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Technology Integration in Montessori


             Annette Island School District's Proposed Digital Montessori K-100 Vision:

Articles by Lone Eagle Consulting:  

             The Challenge for Mass Innovation:


              Digitizing Alaska


              The Silver Tsunami


Google "digital Montessori" for many more exciting existing resources like these:


Mobile Montessori

Digital Kindergarten’s teaching tools and Montessori apps



Montessori Tech



Montessori at Home


A complete guide to doing Montessori Early Education at Home.


Dane’s Montessori Tech Blog


Free Tech for Teachers, and Kindertown for best apps


Parkside Montessori School Website:



As I was exploring TeachThought, an education blog, I discovered the post "The Similarities Between Montessori And Digital Learning."
When you read it, you can explore further what is behind the points mentioned:


1.     Individual Learning Progressions & Competency-Based Learning

2.     Elimination of Age and Grade Restrictions

3.     Formative Assessments & Short Feedback Loops

4.     Non-traditional Teacher Roles

5.     A Global Citizen Perspective


            The Similarities Between Montessori And Digital Learning



For Review:

    1.    Using a Digital Camera in the Montessori Classroom

Feb 15, 2013 - Using technology in the Montessori classroom can be as simple as using your digital camera! Here are some ideas for bringing technology to ...

    2.    Digital Backpack » GR Montessori at North Park


Digital Backpack. _MG_0752. If it goes home with your child we will do our best to also post it online. This page gathers all items from across the site to a single …

    3.    Montessori Education Digital Story - YouTube

► 3:45 minutes


May 8, 2013 - Uploaded by Cayleigh Rutigliano

As a project for my Technology in Education course, we were instructed to create a digital story and include …


                       4.         Elementary Students Put Their Best Digital Foot Forward

Sep 9, 2014 - It's a digital world in which we live. And with the help of technology coordinator Dan Riles, Kingsley students are learning computer proficiency ...

              5.         Cedar and Silicon on Vimeo
          Showing intergenerational digital Natives in British Columbia

http://vimeo.com/17005134     ► 46:00 minutes


The Cedar and Silicon video is well worth the time to view! And would be entertaining for elders and adults at a public gathering, to be followed by discussion on who wants to create their own story, or wants to preserve their stories for all future generations. 



Jason Pipkin has a copy of Lone Eagle’s Native American Internet guide, online at http://lone-eagles.com/nativeguide.htm  created for the U.S. Agency for Intl. Development,

12 years ago. The Native language resources page is at http://lone-eagles.com/na-ed.htm


Digital Storytelling Tools and Examples:


The Lone Eagle Consulting Youtube Channel at http://youtube.com/fodasz  has a number of examples of Alaska Native Digital storytelling, and copies of all the Metlakatla videos. Viewing everything might take just under an hour. Note the interview with Janet Guthrie, many Metlakatla videos, and other Alaskan Elder’s examples of digital storytelling.


Below is a bit more from the AISD Innovation Incubator page at http://aisdk12.org/innovationincubator/open-invitation/


Explaineverything.com – Create tutorials, narrated slideshow, and much more (Iphone/Ipad App)


The $2.99 app at www.explaineverything.com  to allow anyone to narrate their historical photos, and create narrated videos of any browser exploration, and more.


See the short sample Elders Storytelling slideshow example at



Learn how in 1 minute: www.youtube.com/watch?v=b00ZeszvjP4


Here is the manual link: http://www.explaineverything.com/ibook–itunesu.html


You can use Powerpoint or Keynote, or Apple’s Garage Band (see “expanded podcast” tutorial) to narrate photos and slides.


It is possible to email photos and videos directly to youtube from a smartphone.


Storehouse is a new app for creating sharable narrated slideshows on Facebook.


Many new digital storytelling apps are available, search the app store.


How to get Book Creator; $4.99



Examples of Ebooks created quickly with Book Creator
Here is a 3 minute quick look at my Ibooks folder, and this screencast video took only 3 minutes to make.



Screencasting is a form of digital storytelling that allows you to show anything on your screen with motion and narration. Jing is the free software, from. I used Snagit, $29 educational discount, which has more features, and Camtasia $99 is the full featured software. 30 day free trials, and video tutorials are at http://techsmith.com
See Frank for more lessons and links.


Broadband Manual- Ibook Author Example -

http://www.screencast.com/t/xj1JpRbdktP  A 4 minute walk-through video.


The Broadband Strategies Manual Ibook for Ipads is at the AASB/CDL website that includes the project description, photos, and additional videos....  Click on the link at http://cdl.aasb.org/itunes-u   to get to the CDL Itunes resources, and download the Broadband Strategies Manual and project guide. You'll need to perhaps download the Itunes app, first?


AASB/CDL's posting on their language projects

The Qbooks cost $6000 each, which is perhaps cost prohibitive.

Chevak paid to have Prek storybooks put into C'upik as you'll see at the link above.


Article on Qbooks with Links to Downloads.



At $6000/book, VS no cost for Book Creator, we should talk about advantages and disadvantages.


New Zealand created 700 Maori language nests for preschool lang immersion, decades ago.


Bob Whicker has been working with http://kiwadigital.com  a native-owned Ebooks company.


The article above mentions a planned Qbook event in Metlakatla, that never happened?


I participated in the Qbook event in Chevak,



Note the Broadband Manual Ibook video (above) shows a slideshow on the creation of

that Qbook.


Native Language tools and innovations:

A place to compile open resources to support the development of Sm’algyax Language.

University of Northern British Columbia
PDF Books

Teaching Language

Audio Sharing

General Cultural Resource
Native Languages of the Americas

First Voices site and tool
Digital tools for teaching language
BC's First Nations

Assessing the Culture of Innovation

BC's First Nations First Voices site and tool



Simon Roberts, on Klawock, AK shared his existing Tlingit lang. apps at

http://www.zimonzayz.com/resume.html  He is developing videos to show

youth how to create apps without coding.

Alaska Native Language Center (UAF)
Native Language Links (last update 2008) See links marked *New
Cherokee Language Technology Adoption
Afterschool Training Toolkit | Living and Working with Technology
... to History and Culture Thinking and Talking About Works of Art Integrating the Arts with Other Subjects Involving Families and Communities Technology Developing Self-Expression and Creativity Gathering and Sharing Information Finding and Solving Problems Living and Working with Technology Learning in...
Afterschool Training Toolkit | Developing Self-Expression and Creativity
... to History and Culture Thinking and Talking About Works of Art Integrating the Arts with Other Subjects Involving Families and Communities Technology Developing Self-Expression and Creativity Gathering and Sharing Information Finding and Solving Problems Living and Working with Technology Learning in...

Beyond the Word Gap: A collection of multimedia resources and tools that help support the development of language and learning in early relationships.
http://www.matr.net/article-62960.html These resources will help parents, professionals, and policymakers understand the importance of supporting early language and literacy and how best to do so.


Native Technology Innovation Centers:

BC First Nations Technology Council:

http://www.technologycouncil.ca/  or http://fntc.info  

Chief Norm Leech was in charge as of a couple years ago when I lasted talked to Norm.

They just had their annual conference, and likely have lots of videos and resources online to share.


They have a course on learning Ibook author, and lots of online technology training,

but it is more the typical technology certifications, instead of what I like to

focus on - which are quick results workshops for all ages, creating and sharing something

wonderful in less than an hour.


I've presented coast to coast in Canada, and can help you identify current digital native innovations. http://lone-eagles.com/canadian-links.htm 

See also: http://www.indigitization.ca/


First Nations Innovation Project (East Coast of Canada)



The First Mile website has more than 70 stories (not all projects): http://firstmile.ca


The publications from our First Nation Innovation project are listed here (still have to do a few updates)   http://fni.firstnation.ca


Let me know if you want to do a skype meeting next week or so and we could coordinate something with whomever else wants to join.


Best wishes from Fredericton, Canada



Susan O'Donnell, PhD

Researcher and Adjunct Professor

Department of Sociology

University of New Brunswick


First Nations Innovation (FNI) research: http://fn-innovation-pn.com

FNI publications: http://fni.firstnation.ca

My site: http://susanodo.wordpress.com


  Please visit http://businessinnovationcentre.ca/
  Enter the site with user name guests and password guests.

  Here is a nice self-assessment from a First Nations Virtual Business innovation centre in Canada. 

  Also: http://selkirklearningcentre.ca/ComputerLibrary.htm is our way to distribute computers to those who can’t afford one.
  So far we have 6000 computers in the homes of (mosty) aboriginal people and we give them a week of training in Computer Fundamentals.


Keewaytinook Okimakanak (KNET): www.knet.ca
Contact: Brian Beaton Email: brian.beaton@knet.ca
KNET reports and articles and other indigenous innovations;
More Canadian indigenous resources
Lone Eagle Consulting has presented coast-to-coast in Canada, and
collected many links well worth sharing: (dated)

First Nation Education Council (Quebec):
Youth's Corner:
Native Nations Institute for Leadership, Management, and Policy (NNI)
http:// nni.arizona.edu
Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, The University of Arizona
803 East First Street, Tucson, AZ 85719-4831
phone: 520.626.0664 | fax: 520.626.3664 | e-mail: nni@u.arizona.edu | website:
ONABEN | Indianpreneurship
Is the Indianpreneurship® curriculum right for you or your organization?
An Indianpreneurship CD with video success stories is available.
U.S. Federal Communications Commission Indian Telecom Initiative
Under “Internet Resources for Indians Country”
SEE Lone Eagle Consulting’s Best Practices

See also: FCC Native Nations Broadband Task Force:
For further information contact: Robert Finley, Legal Advisor, Office of Native Affairs and
Policy, Federal Communications Commission, (202) 418-7835 (voice) or 1-800-835-5322 (TTY), or



LOOK What Cook Inlet Tribal Council is doing…growing a global Native video games business, to

promote native values…..

The Future of Video Games is Also the Future of Digital Storytelling



Learn more at http://aisdk12.org/innovationincubator/2014/08/26/aisds-innovation-incubator/




Digitizing Alaska Project Spring 2013 in Metlakatla



Launching now, the Alaska Native Innovations Incubator;

Learn more at http://lone-eagles.com/invitation.htm


Easy Innovations You Can Learn Quickly:



Gov’s Digital learning initiative to include Annette Island: