Level Two:
The Power of Self-publishing, Globally

CONTEXT: Never before in history has it been possible for any individual, group, or community, to self-publish worldwide on equal par with the world's greatest governments, universities, and corporations. The ease of authoring web pages, and the increasing variety of multimedia capabilities, creates the opportunity for anyone, of any age, to make a worldwide impact through sharing their accumulated knowledge.

By following simple instructions and literally filling in the blanks, many web sites let you create and post your own personal web pages, online courses, online businesses, and much more.

You should be aware that the number of free web-authoring sites is increasing, with innovative new capabilities which make it easier and easier for you to create more and more powerful web sites with less and less time and effort. The activities presented below begin with very easy first experiences create fun web pages and offer you opportunities to build your skills, one step at a time.

Quickstart Awareness Activities

ACTIVITY:  Explore the easiest self-authoring feature on the
animated musical greeting cards you can send via email:

ACTIVITY:   Create your own web page at
                       http://www.homestead.com or
                       http://www.angelfire.com to see how anyone can
                       get a free trial web page created and posted on
                       the web in minutes! Or choose from 700
                       similar sites at

ACTIVITY: Use the following worksheets to create web pages
                      using both HTML and non-HTML methods.

ACTIVITY:   Explore the following web development resources
                       for both beginning and advanced web authoring, also
                       at http://lone-eagles.com/webdev.htm.

ACTIVITY:   Explore the following resources for the eight levels
                       of web multimedia at http://lone-eagles.com/media.htm

ACTIVITY:   Explore the curriculum authoring tools
                        at http://lone-eagles.com/currtour.htm and at

ACTIVITY:   Explore the 5,000+ student-created instructional web sites
                        created for the International Thinkquest competition:
                        http://www.thinkquest.org The 5,000+ sites are at:

ACTIVITY:    Explore the 8 categories of student entries in the
                       Cyberfair competition showcasing school and
                       community synergies.   http://www.gsh.org 

ACTIVITY:    Explore the electronic student portfolios
                       and student-created tutorials on how to create
                       electronic portfolios at the Mt. Edgecumbe Native
                       Boarding School in Sitka, Alaska.
                      (Select Student Portfolios) See also

ACTIVITY:    Explore the Web Design Tutorial sites listed
                       at the end of http://lone-eagles.com/webdev.htm

ACTIVITY:   Explore how easy it is to create an online course
                       at http://www.ecollege.com 

ACTIVITY:   Learn to download a free software program
                       and review the incredible free software resources at

ACTIVITY:  Take five minutes to create your own free trial
                      Ecommerce site at http://www.homestead.com

ACTIVITY:  Explore the self-directed lesson for creating
                      your own web pages easily at

ACTIVITY:  Explore the web-curriculum created by teachers
                      taking the online class "Making the Best Use of
                      Internet for K-12 Instruction"