands-on course on how to broker the best resources for your classroom.
                 Review the work of past students at

           2. Designing K12 Internet Instruction
                  A hands-on course on how to easily create Internet hotlists, web-tours,
                  lessonplans, project-based learning activities (Webquest, Cyberfair,
                  Thinkquest) and complete online courses using online web tools.

          Native American/Alaskan/Hawaiian K-12 Web Innovations
   A 1999 report for the U.S. Agency for Intl. Development

           Native Alaskan K-12 Innovations Web Tour
           Links to village web sites, web tutorials on building dog sleds,
           web-marketing of village crafts and collaborative projects

           Migrant Education 'Spanish Language' K-12 Web Resources

           Lone Eagle's Listing of Mentoring Projects

          Master Listing of Native American Empowerment Resources