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The world is in crisis. What's the wildest creative opportunity you can imagine for engaging Alaskan youth in fast-track online jobs?
The online course lessons, videos, and podcasts are publicly accessible at
http://lone-eagles.com/workforce101.htm Anything is possible. We're limited only by our collective imaginations.

2014 Update: Start with the Digitizing Alaska Article

 The Alaska Native Tradition of Creative Adaptation
Recommended 8 minute video

Digitizing Alaska; NTIA State Broadband Initiative Research Pilot Project
Feb-April 2013, Lone Eagle Consulting provided unique digital literacy workshops for two NTIA State Broadband Initiatives, one in Alaskan Native Villages, and the other in rural and urban North Carolina. I.E. 40 flights from the Bering Sea to the Atlantic, and back again, twice, "From Sea to Shining Sea" plus presenting at the National Broadband Communities conference in Dallas. A few short videos from the Digitizing Alaska research project might be compelling to watch; http://lone-eagles.com/digitizing-metlakatla.htm
More videos are available at the Lone Eagle's Youtube Channel: http://youtube.com/fodasz

Growing an Entrepreneurial Culture in Rural Alaska

The 21st CENTURY LEARN, EARN AND SERVE ACADEMY is designed to build a foundation of skills that will increase work readiness and basic entrepreneurial skills utilizing the internet and video production.  Youth ages 16 – 24, who have not graduated from high school or are not enrolled in college, are invited to focus on a variety of resources, and build adaptable skills providing an opportunity to remain in their community with a vocation rather than migrate to larger communities.


Growing an entrepreneurial culture among Alaskan youth with an emphasis on stemming youth out migration, retaining cherished rural Alaska culture and creating more stable and sustainable local rural economies is now possible due to Alaska’s growing rural broadband connectivity. 


Youth participants will:


·         Learn how to create a job for yourself through the use of Internet and video.. Become a lifelong learner using Web 2.0 tools to put the world at your command. Preserve your culture and village lifestyles.


·         Learn how to start your own store on the Internet, and/or create one for someone in your village or community.


·         Create an online resume, electronic portfolio, store or web business utilizing web tools including social media sites like myspace and facebook and many other ways to promote your business or videos.


·         Identify local entrepreneurial success stories to share with others in your community or village!


·         Help develop career guide videos for other teens and young adults throughout Alaska for work-readiness in high demand jobs and the skills needed


                     A computer, Internet access and a desire to learn are required to participate in this program. 

Alaskans can lead the world:
If you're not the lead sled dog, the view never changes.


The online instructor is Frank Odasz, Email: frank@lone-eagles.com  Web: www.lone-eagles.com PH: 406 925 2519


This pilot project is generously funded by the State of Alaska Department of Labor and  Workforce Development - Division of Business Partnerships.