Welcome to the Course;
 EDUC 58075-"Teaching Effectively Online"
                        Offered by Alaska Pacific University

                                           By Frank Odasz       frank@lone-eagles.com                                    

                Course Flyer and Description

             Welcome to the online course!

              Course Syllabus

                 How to Begin

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                learners and teachers, all the time.

   Lesson One: The Unique Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Instruction

  Lesson Two: Constructivism: Blended Learning and Project-based learning

   Lesson Three: Key Design Considerations for Online Courses

   Lesson Four: Online Interaction Considerations

  Lesson Five: Student Performance Assessment Methods

  Lesson Six: "The New Normal" – How We Can Do More With Less 

  Lesson Seven: Innovation Diffusion and Traditional Education

  Lesson Eight: Copyrights and Instructional Entrepreneurship