Career Information for LKSD High School Students

Compiled by Frank Odasz for Cliff Andrews and the Lower Koskokwim School District

Some links will have changed. Major career resource updates are underway: April 1st, 2009.
Email: your site corrections and additions.

Work Readiness Curriculum

Taking Charge Learning Economics through Entrepreneurship
An excellent ten-week work-readiness curriculum  

Career Development Manual from Univ. of Waterloo
Work readiness self-assessment and much more!

Career Pathways Resources
(Health, construction, child care, integrated learning and contextual learning, Science and technology)

Alaskan Career Resources

AKCIS Alaska career information
A master listing of Alaskan career information resources, including job shadowing and much more!

Careers.Org - Alaska Career Resources
Extensive resources of all types!

Alaskan Career and Vocational Education
Includes alignment to standards, professional development and Alaskan partners and connections.
See their other resources listing at

Alaskan Department of Labor 
Job information. Select Research, then 'Other Resources,' then career information for the following listing of career resources -

Alaska Job Center Network 
A first stop for finding jobs in Alaska 
News for the Alaska commercial fisherman
Alaskan Community Information listings -Akiak listing

Other National and Regional Career Resources

Master Listing for Vocational Education and School-to-Work Resources

Master Listing for Career and work experience resources  

Master listing of Tech Prep Resources from California

Master Listing from Missouri Division of Vocational and Adult Education
Perhaps the best national online Career Center. Market your skills online with free resume posting, services for researching companies, job seeker information and a great section on community business.

America's Job Bank  

Career Builder

Virtual Career Development
Resources from a Northwest consortium

Tutorials for becoming a free agent information technology professional!
Resources for marketing your services and finding work contracts!


NationJob Network

Career Builder

American Jobs

Career Center


Environmental Career Center (Virginia)   
A comprehensive environmental and natural resources jobs resource.

Welcome to the Environmental Career Center

Career Education for Women AWSEM

Guidance Sites

Virtual job shadowing

Groundhog Job Shadow Day Web site!  BEST SITE BY FAR!'s exceptional Job Shadowing site. Job shadowing is an academically motivating activity designed to give kids an up-close look at the world of work and to answer the question

Ask questions of thousands of volunteer experts.

Americans Communicating Electronically 
USDA community economic development and youth program information. 4-H programs and much more!

Junior Achievement Youth and Career Information

U.S. Department of Labor Resources

Transition from Welfare to Work Resources 
A recent federal resource with extensive resources

Directory of All Federal Resource Sites

Virtual Job Shadowing
Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce. An example of a local shadowing program. Limited resources.

Unite Los Angeles
Extensive career information from the Los Angeles region.

Fine Arts Careers.  
Career info, job hunting tips, and links to more sites.
From the home page click on "Jobs


The K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook
Select beginner, intermediate or advanced reading level
See also lesson levels at

Allstar Network
Aeronautics learning laboratory for Science, Technology and Research

Aeronautics Hot Links

Mentoring Resources

Lone Eagle Hotlist of Mentoring Programs   and I've just updated it with some new
Judi Harris resources and several great listings of mentoring resources.

Lone Eagle new project-based learning resources  
Includes a master listing from the George Lucas Foundation. They have a free print
newsletter I highly recommend called the GLEF Blast.

Mentoring Resources

Recruiting Mentors
Public/private ventures. Articles for youth and workforce development education

See also

Training Mentors

Supporting Mentorships

Assessment Tools


Job Search Sites

Job Outlook 2002

Salaries for College Graduates

Online Career Fair

Family and Consumer Sciences Marriage

Related Links to Marriage

Clear Network
K-6 integrated career lessons

Occupational Handbook

Project Based Learning

Integrated Career Lessons from Utah

Core Career Connections K-6, 7&8(UTAH)

Netscape Find the Job


There's a new report on Erate funding, including a toolkit for evaluating
technology skills.

Great Expectations:Leveraging America's Investment
in Educational Technology

Download the Report:  

Download the Technology Evaluation Toolkit:

Here's a rough listing of community development, educational technology, and digital divide education

Professional Development: Learning from the Best
NCREL Toolkit
To help districts and schools plan and evaluate professional development

enGauge from NCREL
To help districts and schools plan and evaluate the system-wide use of educational technology

Profiler from High Plains RTEC
To improve teacher/student collaboration to improve technology skills

Technology Project Evaluation Instrument from SEIR*TEC
and the North Carolina Dept of Public Instruction
Created to assess Technology Literacy Challenge Grant projects but also applicable to assessing district technology programs.

Star Chart from the CEO Forum on Education and Technology
Provides benchmarks against which K-12 schools and colleges can assess and track their progress in technology integration.

Learning with Technology Profile Tool from NCRTEC
Helps teachers rethink both their general teaching practices and their approach to technology uses.

Professional Competency Continuum and the PCC Assessment Tool
The assessment tools helps educators assess their status along a professional competency continuum (PCC). The PCC represents research- and classroom-tested approaches to deveoping the skills in teachers and administrators necessary for effective integration of technology in learning.


University of Kansas Community Tool Box  
Includes a "troubleshooting guide" to improve effectiveness in community

The Benton foundation has a toolkit
and a listserv offering "Toolkit updates." See also and  

The Children's Partnership Foundation has created a couple toolkits   such as their Young Americans Toolkit

Digital Divide Sites likely to have career listings:

American Connects Consortium

Lone Eagle Hotlists of Career information listings  

Ecommerce Start-up Training Resources
Note the youth entrepreneurship resources.

The Digital Equity Toolkit  
The National Institute for Community Innovations (NICI) wishes to share
with you  a free resource for increasing digital equity. The Digital Equity Toolkit is a
guide for educators who want to integrate e-mail and the Internet into their classroom
or project.

Community Development Toolbox

Youthlearn Resources and Guide 
Just announced a great new "YouthLearn Guide - A creative approach
to working with youth and technology" to creating after school technology
programs, many resources of interest to youth can be found here, too.