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Community Network Models

The Four Levels of Community Networking http://lone-eagles.com/afcn4levels.htm
A short article detailing successively more elaborate community networking models from simple informational pages to fully integrated use of diverse content creation and collaboration tools.

Joseph Oregon http://www.josephoregon.com/
A very nice basic informational web site. While nicely designed and rich with community information, this site might be maintained by one person, leaving in question whether citizens are using their community network for collaboration beyond these general postings.

Joseph business directory http://www.josephoregon.com/business_directory.htm
A database is one way of presenting a business directory but this model doesn't lend itself to convenient browsing and it can be tedious to shop around town.

Joseph panoramas http://www.josephoregon.com/panoindexpage.htm
A wonderful example of an innovation to promote the local beauty.
Free software is available to create panoramas and they are easy to make.

Bethel, Alaska http://www.deltadiscovery.com
Citizens regularly share their news on this regional community network. One can quickly see than many citizens are directly involved in regularly generating local news for this community information site. Bethel is the hub community for 28 small Alaskan Native villages. All have high speed Internet and 2-way video capabilities.

Bethel Business Directory http://www.deltadiscovery.com/Shopping/shoppingalpha.html
An elegantly functional business directory to facilitate local online shopping. All local businesses are displayed on one page with all businesses with web sites easily identified by their names as blue hyperlinks.

Caithness, Scotland http://www.caithness.org
An exceptional model of a community web site that is well maintained. This site is based on open source content management software (postnuke) and shows lots of regularly updated content. This community makes sure all local businesses receive help establishing an ecommerce web page and that new information appears daily. A review of the diverse array of information reveals that this community truly "owns" the responsibility to make this site a true reflection of the community's spirit and citizenry.

Scotland Islands Telework Initiative  www.work-global.com
The Outer Hebrides Islands - a Radical Business Solution; Work Global, Live Local
Representing six villages this site serves as a global model for telework success.
Over 300 telework jobs have been secured with many more now requested by European corporations.
This is the result of ten years hard work by grassroots champion, Donnie Morrison.

Canadian Tribal Community Sites http://smart.knet.ca/international/
A profoundly interesting indigenous community network initiative using postnuke open source content management software.

Deer Lake Tribal Site http://deerlake.firstnation.ca/
A model tribal community web site based on open source content management system software, created www.knet.ca
Costs are $300 for installation and a small amount per month.

Lone Eagle Self-Employment Incubator http://lone-eagles.oldcolo.com
See the photogalleries. Use the Internet explorer browser to view. Another postnuke open source content management software system. Registered users will find a growing array of multimedia tools they can use to self-publish their own content. This site is planned as a training hub for ecommerce and telework skills training for rural citizens as part of a five-year demonstration project funded by the US Dept. of Labor. Details at http://lone-eagles.com/montana-choice.htm   Rich content is evident with emphasis on supporting self-directed online learning with the option of friendly peer mentoring.

Community Networking Clearinghouse http://lone-eagles.com/community.html
Extensive international resources.

Association for Community Networking www.afcn.org
Expertise and resources on community networking.

Community Networking Reading List http://lone-eagles.com/cn-readings.htm
Select readings for those who would like to better understand the benefits of community networks.

Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies http://lone-eagles.com/eguide.htm

A Beginner's Guide to Profiting from the Internet http://lone-eagles.com/ecom.htm
Ten two-hour hands-on lessons to see what's working for others like you.

Community Technology Center National Organization www.ctcnet.org
Ten years of experience. Lessons and resources to share, and a manual, too.

“The Community Inquiry Lab” at http://inquiry.uiuc.edu/cil
An easy-to-use, free, community network incubator funded by the National Science Foundation. A good place to start for those who are unfamiliar with how a community network actually functions using collaborative tools to gather and share new knowledge. A youth project based on use of these community networking tools is at http://lone-eagles.com/inquiry.htm  A major community grant template model which includes use of these tools to initially raise awareness as to how to progress toward the use of more robust open source content management systems is at http://lone-eagles.com/seeds.htm

See also http://inquiry.uiuc.edu for an educational approach to the use of these "Inquiry Lab" systems.

Two Example "Inquiry Lab" Applications

SisterNet: Participatory Design
A model project using the community inquiry lab above.

Puerto Rican Community Projects
This page describes how this group is using the community inquiry lab.


Ask A+ Mentoring Roster www.vrd.org/locator/alphalist.shtml
A simple model for a local mentors roster. While this national mentors site is dedicated to K12 students and educators, this serves as a simple mentoring model any community could easily use to connect those with specific skills with those needing friendly mentorship to attain new skills.

Blackfoot, Idaho Web Site http://blackfootid.mystateusa.com/
An example of a community informational web site based on a template. The local chamber has purchased this community network system and recovers costs by charging local businesses to be listed. One disadvantage is the site looks just like the other 100 chamber sites that also bought this program.

My State USA http://mystateusa.com
The business that will create community sites like the Blackfoot, Idaho site above, based on templates.

Regional site http://centraloregon.org
An example of a regional community network in central Oregon. The founder laments few people really use the interactive capabilities or contribute regularly to keep the information current. One often can't tell by looking at such a site how it is used and by whom.

MiKnives http://www.lincolnsclub.com/miknives/index.html
Sample simple one page business web page.