Lesson Eight

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Decision Time for Individual Action Plans



Welcome to Lesson Eight!

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         Each lesson recommends four half-hour sessions (per week)

              VIEW some excellent short videos online.
              EXPLORE some outstanding websites for ideas on what you can do

              SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS - Send an email to everyone in the class

              READ OR LISTEN TO:
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Lesson Goals

1.    Looking Back and Looking Forward     

2.    Completing Your Self-assessment and Personal Action Plans

Looking Back and Looking Forward    

Anyone would be overwhelmed by the pace of innovation on the web and the huge successes can be scary.

My own personal experience is that it is easy feel inadequate, that I do not know enough or am perhaps smart enough. But, I’ve also learned, as referenced in Lesson one, that how we look at ourselves can limit us, or empower us so the matter of carefully adjusting our self-perception is very important.

It important for us to take a deep breath and get some personal perspective. The risks of taking action and trying to create an online business are minimal. The trick is to find something you are passionate about so that your work becomes your play. If your job is doing what you love, you will never work a day in your life. I really love what I’ve been doing for the past ten years, from my rural ranch house, and this course is my latest effort to “lend my wings to others” - namely you!

Take it one small step at a time, and do not allow yourself to invent excuses as to why you cannot do what others have done. 

I’ve not required much other than your feedback, but have also presented you with many exceptional resources and hands-on skillbuilders.  I would welcome your self-assessment regarding how much time and attention you have invested in this course.  While I am not giving grades for this course, what grade would you give yourself?

What more you and I can do together to bring you some level of success such as a website, online resume, letter of recommendation, or other options is up to you – please tell me what you are most passionate about and let’s work up a plan.

Sure, some super smart people have been wildly innovative and make huge amounts of money. But, many will tell you they got lucky by having the right idea at the right time. They will all tell you that if you have an idea - to "Just do it."

Whatever you do, you will learn from the experience. And your future is all about your ability to get yourself to become a lifelong learner, to tailor your info-diet to allow you to keep open your eyes and ears to the booming successes all around you.

One alternative is to be employed by someone else who will tell you what to do, and for many people that might be preferred to the risks of starting their own business.

Whatever you do, find something you love doing. And if you do not know where to start, then start by doing something that helps others. Even if you are not paid and volunteer your time, it will be what you learn about yourself, and what you love, that will help you find the type of employment that brings joy and happiness to you ever day of your life.

We started this eight week academy with a few quotes, and here’s my favorite:

"You make a living by what you get, and you make a life by what you give."
Winston Churchill.

Positioning Your Future in These Exciting and Historic Times:

Perhaps you have noticed the world is in the biggest financial crisis in half a century, and that the U.S. government is promoting billions to get broadband to rural and low-income communities to provide essential services for health, education, and workforce training to produce jobs, jobs, jobs. The themes and resources of this 21st Century Academy could not be more timely or relevant for learners worldwide.

That said, this course represents just a beginning on YOUR employment and/or business startup opportunities. Do you think all the good ideas have been taken? In 1887 a fellow quit his job at the patent office because he believed everything that possibly could be invented had already been invented.

Thinking all the good ideas for Internet businesses have already been taken is exactly as silly and untrue.

Work toward developing your perspectives so you do not psych yourself out. Work carefully with how you choose to view yourself, the world, and literally your world of opportunities. If you cannot get excited about making money, see if you can get excited about helping those who are in a world of hurt and really need someone like you to show them how to survive in a changing world.

Here's is what I would propose to President Obama:

READ: http://lone-eagles.com/yeswecan.htm      (2 pages)

VIEW President Obama's Recovery Visions and Funding Opportunities
www.recovery.gov  This historic reinvestment in America is something you really should be following.

VIEW the new www.serve.gov  is the newest effort to engage Americans in community service.

Making money is nice, but is not my personal passion. What I really get excited about is that the more people who understand HOW to change the world using the Internet, the better this world will be. March 2008, I presented in Tokyo, last July I presented for the FCC Indian Telecom conference, last Feb. I sent my formal recommendations to NTIA/USDA on how to spend their $7 billion on rural broadband…like teach Americans how to use it to make a living.  All these, and more are in my update, shared in lesson one. http://lone-eagles.com/miba2009.htm  I have shared this at five recent conferences for Native Americans and Alaskan Natives.

My offer has been to be your personal coach throughout these lessons, and to assist you in finding whatever may be necessary to help you on your next steps.

MY personal action plan is to start a training company hiring many youth to be paid as online mentors once they demonstrate their skills with online communication, encouraging others, and their ability to use my lessons to transfer skills to others.

Completing Your Self-assessment and Personal Action Plans

As the final task for the 21st Century Academy you are asked to summarize your next steps in an email to your coach frank@lone-eagles.com

 As a self-assessment consider the following….

Have you created an online resume, electronic portfolio, a free Ecommerce website or any demonstration of your skills and abilities? Do you intend to still do so? Need help?

Have you learned about new career opportunities and have a plan on new directions to pursue? What assistance might you still require?

Have you self-assessed your passions and whether you want to create your own business or work for someone else? Have you identified your next steps?

Have you learned about online learning and what you do and do not like about the Internet? If you were to be paid to teach this course to others like you - any way you wanted, how would you improve it?

What further assistance do you need to pursue your goals and next steps?

Please send your instructor your responses to the above questions along with your personal assessment on the value of the 21st Century Academy lessons and your recommendations for the next time it is offered.


The Final 21st Century Survey

Please rate your current knowledge of the following:
Email these four questions and your responses

 to frank@lone-eagles.com and

Your understanding of media and financial literacy

None    Low     Medium   High   Very High

Your knowledge of workforce related Internet resources, programs and entrepreneurial opportunities

None    Low     Medium   High   Very High

Your knowledge of effective stress management

None    Low     Medium   High   Very High

Your understanding of appropriate workplace behaviors and strategies for dealing with harassment

None    Low     Medium   High   Very High


Lesson Feedback: Optional, but much appreciated.

You're invited to privately email your instructor:

       1. What areas, if any, did you have trouble with during this

       2. What questions remain now that you've finished this lesson?

       3. Approximately how much time did you devote to this lesson?

       4. What improvements would you like to suggest?

       5. Tell your instructor how much time you spent on this lesson.


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