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The 21st Century Learn-to-Earn Academy

A 21st Century Workforce Readiness Online Course



This 21st Century Workforce Readiness online course integrates digital literacy, broadband entrepreneurship, global citizenship, and civic engagement through community service, with careful attention to the unique needs and interests of all participants. Using Web 2.0 social media tools in a mastery learning format, career explorations and resources will be presented with emphasis on emerging Internet employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. The Academy introduces financial, business, media, information, and entrepreneurship literacies.


The Online Course Lessons Web Page is http://lone-eagles.com/workforce101.htm 

Registration costs, course timeline, and online delivery formats will be adapted to best meet the needs of specific student groups. 

Participants will:

Learn about employment opportunities and self-employment options through the use of Internet

Become a lifelong learner using Web 2.0 tools

Create an online resume, online store and/or a web business utilizing web tools and social media

Identify local entrepreneurial success stories and videos to share via your own Youtube Internet TV Channel

Learn peer mentoring skills to teach others online, anywhere, anytime.


Instructor’s Biography:

The Instructor is Frank Odasz. As Lone Eagle Consulting, Frank has taught online courses for citizens and K12 educators internationally for 25 years. Frank’s resume is at
http://lone-eagles.com/articles/frank.htm Recent Updates: http://lone-eagles.com/expertise.htm
Got Questions? Send an email, or give Frank a call.
Email: frank@lone-eagles.com, PH: 406 683 6270.


Eight Four-Hour Lessons:

          The following eight lessons will be modified to best suit unique individual needs

Week 1: Becoming a 21st Century Learner and Earner

Everyone both learner and teacher, both consumer and producer, all the time.

1.      Getting comfortable with the online course format.

2.      Understanding  the challenges of the 21st Century workforce

3.      H.O.P.E. How Optimism Promotes Entrepreneurship (Attitudes 101)

4.      Developing Self-Directed-Internet-Learning Skills

5.      Learn, Earn, and Serve and Practicing Innovation and Creativity,

Week Two: Health and Wellness Literacy

 1.     Self-assessment of our lifestyles, info-diets, and beliefs about ourselves, and our
         true full potential
 2.    Taking responsibility for personal self-actualization; self-determination developing     
        for one’s own goals and directions,
 3.    Identifying one’s core values, passions, and orientation toward others
 4.    Review online health and wellness web sites

Week Three:  Pre-employment Basics

1.      Softskills – How to make a positive first impression

2.      The Job Search, establishing a plan of action

3.      Online resumes, job boards, and selling yourself (in a good way)

4.      How to be a boss or project manager and dealing with personalities in the   

Week Four: Information and Media Literacy

1.    Information Literacy: Dealing with accelerating change; information overload,     
       uncertainty, megatrends, future shock
2.    Searching Skills: Just-in-time-inquiry-based learning, search engines – visual search
       engines, natural language search engine
3.    Media literacy: persuasive media awareness and creating our own cultural norms:
4.    Collaborative opportunities: with a little help from our friends, social activism trends
       in social media

Week Five: Financial, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacies

1.      Definitions of these three literacies

2.      The changing nature of business, the knowledge economy and innovation economy  

3.      Keeping current in a world of accelerating change.

4.      Emerging trends: social entrepreneurship. Green businesses, corporate social
  responsibility, environmental activism, and community organizing

5.      Instructional entrepreneurship: Everyone both learner and teacher, consumer and

6.      Finding and sharing relevant ecommerce and telework success stories and videos.

Week Six:  Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprises:

1.      Doing Well by Doing Good. The latest trends in Business.

2.      Showcase Your Skills Via Community Service – Making a Difference

3.      Citizenship: “Acting Locally, Thinking Globally.”

4.      Cultural Expression: Adaptability and Accountability

Week Seven: High Tech Business Startup Basics

1.      Copying successful business models

2.      Your elevator pitch, value proposition, market positioning and secret sauce

3.      The Art of the Start – Starting a business without a dime

4.      Where to get professional assistance for creating a business plan and getting loans.

Week Eight: Decision Time for Individual Action Plans for June 2009

1.      Peer reviewing of participants action plans for our final month

2.      Launching our businesses

3.      Promotional options, writing letters

4.      Taking Action – Collabor-ACTION strategies