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   Table of Contents

About the Author

Section One - Introduction

Best Use of This Multi-Purpose Guide
Owning Up to Our Own Potential
Unprecedented Self-Empowerment Potential
This Guide Presents Four Successive Levels of Self-Empowerment
The Organization of This Guide

Homesteading the Ecommerce Frontier

Section Two - Internet Learning Styles and Readiness Skills

The Internet Style of Learning
Four Fundamental Historical Firsts
Four Essential Internet Readiness Skills

Section Three - Essential Ecommerce and Telework Strategies

(The Lessons Page for the Online Course: Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies)

Course Description and Registration
Welcome to Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies
Course Outline
Lesson One - Ecommerce and Telework Readiness Skills
Lesson Two - Ecommerce Fast-Track Strategies
Lesson Three - Ecommerce Cooperatives and Virtual Incubators
Lesson Four - Entrepreneurship Training Opportunities
Lesson Five - Community Economic Development Strategies
Lesson Six - Ecommerce and Building Collaborative Capacity
Lesson Seven - Keeping Current on Competition and New Markets
Lesson Eight - Employment Opportunities in a Knowledge-Based Economy
Lesson Nine - International Trade Training Resources
Lesson Ten - Writing a Business Plan and Funding a Startup

Section Four - Ecommerce and Community-Building

Why Should I Care? - Community Networking and Self-Directed Learning
How Computers Can Help Build Community

Community Networking - Making a Difference
Innovation Diffusion - Looking at the Process of Change
Community Networking; Leveraging the Public Good Electronically
Building Learning Communities Web Tour
Community Internet Empowerment Resources for Rural Communities
Community Internet Awareness Events & Self-Directed Learning Res
Community Network Planning Guides
Community Networking Associations
Community Networking Reports and Projects
Community Networking Directories
Community Networking Models
Electronic Democracy Web Tour
Federal Government Important Resources

Ecommerce Startup Resources Web Tour
Ecommerce Sites with Free Trials and Services
Youth Entrepreneurship
Women's Entrepreneurial Networks
Career and Job Marketing Sites
Unique Ecommerce Services
Community Networking Clearinghouse

Section Five - Implementing Empowered Communities

Grantwriting and Community Project Resources
Welcome to the Bootstrap Academy!
Grantwriting Tips
Grantwriting and Funding Sources
A Community Grant Template
Additional Community Grant Templates & Grantwriting Resources
You're Invited to Use

Section Six - Appendices

Preparation for Getting Online
How to Get Your Own Home Computer or Laptop
How to Get Your Own Local Internet Access Account
Build on the Best Resources Available
The Special Mindset for Success
Computer Literacy Primer
How Computers Can Help Build Community
Key Issues for Youth Using the Internet

Online Courses and Learning Pathways

A Highly Recommended First Online Course
Courses on Creating Your Own Online Courses
Culture Specific and Citizen-Created Courses
Online Course Sources for Professional Development
Distance Learning Clearinghouses and Virtual Universities

Building Cultural Learning Communities
Culturally Appropriate Ecommerce
Cultural Entrepreneurship and Crafts Marketing

Multi-cultural Resources and K-12 Projects

Cultural Survival Resources
Global Development Resource Organizations
Alaskan Native Innovations Web Tour

Train the Trainers Resources - Everyone a Teacher
Use of This Guide for Trainers
Hosting An Ideal Community Workshop
Leading with Digital Art, Music and Photography
A Youth-Based Community Internet Workshop
Digital Storytelling to Raise Awareness

K-100 Essential Resources

K-100 BEST Curriculum Resources