Youth Technology After-School Program Resources

Recommended reading about Thinkquest, Cyberfair and Webquests

With 60% of America's jobs requiring technological skills, the Federal
government has a goal to connect with communities and schools in
publishing web sites to assist youth with guides to the internet,
resource sites, and other sources related to issues of technology. The
site to visit is:

See also for a similar initiative.

"Bridging the Technology Gap:
Action Ideas for Cities and States.
"More specifically, this new Web resource is part of our effort to
gear up the Young Americans & the Digital Future Campaign to serve in
2002 as a resource for city and state leaders who want to take action
to address the technology gap.Below is a summary of what the resource includes. We hope you will
check it out at , or you can access it
through .

The National Institute for Community Innovations
(NICI) wishes to share
The Digital Equity Toolkit is a guide for educators who want to
integrate e-mail and the Internet into their classroom or project. 

Youth Media Program  

Social Activism for kids /

A great listing of youth entrepreneurship sites!

An interesting online reading course for young children at The first five lessons are free.

Entrepreneurial ventures of the Morino Institute include:
- closing societal divides, Includes a new guide for after school youth technology programs   a plan for seventh grade girls and their mothers to start a business together with the purpose of funding the seventh graders

A nonprofit K-8 education program, launched in 1987, that helps children develop creative thinking and problem solving skills through a fun, unique and proven learning tool-- inventing!"

The America Connects website for community tech centers has
have an online learning directory:  

National Community Technology Center Organization Includes manuals and more.

Lone Eagle's Community Networking Clearinghouse Includes electronic democracy links.

4H Teen Tech Teams in 44 states   Idaho 4h Teens training communities.

Youth Entrepreneurship: This gives kids who have ideas for business ventures ways to get started. There's an outline for how to get an idea off the ground and the best part is a money source to loan dollar amounts to kids and their ideas after going through an application process and getting app

Junior Achievement, an 80-year old not-for-profit organization dedicated to
educating young people about business, economics, and free enterprise is
inviting you to test and provide feedback concerning a new state-of-the-art
internet based personal finance educational program for youth. The program
is available to students, educators, parents, caring adults, or
anyone wishing to teach children more about topics and skills related to
personal financial literacy. It incorporates web-driven instructional
strategies and hands-on, interactive teaching techniques on subjects ranging
from everyday buying decisions to major investment strategies and outcomes.
The program can be accessed at  For more information
about Junior Achievement or to locate a field office near you, visit  .

A non-profit organization that encourages young human rights activists;

Online Youth Activists
Youth Websites Serving The Public Good Adolescents,pre-teens, even younger children
are often today’s computer experts. And
on the Internet, young people combine computer savvy with idealism,
developing websites that serve the public good.

Directory of youth websites  InnoNet is interesting as an organizational tool. Students wishing to establish a service or make changes in a community would find this useful in helping them get going. It seemed to have some good planning and evaluation tools. Their links page had some good info for grants and other necessary information about non-profit organizations.

Character education links:  service learning 
See also and services learning lessons, courses and more

Free: Service Learning Guide, written by John Minkler, is included in the American Promise Teacher’s
Guide, along with a three hour video on democracy and Active Citizenship. (Sponsored by Farmers
Insurance.) Call for these free materials 1-800-204-7722 or go to their web site:

Internet public library teen division   Extensive resources.

Street Tech Bringing tech jobs to the streets/ youth project in SF Bay Area

Government youth careers portal 

Electronic Portfolios: http://electronicportfolios.htm
See also Mt. Edgecumbe student portfolios listed within

Youth Career information gathered for LKSD by Lone Eagle
Many Alaskan resources, plus a collection of national toolkits at the bottom of this listing.

Favorite student entrepreneurial web sites

Youth program This site has many resources for both the teacher and the student for civic education. There are many links for middle school students and some fun projects.

CivicMind Resources on citizenship.

Lone Eagle Mentoring Resources

³Mentor: National Mentoring Partnership
  Offers resources and tools for
mentors. The organization assists states, communities, schools, businesses
and individuals in establishing, maintaining and strengthening mentorship

³Youth Learn: Connecting Youth to a Brighter Future
Offers planning guides, techniques, activities and projects for anyone working with youth
and technology. It provides a short tutorial on using volunteers in online
mentoring programs

Seniors program More seniors sites at

³Interage Cyberpals,² now under the leadership of ³The Virtual
Volunteering Project² originally paired senior citizens with school aged
children for online mentoring. The new management offers extensive
instructions on setting up mentoring programs and advice for individuals
seeking to become online mentors.
I like the original ³Interage Cyberpals² website because it provides a
well thought out and inspirational mission statement with excellent reasons
why online mentoring is a valuable resource.

MORE at and