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The future of our rural communities depends on retaining our youth instead of exporting them to major population centers. Youth today are the first generation in history to grow up with digital and Internet technologies and are the technology leaders of our communities. We need to make sure they learn how to use the Internet to live and work anywhere they wish. The resources below, including the grant proposal templates, are intended to be shared without restriction to support the sustainability of rural communities.

Youth Ecommerce Entrepreneurship Resources

Youth Ecommerce Entrepreneurship Resources

            A Beginner's Guide to Profiting from the Internet
           http://lone-eagles.com/ecom.htm  Ten two-hour online lessons exploring what's
            working for others like you regarding rural Ecommerce and Telework.

Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies
Over 200 pages of resources including a ten lesson online course on what's working for others like you regarding rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies. Includes lessons on the essential Internet skills required for Ecommerce, Telework and Self-directed Internet Learning.

Essential Internet Ecommerce Skills http://lone-eagles.com/essential-skills.htm
Specific online lessons for skill-building

           A master listing of Rural Ecommerce Success Stories
            http://lone-eagles.com/connect-idaho.htm  Includes Two Years of Montpelier,   
awareness-raising events and ecommerce success stories.

A master listing of Indigenous Empowerment Resources

National Youth Technology Program Models

Youth Career Resources http://lone-eagles.com/lksd-careers.htm

Grant Writing Tips and Grant Templates

Grant-writing Tips and Funding Sources http://lone-eagles.com/granthelp.htm

Youth Grant Templates
http://lone-eagles.com/our_community.htm is a sample youth project grant proposal. Many others are listed at the end of the chapter "Realizing Cultural and Community Sustainability Through Internet Innovations in Alaskan Native Villages" at http://lone-eagles.com/village-sustainability.htm

Key Youth Project Suggestions

Recent (2004) Lone Eagle Ecommerce Entrepreneurship Grants:

SEEDS - Sustainable Ecommerce Entrepreneurship Development Strategies
A Rural Community Future-Proofing Program
http://lone-eagles.com/seeds.htm   A youth leadership community project.


Rural Ecommerce and Telework Incubator Centers

AMIGO - Awareness Mentoring Integrating Group Outcomes

Community Networking Resources

Community Networking http://lone-eagles.com/cn-readings.htm
Recommended readings on the potential for communities.

Community Network Models Web Tour
http://lone-eagles.com/democnlinks.htm  Community innovations to consider.

International Community Networking Clearinghouse

Lone Eagle Self-Employment Incubator

Lone Eagle's Best of the Best Resources

       A master listing of articles related to Community Internet Empowerment

          Two online graduate courses for K12 educators plus examples of web   
          curriculum created by past participants.