Creating a Web Page with
Netscape Communicator/Composer

The following activity is written specifically for Netscape Communicator/Composer Version 4.7. NOTE: Only versions 4.7 - 7.0 include the composer web authoring tool. The Mozilla browser has the same composer tool, too.  Be sure to click on the Netscape HELP button and locate the "Creating Web Pages" tutorial! The instructions may be slightly different depending on which version of Netscape you have. You can download Netscape for free from

  1. Start Netscape Communicator and from the "File" pull-down menu select "NEW" and from the menu box that appears to the right select "Blank Page." A white blank web page will appear.

  2. ENTERING TEXT: Enter "This is Your Name's Web Page." Highlight this text by holding down the mouse button and dragging the cursor across it. Change the size of this text by pointing to the black arrow to the right of the number 12 just above your text. Select the highest number available. Your text should appear much larger.

  3. CHANGE TEXT COLOR, FONT AND STYLE: Highlight your text again and from the "Format" pull-down menu select "Color." Click on a color you like. Your text should turn to that color once you've clicked off the text to remove the highlighting. From this same menu you can experiment with the Font and Style options for further changes in the appearance of the text.

  4. INSERT A HYPERLINK: Position your cursor at the end of this line and press return twice to position the cursor below the text. Click on the "LINK" button which looks like a piece of chain located at the upper middle of the screen. Note pointing to a button and waiting 3 seconds will cause a label to appear revealing that button's function.
  5. In the white bar at the top of the grey box that appears enter "click here for the NBA." This text will appear underlined in blue as a hyperlink. Next, click on the second white bar just below the top one and enter the web address this hyperlink should connect to "" Click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the screen.

  6. INSERT AN IMAGE: If you've saved an image or have one you'd like to insert, click on the button that displays "Insert Image" when you point to it. It’s white with three colored dots in it. Click on the 'Browse' button to the upper right of the white bar and select the image you want. Click on the "OK" button at the bottom.

  7. LEARN MORE TRICKS: Click on the help button and locate the "Creating Web Pages" tutorial.  Explore the many easy to follow options and have fun learning new tricks!

  8. For a more detailed tutorials and resources for creating web pages go to