Lesson Six

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Social Entrepreneurship: Learn, Serve, and Earn



Welcome to Lesson Six!

View this five minute video capture overview of this lesson.

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         Each lesson recommends four half-hour sessions (per week)

              VIEW some excellent short videos online.
              EXPLORE some outstanding websites for ideas on what you can do

              SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS - Send an email to everyone in the class

              READ OR LISTEN TO:
                             Short articles with ideas on trends and opportunities
                             Mac users have a Text to Speech feature to read documents aloud.  
                             ((highlight the text first)) Select Finder, Services, Speech, Start Speaking Text)

Lesson Goals: Go to each link to view, read and explore:

1.      Doing Well by Doing Good. The latest trends in Business.

2.      Community Service – Making a Difference

3.      Citizenship: “Acting Locally, Thinking Globally.”

4.      Community Culture and the Community Way


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Did this lesson work for you? Was it too much? Not enough?

What was of greatest interest?

What would you like to see more of? 

Lesson Feedback: Optional, but much appreciated.

You're invited to privately email your instructor:

       1. What areas, if any, did you have trouble with during this

       2. What questions remain now that you've finished this lesson?

       3. Approximately how much time did you devote to this lesson?

       4. What improvements would you like to suggest?

       5. Tell your instructor how much time you spent on this lesson.

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