Looking for Vocational, Industrial, and Career Resources for your School in Rural Alaska?


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A Work in Progress: gathered by John Stilger
Email:  John.Stilger@nsbsd.org


            Finding business and companies that supply goods, materials, services to Rural Alaska Schools can be a time consuming, frustrating, and a very expensive experience for Rural Vocational Education programs.  The purpose of this page is to provide some proven, cost effective contacts I have used during the last 15 years in my Shop and Counseling programs. 

            Living in a remote site poses its challenges, especially when you need something for your program. It takes thinking ahead to anticipate everything you may need to run your shop in Rural Alaska.


Where to start

            Below is a list of links that I have collected and used over the years.  Many are big company links that will lead you to an Alaska link or a catalog source for pricing and part numbers.  Some wi ll get you addresses and contact numbers to call and talk to someone about ordering. 

            I’ve also included some Career links that are great sources for furthering educational opportunities for your students.  They are also great contacts when going on career trips to the “Big City” to line up companies and places to visit with students.  The Local Village Corporation is also a great source along with the Regional Corporation in your area.  Many have their main or corporate offices located in Anchorage or Fairbanks.


Industrial Hardware, Lumber, and Supply


Metalworking and Welding


Automotive, Snow Machine, and ATV


Transportation and Shipping


Air Transport and Cargo


Alaska Vocational Training and Courses


Alaska Union and Local Apprenticeships and Training


Regional and Local Corporations


Boroughs and School Districts

The North Slope Borough – Information and links

The North Slope Borough School District – New website still being updated.

Alaska Local and Borough Government – Links to all in Alaska

Alaska Public School Districts – Links to all in Alaska

Alaska School Districts - Alaska Teacher Placement – Teacher District and job placement.