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Lone Eagle Consultings Best Online Course listings and Course Authoring Resources are at and

But, here are some links related to advanced online course design. Explore and enjoy!

Educational Consultants - Most are former educators and make over $100,000/year.
You'll see how they present themselves and resource collections on their sites.

Jamie Mckenzie 

Alan November. 

Diane Kovacs Consulting

Convergence Consulting Group

Educational Businesses Offering Elearning are Popping Up All Over

This site lists numerous links to explore for creating and teaching
online courses

Teaching Online Can Be Expected to Grow Dramatically!

Educating Entrepreneurs
A 250- page book outlining a 12-step technology planning and implementation process for public schools, is the result of a collaboration between software company executives and five public school systems in Massachusetts.

MIT  now offers free online access to all their course materials

Center for Instructional Technology
Excellent resources.

UC-Berkeley Starter Course.

Northwest Open Access Network

Elearning Market Monitoring Suggestions:
If you are an educator eyeing early retirement teaching online classes,
here are sources for a little market research for your new home business.
One of the best single sources for information on the booming Elearning industry. An online education industry free newsletter is available along with other subscription services.

Elearning Journal
This page has a lot of up to date discussions about current issues in
e-learning and how e-learning may impact education in the future.

Converge Magazine on Online Learning

Learners Online

Elearning Magazine


The Portal to the World of Knowledge
Links to many areas related to online learning and teaching.

Click on 2,000 Digital Divide IT scholarships

School for Champions Web Courses

Knowledge Presenter Course Authoring Software:
Knowledge Presenter offers a 89 page guide to e-learning.  The guide is able to be downloaded for a fee.  Lots of information is available at this site  The book is created by people with 15 years in the e-learning industry.  I didn't know that it had been in existence for that many years.

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