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the "other links" listings from the following best sites.

Learning To Create A Business

Women's Entrepreneurial Networks

Free or Low-cost Ecommerce Sites and Services

Youth Entrepreneurship

Career and Job Marketing Sites

Unique Ecommerce Services

For more Entrepreneurship links see http://lone-eagles.com/entrelinks2.htm

Youth Building Communities!

Two Super Sites for Girls!

Senior Sites (Elders, not HS Seniors!)

Regional Community Networks and Virtual Incubators:

Idaho Virtual Incubator http://www.idahovirtualincubator.org

Oregon Innovation  http://www.oregoninnovation.org/  

Central Oregon Regional Community Network http://centraloregon.org

Louisville virtual incubator http://trc.louisville.edu/__virtual_incubator_affiliates.html

Wisconsin virtual incubator

Missouri Association of Community Information Networks (37
) http://www.macin.org/

North Central Kansas Regional Community Network) http://kansascommunities.com  

Association for Community Networking http://www.afcn.net   Strongly recommended!

Arizona CNs http://zeki.radiology.arizona.edu/ruralhealth/CmtyNets.htm

CN guides listed http://www.evanston.lib.il.us/community/technopolis/resources_guides.html

Free Web-based Collaborative Tools http://www.kmunity.net/Free_Tools_/free_tools_.html

A list of free/low-cost computer resources (both newand recycled) http://www.scn.org/teched/computers.htm

Federal Computer Recycling Program http://computers.fed.gov

Presentation Tools Demonstrated:

Art Tablet  http://www.wacom.com     
Art software "Painter 5" http://www.metacreations.com
Sony MVC CD-1000 digital camera  http://www.sony.com   
WebWhacker Offline Browser http://bluesquirrel.com
Macromedia Director http://macromedia.com
Real Media Player, Jukebox, radio stations and MP3 music  http://real.com

Alaskan Student Electronic Portfolios
http://www.mehs.educ.state.ak.us/portfolios/portfolio.html   Must See!

A+ locator http://www.vrd.org/locator/alphalist.shtml    
Topical mentors willing to respond to questions. Do this in your community!

Lone Eagle Consulting Resource Sampler

My best listing of rural community-building and cultural resources   is at http://lone-eagles.com/teled.htm   Included are two online courses, two versions of a self-directed Internet guide, a guide to rural community networking and three mini-courses for citizens. You're invited to download these guides, add local links from your community and sell copies as a fundraiser for multimedia equipment, computers for local community technology centers and hosting local Internet Awareness Events!

A new rural community resource: "Good Neighbor's Guide to Community Networking" is now available at http://lone-eagles.com/cnguide.htm   Written in non-technical language specifically for rural citizens, many examples of replicable rural Ecommerce successes are included. Includes 11 chapters with a bibliography of the best community networking guides.

Grant-writing Resources and Project Ideas

        The most recent grant template is "A Texan Community Bootstrap Academy" http://lone-eagles.com/alpine2.htm

I strongly recommend you review the Alaskan grant I wrote for youth in 8 villages submitted recently for the Ididerod Area District, as a model for youth leadership in rural communities. Hint: Use it to write your own grant! It is a WORD '97 file at http://lone-eagles.com/Bartsgrant.doc    Grant-writing resources are included in a online lesson on writing grants at http://lone-eagles.com/asdnl8.htm    Community Network Funding Sources specifically for rural community development and Grantwriting Tips http://lone-eagles.com/granthelp.htm     A Simple Proposal-writing Tutorial from the Kellogg MIRA project http://lone-eagles.com/mira2.htm  and   http://lone-eagles.com/miramodel.htm

The Community Bootstrap Initiative "Doing for Ourselves- Together" http://lone-eagles.com/articles/boot2.htm   A full USDA proposal for Dillon, Montana. This was formally submitted in 1998, but not funded.

Culture Club: A Youth-based Cultural and Community Survival Strategy http://lone-eagles.com/cultureclub.htm   This has the core ideas for many youth oriented community development initiatives. Includes a Lone Eagles Apprenticeship Ecommerce program. For similar themes to seed your brainstorming - See also  http://lone-eagles.com/capacity.htm   and http://lone-eagles.com/trainers.htm and http://lone-eagles.com/initiatives.htm