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                                  Wireless and Satellite Internet Resources

Context on Wireless:
Newer wireless technologies can replace phone lines with Voice Over Internet cost savings. The telcos are fighting these new technologies because their profits dwindle as new and better technologies become available while they have already invested in obsolete infrastructure and want to recover their investments. There's a technological and political revolution taking place that will set the stage for new forms of social empowerment, as well. The following sites will lead you to the best available wireless resources. Please send your resource contributions to Frank Odasz, email: frank@lone-eagles.com

Municipal Community Wireless

Municipal Wireless
http://www.muniwireless.com Reports on municipal and wireless broadband projects

A New Municipal Community Wireless Site

Save Muni-Wireless
Related to Texas legislation to outlaw municipal wireless even for communities where telcos refuse to provide access.

Wireless Philadelphia Executive Committee

State laws and lobbying related to wireless

Iinformation on state regulations on cities interested in
broadband utility networks.

Powering the digital city. Municipal broadband and telecommunications.
Civitium is routinely asked about how state laws affect the ability for municipal governments to provide telecommunications and/or information services. See their State by state statute listings regarding this issue.

Digital Watershed Community Wireless Services
Digital Watershed is a non-profit Community Technology Center offering wireless collaborative community services. Our offering goes beyond standard municipal infrastructure and e-government services to include social networks, performance arts, neighborhood projects, and more.
Greg Daigle
Executive Director
Digital Watershed
m 612 636-7227

"Wireless Broadband: The Foundation for Digital Cities,"
A cookbook for local leaders interested in deploying a community wireless broadband network.

The cookbook can be downloaded for free.

FCC Wireless Resources and Article on Rural Community Wireless Vision Program

Main FCC Wireless Site

Mesh Community Wireless

Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN)
Founder Sascha Meinrath's site featuring perhaps the most advanced open-source dynamic mesh networking software available anywhere. See also his latest web site www.communityinternet.us  and his personal archives of wireless resources at http://www.saschameinrath.com

Free Press Community Wireless http://freepress.net/wifi/ 
See also
http://freepress.net Dedicated to media reform.

Community Wireless Project Summary
Sourceforge presents a summary of the CU Community Mesh Wireless project.

Wireless  in California

WiFi Newsletters

 www.wifinetnews.com Excellent and extensive
See their wireless timeline at http://80211b.weblogger.com/archives/001315.html

WiFi Planet

FOCUS On Broadband Wireless Internet Access,

A subscription newsletter

Directories of Wireless Communities

Personal Telco's International Listing of Wireless Communities
An excellent listing!

International Wireless Community Network Directory (802.11b)

Unique Wireless Experts and Related Resources

Richard MacKinnon
 http://lessnetworks.com Free WiFi
Richard has helped volunteers to establish over one hundred wireless hot-spots in Austin Texas.

Dewayne Hendrick
Dewayne was one of the first wireless pioneers. A quality resource person.

Old Colorado City National Science Foundation Wireless Testbed Project
http://wireless.oldcolo.com David Hughes' Wireless Innovations Web Site

Other Unique Community Wireless Resources

Wireless Communications Association International
Wireless Communications Association International
Advancing the grow of wireless broadband worldwide. (Commercial site)

Wireless Technology Radio

National Summit for Community Wireless Networks
Major conference hosted August 2004 by Prairienet Community Network (www.prairienet.org )
Video and audio from each session is available on the Summit website

Global Wireless Developers Conference and Technical Resources

FreiFunk.net summit in Djursland, Denmark  where community wireless developers from over 30
countries compared notes.  It was overwhelmingly agreed that the CUWiN
project had arguably the most advanced (and most promising) software
anyone knew about.  If you're tech-saavy, you may
want to look through our CVS repositories, available from:

Rice University Community Mesh Wireless TAPS Project

O'Reilly Publisher's Wireless Development Center

Book: Building Wireless Community Networks, By Rob Flickenger
ISBN 0-596-00204-1, 125 pages, $24.95 A second edition is now available
O-Reilly Wireless Development Center

New Book: O'Reilly Releases "Building Wireless Community Networks"
For more information, a review copy, cover art or an interview with
the author, contact: Suzanne Axtell, (707) 827-7114 or suzanne@oreilly.com

Article: Renegade WLANs: Parasitic or Free-Spirited Anarchistic?
More on the new Freenet Wireless community model and related issues.

Personal Telco Project http://www.personaltelco.net/
Portland, Oregon Wireless Community Networking Project and Resources

Wireless Anarchy
WirelessAnarchy is about creating your own long range
infrastructure, without having to pay anyone or jump through
government hoops. Cheaply and easily, using off the shelf
equipment, and a little ingenuity, you too can create your own net. 
International listing of community wireless sites included.

MIT Roofnet Community Wireless Implementation

Assessing Cooperative Action in 802.11 Networks

Christian Sandvig

Wireless Community Networks, a Guide for Library boards, educators and community leaders

"Kelly Abbott" <kabbott@reddoor.biz>  is the founder of Aishare.org, which offers news and knowledge of community wireless networks. He is also a co-chair of the San Diego Telecom Council's Wi-Fi Special Interest Group
Their collected resources: http://www.airshare.org/share/links/index.cfm

UK Wireless Community Model Project http://www.wlan.org.uk Henry O'Tani

Context on Satellite:
Two-way high speed satellite Internet systems have the limitation of a half-millisecond latency, but newer systems have cut this in half, like Wildblue. This latency can make a significant difference with applications like Voice Over Internet. The most significant point about satellite systems is they are generally available everywhere for $50/month or less and costs can be shared via wireless systems to bring Internet to even very small communities. The technology is improving rapidly so careful attention to differences in the offerings below is advised.

Dish Network
4Gen now available.

4Gen now available.

Offering services to create Wi-Fi hotspots. The up-front charge for equipment and installation is $640 800-421-3464

Optistreams.com http://optistreams.com
Satellite and wireless solutions, partnered with direcway (above)

Onsatnet www.onsatnet.com 
Be sure to triple check the bandwidth sharing issues per receive site.

Major contractor for installing and maintaining high speed two-way Internet dishes for 160+ BIA tribal schools. Conducting unique online mentoring programs for technical maintenance, K12 and community web-based cultural applications programs. Multiple Alaskan installations are underway in 2005.