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Lesson Eight

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Advanced Skillbuilder:



Scheduling a Hands-on Skype Session To Talk About Your Next Steps:

Download Skype from www.skype.com and schedule a time to try out this free two-way video program with your instructor. Skype will not work via satellite systems and our alternative is a phone call.

How the 21st Century Academy was created.

Dan Etulain sent an email to Frank Odasz mid-December 2008 with an idea for a grant, Frank responded via email, within the week and Dan's program manager at the Alaska Communications Center (KACN-TV), Katy Parrish, then submitted the final grant to the Alaska Department of Labor in respond to their request for proposals. Funding was approved within a few weeks and work on the Academy began March 1st, to be completed by June 30th.

Throughout the academy lessons there has been a consistent theme that those who take action to make good things happen, are successful more often than not. If you take only one idea away from this online learning experience I would hope it would be the realization that "When in doubt, just do it!"

One thing is certain, life is short and each day, while full of opportunities, comes only once. When you are over 50 years of age, you do not want to be looking back with regret for having not at least tried to explore your opportunities.

Enjoy every day and I hope you find your passion and take action to change the world.

Please feel invited to continue to be in touch with Frank Odasz who believes you are capable of anything you put your mind to.

Here is a reflective message sent to my online Alaskan educators to give you some historical perspective on the importance of the 21st Century Academy, and challenges, from an educator's perspective:
Soon the broadband stimulus RFPs will be released and there will be a flurry of proposal writing for the $7+ billion for rural broadband and for the rest of the $787 Billion.

The big, big, big question is who has broadband training best practices curriculum guaranteed to produce jobs, jobs, jobs?

In the relationship age, also the knowledge age, also the innovation age, it is imagination and the ability to become a self-starter that appears to be necessary for employment. As educators, how can we best instill the love of learning in our students, who are likely to have over 15 different vocations in their careers?

The ability to search and find what they need to know on a daily basis, just-in-time inquiry-based learning...is a priority skill.

The ability to stay current on trends amid a growing global entrepreneurship culture using online collaboration and multi-media "feeds" of all kinds - is another priority.

The self-awareness to focus on balance and lifestyle, and the importance of helping others, global service learning, is yet another priority.
I hear we're now in competition with everyone, everywhere, for everything, and this raises a lot of interesting questions about how and whether we value education in our country as compared to other countries, many of which have far exceeded the U.S. in producing motivated learners. Our HS drop out rate averages 4/10, and I think our K12 and higher education systems would warrant a D- by any grading scale. I'd fault failed policies like No Child Left Behind, not our hard-working, under appreciated educators.

My latest little project, as you've heard repeatedly is the 21st Century Learn, Earn, and Serve Academy at http://lone-eagles.com/workforce101.htm 

Trying to summarize essential 21st Century Workforce Basics...in a cliff notes multimedia format for Alaskan HS drop outs - is a whale of a challenge. It involves addressing low reading and literacy levels, short attention spans, and an anti-education bias. This pilot project first effort has been my opportunity to use youtube, wikis, blogs, podcasts and video captures to present what's possible in a summative manner along with hands-on skillbuilders.  I have learned a lot in the process of first phase development and plan to redo all eight lessons.
There are too many of all ages who have not yet started to get involved in learning about the digital opportunities around them, and the pace of innovation is accelerating.

The thought I'd like to leave you with is that if fast Internet and home computers were available to everyone in Alaska's rapidly dwindling Alaskan Native villages and rural Communities, (as is planned via broadband stimulus funding) how rapidly could we grow an entrepreneurial culture such that sustainable ecommerce and telework jobs would allow young families to migrate back to the villages to revitalize the cultural and economic vitality of all villages and communities? Could we create such a cultural shift before it is too late?  I think we'd need to start with the K-3 learners.
Most villages have 7/10 drop out rates, many leaving school in junior high. Big Questions. Big opportunities for educational innovations.

READ:  The Next Millionaires

From 2006-2016, U.S. household wealth will double to $100 trillion, and 10 million new U.S. households will become The Next Millionaires--bringing the total ...
www.paulzanepilzer.com/tnm.htm   You might be able to buy a used copy from Amazon.com for very little money.

I know this is all overwhelming, my favorite Charlie Brown cartoon says "There is no heavier burden than a great potential."  But the solution is to plan some baby steps and start struttin' forward.\

You will find very high quality short lectures on the major relevant trends posted regularly at www.ted.com

Here is a video from www.ted.com which summarizes where social media is headed and which talks about innovation coming from the bottom up and other interesting trends.

VIEW http://www.ted.com/talks/clay_shirky_how_cellphones_twitter_facebook_can_make_history.html

Grantwriting and Non-Profits that actually do make a profit.


A Lesson on Grantwriting

Lone Eagle Native Village Grant Templates
Over a dozen actual grants you can use without restriction to write your own grants.

Learn about the world of Non-profit organizations, and getting grants to make a profit

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