* WEB-BASED INSTRUCTION
                                    * CULTURAL SELF-EXPRESSION

    1. Text Files
    2. Active Hyperlinks
    3. Image Files
    4. Audio Files
    5. IPTV, Video Files, web conferencing
    6. Animation Files
    7. Virtual Reality 3D Worlds
    8. CGI Data-Handling Programmed Files

2008 Update:
Due the explosion of new capabilities and sites it is no longer possible to keep the following listing current. Consider the following a short sampler and use search engines to find the latest and greatest new tools.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first three web features listed above can be easily learned by students within a 50 minute period, the others will take more study and preparation. It is strongly recommended you ask your more advanced students to learn the additional features and teach them to the rest of your class. The social incentives for students to show off what they can learn themselves from the straightforward tutorials listed below are self-motivating.

As a busy teacher, you’re not likely to have the time your students will have for learning the more advanced features. Thousands of very high quality multimedia authoring programs are at the software downloading sites listed in this handbook, complete with instructions on downloading.

For example; to find software for animations: Go to and search for ‘animation" Once your students learn to download and install one program (its easy) you’re on your way to unlimited fun and excitement!You’re likely to find your advanced students are an invaluable source of technical support and expertise.

Most modern wordprocessors allow saving desktop-published documents as web pages (Requires use of any word processor.)

2. ACTIVE HYPERLINKS to global resources (Requires use of any word processor.)

3. IMAGE FILES; including digital photos and original artwork. (Digital cameras and/or scanners helpful, but not essential. Creation of 360 degree panorama image files and 3D rotational image files will be included. Many images are available via the Internet.

Panorama/3D image tutorial/software:
IPIX Pictureworks    

For Macs (FREE Software!):

Quicktime video tutorials/software:


Image manipulation:

LViewPro 2.0 Image Processor:  

MGI Imaging Software

PC Animation Software:

Gif Construction Set:
Great for photo manipulation, file conversion and creating animations!

PC Art software:

Paintshop Pro 7.0 The best choice for image and photo manipulation!

Free tools, images, animations and more!

Gifworks Free Online Image Editing Tools
You can edit your own images without downloading software.
Resize, animate, special effects, and more.

4. AUDIO FILES; including sound files of all types, including CD quality music files. (Requires any of the many free software programs available via Internet.) Filetypes include; .mid .avi .wav

PC Software:

Sound Recorder (comes with all Windows versions)
All PC's and Macs have features that allow you to create sound files.

RealPlayer with RealAudio and Real Video:
Many sophisticated free software programs for viewing and listening to multimedia. Best free audio program.

MIDI (Music):
MIDI Manufacturers Association

Musician's Friend
Music software and hardware

Music Enhancement Products
Download music and learn about the MP3 standard.

Cakewalk Musical Composition Software
Creates sheet music while you play and can auto-transpose.

Band in the Box Music Software
For $70 you can have 5 part accompaniment with auto-harmony features!

For additional Audio resources see the Ten Collaborative Tools at

search for MIDI+tutorial*

This area has exploded with options.

YouTube See also

Skype Voice over Internet and 2-way video

MediaBuilder Tutorials:   

Leonard’s Cam World

Earthcam Internet Camera Sites

Apple Quicktime Video

For additional Video resources see the Ten Collaborative Tools at

For more information search for
desktop video conferencing+tutorial*

6. ANIMATION FILES including Java animations

                    Animfactory  Collected animations.

Go to and search for ‘animation"

See the sites in the images section above as most include animations.

For additional tutorials search for animation+tutorial*

For sources of animations search for animation+directories

A free demo is available

SecondLife One of the most popular 3D worlds.

For additional tutorials search for VRML+tutorial*


and Java scripts allow others to interact and contribute data to web sites. It is easier than you may believe; you can cut and paste existing HTML code blocks into your web page for sophisticated features without programming! Applications include: BBSes and web conferencing, forms to add information of any type to web sites, data-entry with customized outputs, etc. (Many free "plug and play" programmed modules are available via Internet.) To apply CGI modules you must have access to CGI on a server if you do not have your own server.

Many great web applications you can easily add to your web site!

An incredible service to easily create custom data entry forms.

Plug and play CGI modules to allow you to easily add interactive features to your web pages! You must have access to CGI on a server if you do not have your own server. At CGI Free you can use their server and their CGI programs after you fill out a little form.

For additional media resources see the Ten Collaborative Tools and the Web Authoring Resources at

For additional information search for cgi+tutorial*