Level One:
The Power of a Self-directed Learner

CONTEXT: It has become a vitally necessary survival skill to be able to find information upon a topic, reliably, competently, and at a moment's notice. Never before in human history have learners had the fingertip access to the global knowledge that they have today. Software on the Internet generally referred to as 'search engines' can search millions of resources for very specific information in seconds and are very easy to learn and use.

Minutes spent learning search engines will save hours, even weeks, of time. Learning effective techniques for use of search engines is one of the most important skills we can learn.

All software today includes thorough help guides, and since software keeps changing and improving, the skill of being able to teach oneself new software using these help guides, on an ongoing basis, is vitally important! One can observe youth being very aware of the usefulness of these help guides, while many adults are often unaware of their usefulness.

"Knowledge is of two kinds: we know a subject ourselves, or we know where to find information upon it."
                                                Samuel Johnson 1709-1784

Quickstart Awareness Activities

Regardless of your current skill level with the Internet, you're likely to find the enclosed self-directed hands-on activities helpful.

ACTIVITY: Use the following Browsing Basics
                     Checklist to master web browsing.

ACTIVITY: Explore "Gearing Up With Free Web

                     http://lone-eagles.com/currtour.htm and get
                     your own free email account if you don’t
                     already have one!

ACTIVITY: Explore the enclosed hands-on
                    "Quick Web Tours"

                     which interest you most, to get a taste of
                     the best of the best!

ACTIVITY: Use the following Searching Basics
to master Internet searching skills!

ACTIVITY: Practice translating Web pages into
                    different languages
to see how easy it is!
                    Details are in the Searching Basics

ACTIVITY: Use the following tutorial to
                     create your own webtours!

ACTIVITY: Use the following tutorials to create your
web tours!

ACTIVITY: Read the Internet Style of Learning Essay

ACTIVITY: Review the Teachers' Tools Web Tour

ACTIVITY:  Review the web-based curriculum created by
                     educators during the online course "Making
                     the Best Use of Internet Resources for
                     K-12 Instruction."