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Lone Eagle Consulting’s

Broadband Adoption and Digital Inclusion Services



Specializing in Custom Design and Delivery of Fast Track Online Training  for rural, remote, at-risk, and indigenous learners for 25 years. Lone Eagle Consulting offers strategic design services for custom training programs to produce short term measurable outcomes for local, regional, state, and national broadband awareness and adoption campaigns and projects, with an emphasis on broadband entrepreneurship, specifically for vulnerable populations.

Broadband Adoption Services for BTOP Grantees: SBDD, PCC, SBA
Fast track solutions are available for generating local and regional motivation and engagement in rural communities to produce significant measurable outcomes to meet BTOP’s reporting requirements.  

   Services Provided:

      1.        Self-sustaining Local Action Plans for Rural Communities:

The majority of rural communities didn’t receive BTOP grants, but still need local action plans to best leverage local connectivity and the talents of citizens to excite sustainable motivation for innovation, peer mentoring, new business startups and online job creation.

Start with the free community self-assessment (Next Page) 

      2.        Motivational Presentations and Training Workshops:

    A.       Non-technical Overviews for Leadership at All Levels;

            While they may not engage in hands-on activities themselves, leaders need to be kept current on best practices for adoption programs.

    B. Provide Train-the-Trainer Programs for Program Staff;

Onsite and/or online, to produce fast-track measurable outcomes with emphasis on “Best Practices” for motivational training for vulnerable populations.

Extensive online training curriculums are “people ready:”


          C. Workshop Models Providing Exciting Hands-On Media Creation Outcomes

      Validate the scalable results with an on-site presentation to a representative audience for immediate feedback on their level of motivation. 

3. Sustainable Program Design Via Scalable Online Learning

  Lone Eagle Consulting will work with your team to collaboratively optimize the        
  scalable cost effectiveness of your program, providing ongoing fresh ideas and best     
  practices from diverse sources with emphasis on short term measurable outcomes.

4. Enhance your training effectiveness with new free Elearning resources and free
      Web tools
for stimulating local innovation for locally created video success stories,
      rich media, and social media peer mentoring.


    Everyone Both Learner and Teacher, Consumer and Producer, All the Time.

Lone Eagle Insights for Leadership

The boom in bottom-up innovations needs to be leveraged locally and regionally.
Strategies for the Top-Down to meaningfully partner with the Bottom-Up are essential to validate how broadband truly can produce the promised benefits at the local level. 

Social media is making dramatic impacts on Egov, E-business, E-learning and more.
Digital Citizenship, Digital Storytelling, Digital Literacies are all impacting productivity.
The Pace of Change is Accelerating – Help everyone stay current by subscribing to ongoing updates on best practices and new web tools as they emerge. Best practices do exist for motivating broad engagement to learn, and earn.
Collaborate with other projects for ongoing sharing of best practices

No Money, Slow Broadband Only, No Problem:
Facing budget deficits it is time to learn to leverage smarter utilization of existing connectivity and human resources at the individual, community, and regional levels. There is a great deal of smart training that can be accomplished online and using local volunteers, to prepare for the day fast broadband funding arrives. Don’t waste time waiting; huge untapped potential exists now. Seriously, faster isn’t necessarily smarter.
I.E. Value VS Volume

A Three Month Custom-Designed “Proof of Concept” Pilot Project is recommended, to be evaluated by your priority vulnerable populations.


3 Unique Community Self-Assessments: No Money Required

       Show What’s Working for Others Like You:
Post Internet Videos of Local Success Stories.

       Host an Online Local Web Directory of Local Business Web Sites;
            help every business get a free web page by hosting Web-Raisings, where in one   
            hour all attendees create a free website.  

       Host a Local Mentors Roster
to match those who know how with those who want to learn. Encourage both
              volunteer and for-profit mentoring services.

       Fast Track Public Computing Center “Train-the-Trainers” Solutions:

  Dynamic new models for sustainable PCCs as innovation incubators

  Plug and Play Hands-on Short Motivational Workshop Models

  Sustain volunteer motivation with ongoing advanced entrepreneurial training

       Customized Branding for Your Project(s): Print and Online Materials:

Manuals, Websites, Video Channels, and Online Courses for YOUR Specific Vulnerable Populations; Seniors, HS drop-outs, Ethnic groups; All of US!

       Since 1988, Lone Eagle Consulting has tailored online courses based on the
       best-of-the-best Internet and Web resources. 

       Learn More: http://lone-eagles.com/ 


Contact: Frank Odasz

                Email: Frank@lone-eagles.com

          PH: 406 683 6270     Cell: 406 925 2519