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How to Accelerate Global Mass collaboration and E-learning Innovation

TO: President Obama, Scott Douglas, Facebook Founders, and all Americans

From: Frank Odasz, Lone Eagle Consulting
           Lone Eagle Update http://lone-eagles.com/update2009.htm
           Email: Frank@lone-eagles.com PH: 406 683 6270   Dillon, Montana

RE: An Immediate Global Crisis Solution Proposed as a Uniquely American Innovation

In all seriousness I’d like to propose an immediate American innovation to address:

1.      Engaging Americans in Community Service

2.      Retraining Americans and creating jobs via Rural Broadband

3.      Revitalizing America’s image internationally

4.      Defining Global citizenship values as synonymous with Indigenous values

Obama's vision is to engage all citizens in 21st Century retraining, community service, and global citizenship.
Everyone both learner and teacher, consumer and producer, all the time.

This short brief is a request to present the full vision in person.

The Best Case Synergy is to integrate the viral potential of social media, the peer mentoring potential of online instruction, the power of mass collaboration, and the call to Americans to engage in 21st Century Workforce retraining and community service in a time of crisis.

Proposed is engaging American citizens, targeting HS dropouts, and unemployed blue collar workers, single parents, vets, and “reabling the disabled” by providing the best possible heads-up short course on 21st Century Workforce Basics – (the beta-test is already online in Alaska, see below).

This course summatively addresses the global economic crisis including the fact that half the global population lives on under $2/day. Virtual event planning can bring it to scale unlike anything in history, within the year.

Obama’s Americorps expansion and adult retraining announcements beg our imaginations for how best to use entertainment media, and the newer social media, to effectively excite the imaginations and participation of all Americans in purposeful learning and service activities in the short term.

Imagine a 21st Century Workforce Basics online short course where HS dropouts, and literally anyone, can receive a high end vision for what's now possible globally combining caring and connectivity with an invitation to engage directly in learning to make a living transferring essential skills and encouragement to others like them, worldwide.

This Train-the-Trainers "Online University" would use the best free Web tools to demonstrate how nearly anyone can immediately learn-to-earn by becoming an educator and mentor to others based on unique assessment outcomes.

Each trainee would demonstrate the new skills they have received by creating a video capture of them showing off the specific new skills they received with the aid of their mentor: (www.jingproject.com    Take the 2 minute Tour)  Each trainee would send the video URL to their mentor to post on the mentor’s Facebook electronic portfolio of successful achievements as an educator. Initially, new mentor educators would volunteer their skills in order to build their portfolio evidence of their skills *motivating, engaging and transferring skills to mentees.

At the point where ample evidence of their skills as educators is achieved, they become eligible to become part of the "Real Life University cooperative" (a Social Entrepreneurship Multinational). Phd's would be given to those who prove their ability to measurably motivate others to learn. People Helping make a Difference (PHD) would serve as an alternative accreditation independent of traditional educational degrees.

True collaboration would maintain group awareness of new best practices as they emerge focused on sharing multimedia learning objects and methods by which anyone can create online educational resources.  Peer evaluations would help assess the best resources suited for the most learners requiring the least - time, energy, cost, and prerequisite literacy.

The ethical protection from being “Wal-Marted” would be creation of sustainable independent instructional entrepreneurship businesses focused on local and global ongoing personal mentoring relationships to keep us all up to the same instant of progress.

The 21st Century Learn, Earn, and Serve Academy
 http://lone-eagles.com/workforce101.htm   This beta-test course is already online across Alaska with a 30 minute TV program now airing (copies available) recruiting Alaskan Native HS drop-outs. (Funded by the AK Dept. of Labor in partnership with KACN-TV.)  This program was intended for Montana, originally but Alaska was more responsive to funding the vision.

Virtual Event Planning:
Global demonstrations of mass unity on a regular basis are doable and necessary.

Quick Examples:
Weekly votes on various topics can showcase how many people believe in the same global goals and values. As the numbers of voters continues to increase, so will the understanding we are one family, one world.

Imagine a “President of the World” vote event where more people could combine their votes (for Obama) than have ever participated in a single election at any time in history. And each time a similar vote is held, the numbers of participants increases (as the shared goal to demonstrate a new global voice of unity.)

Imagine a single Native drum beating “live” online, to be joined virtually by growing numbers of others. In a single hour the event grows and is recorded via video-walls and other new media innovations. And each week or month the short event is repeated with immediate feedback reflecting the growing numbers of participants. Imagine a live stage event with hundreds of audio-speakers and video screens broadcasting the diversity of global participants simultaneously. Beyond Farm Aid.

The 2009 Lone Eagle Update has relevant current achievements related to stimulus input, FCC best practices, and International indigenous participation opportunities: http://lone-eagles.com/update2009.htm