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AISD and Metlakatla Digital Innovations;
Current Draft as of 03/12/15:


Frank Odasz 

Please Send Edits and Additions to frank@lone-eagles.com


AISD has an outstanding record for being visionary and implementing innovations.


Creating a Culture of Innovation is very much a part of K12 learning in Metlakatla.


Embracing digital learning, and digital creation tools, as well as their applications for cultural celebration, expression, and preservation is an outstanding

demonstration of leadership which AISD models for all Alaskan School Districts.


The purpose of this listing of current innovations is to provide in one place the current innovations underway, to raise awareness and appreciation for local innovators across the community, as well as to inspire future innovations as offered by AISD’s Innovations Incubator Initiative.


AISD has three schools, Elementary, Middle, and High School.

All students have access to either Ipads or laptops,

and Internet speed has been quadrupled to now 40mb for 2014-15.


Most classrooms have Internet access, smartboards and Apple TV. AISD has subscribed to Google Classroom (digital online tools suite).


The following draft listing of innovations will hopefully be reviewed and updated by

AISD staff periodically.

The following innovations were documented in AISD Newsletters for January, February, and March.


Dec. 17th 2014, Eric Dean’s 5th graders visited the senior complex with their iPads

to create Ebooks using the Book Creator app, as a first event to intentionally begin

to preserve elders wisdom, histories and stories for all future generations.

The entrance monitors to the Elem. School show this event taking place.

Feb. 10, 2015, Mark Richards created a website for this 5th grade Codeclub

http://rjelementarycodeclub.weebly.com/  using weebly.com which is easy to use,
has no ads, and websites can be created, managed, and viewed, via mobile devices with the free weebly app.
On the Codeclub videos page is a short local video demonstration for a robotic Ipad teleconferencing system is now in use.

More videos at http://doublerobotics.com

and at http://youtube.com/fodasz

Feb. 26, 2015 - Mark Richard's 5th grade students interacted from Frank Odasz from Montana via Polycom VTC as
well as the robotic iPad.
Middle school and HS students are inventing practical uses for Lego Robotics and
showed their inventions to Frank in Montana.


Frank and Mark used Skype on Mark's laptop to show Frank
what he looked like on the robotic iPad. (Short and Skinny)  Then, Jason Pipkin
used Google+ VTC to show Frank the setup with remote access to all district computers.

Eric Dean "carried" the robotic iPad down the Elem. School hallway so Frank could see
the wonderful Orca fin carvings of John Hudson's art students. Mark used an iPad to create
a short video of this humorous event - a first time for all of us.

This was four different VTC system events in a single afternoon - highlighting the ability
to now host informal discussions and presentations with anyone interested in learning
new tools for digital cultural expression, celebration, and preservation.
Future VTC events are being planned for elders after talking to Bart Mwarey, Gavin Hudson, Opal
Hudson, and Denis Dunne, as well as Naomi Leask. Lastly, Johon and Frank
had a 2 hour Skype conversation about Canoe Club, as Johon's first time using Skype.

A Digital Montessori Preschool is under development
with emphasis on a Tsimshian language immersion emphasis.
Video Teleconferencing with a sister community immersion school

In British Columbia will assist exchanging innovations internationally.
Contact Lecia Avey, Jackie Joiner, or David Nelson

Resources: http://lone-eagles.com/digital-montessori-resources.htm

David Nelson has used Book Creator iPad app to create a Prek Ebook
for native language instruction.

During the week of March 9th-11th, Eric Dean's 5th graders created 3D rotating
images of the HS art student's Orca Fin Carvings, and showed them to John Hudson.

The former Governor’s Digital Teaching Initiative Grant:


AISD is one of the selected districts to participate.


The 2013 Digitizing Alaska Pilot project; six days of workshops:


The AISD HS Library Video Teleconferencing System
part of the State Library BTOP OWL grant connecting 97 rural libraries.



A robotic Ipad teleconferencing system is now in use;



Summer 2014, in association with MIC's Fish and Wildlife Office - sixth graders worked with Quadcopters (drones) to be used for

taking airborne video for salmon counts in remote areas, as well as spotting herring schools for local fisherman.
Contact: Jason Pipkin


HS students are learning how robotic submersibles can help with undersea harvests, including Geoducks.

Learn more at: https://openexplorer.com/expedition/aisdrov    
Contact:HS Principal Taw Lindsey and Science Teacher Jason Pipkin


HS students in the Careers and Technology Digital Design course are learning Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printers,
to learn how to manufacture hard-to-find boat parts and almost anything that might be needed.

Contact: Science Teacher Jason Pipkin, and Art Teacher John Hudson


HS students are learning to use a 2D vinyl printer to create window stickers, business signage, and related items, to include native art designs.
Contact: Science Teacher Jason Pipkin, and Art Teacher John Hudson


HS students have pitched new business start-up ideas to the school board and are learning about financial literacy, business basics, as well as emerging new digital entrepreneurship opportunities which allow  "Making the living you want, living wherever you want."

Contact: Science Teacher Jason Pipkin, and Art Teacher John Hudson



Community Digital Innovations


AASB’s ICE program will host monthly intergenerational events.



Jeannie Lindsey helped facilitate new website innovations via the Digitizing Alaska project Spring 2013;  free community websites created are posted at



Johon Atkinson, director of the Canoe Club, also have a new website
http://liwaayda.weebly.com  inviting donations.


Tia Atkinson and the Alaska Native Girls non-profit have a Facebook page,



Marcella Brendible. She has a 3 great photography websites that are very professional! 
http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-marcella-brendible.html  , http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/787254/




SEND TO Frank Odasz   email: frank@lone-eagles.com

Are there culturally related digital videos from Culture Camp, Harvest Camp, or the Aug. 9th potlatch?
Were digital photos or video archived by Jason Weber and Joe Wetzel, Naomi Leask, Gavin Hudson, and others?