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READ FIRST:  Digitizing Alaska
                         Teaching the Opportunity Literacy process and implementing new metrics models locally.

Digitizing Alaska's 3 Videos, 2 Press Releases, and Ibook multimedia "Broadband Strategies Manual" are all at

The following resources are for Alaska Native Entrepreneurs, new social enterprises,
and represent only the tip of the iceberg of what's available.

Video Introductions to Epublishing via Amazon and the Apple Ibookstore: 10 minutes


Video: Publishing your book to Amazon/Kindle   
Sci-Fi Author Brian Rathbone shares how to self-publish on Amazon/Kindle in 5 minutes.
NOTE: Brian's recommended Epublishing links and a one-hour video interview with the author

of “Author, Publisher, Entrepreneurs: How to Publish a Book” at by Guy Kawaski

are at the top of the long page of epublishing resources at 

as the source of this shorter list of Epublishing resources.


Video: Publishing to the Ibook Store using Itunes Connect, Part 1.    2 minutes


Video:  Publishing using Itunes Connect: Part 2.  2 minutes


What is Itunes?:


Book Publishers: Frequently Asked Questions (Answers from Apple)

See also the links at this site for; Marketing, Affiliate programs, Selling your Book


Sell your book on the IbookStore

Sign up today to offer your books to customers with Ipad, Iphone, and Ipod touch in 51 countries.

1.  Sign up  Complete your application for either a Paid or Free Books Account.

2.  Confirm account  Click through your account approval email to complete your application and confirm your email address.

3.  Download iTunes Producer Download our delivery application, iTunes Producer (requires OS X v10.6 or later).

4.  Deliver  Using iTunes Producer, provide your book’s basic information and click Deliver.


Once your application has been approved, use the guides on iTunes Connect for best practices and style guidelines for publishing books.

To offer your book on the iBookstore, you must submit a complete work and must also work in the latest version of iBooks

without technical issues. It will be reviewed to avoid inaccuracies, illegal content, orthographical and typographical errors,

low-resolution images, and so on. To avoid delays, be sure to test and review your book fully to make sure it complies with all iBookstore

policies before submission. Learn More


iBooks Author. The app that rewrote the book.

With iBooks Author, a free app from the Mac App Store, anyone can make a book for iPad — complete with rich graphics, movies,

photo galleries, Keynote animations, 3D objects, and more.


Comparison chart explaining ebook formats from Wikipedia

This comparison of e-book formats used to create and publish e-books.

A writer or publisher has many options when it comes to choosing a format for publication.

While the average end-user might arguably simply want to read books, every format has its proponents.

The myriad e-book formats are sometimes collectively referred to as the "Tower of eBabel".[1]

Nonetheless, some eBook formats are demonstrably more popular, and more widely supported than others.

The EPUB format is the most widely supported[citation needed] vendor-independent XML-based

(as opposed to PDF) e-book format; that is, it is supported by the largest number of e-Readers.

The popularity of's Kindle devices in America has led also to the prominence of KF8 and AZW formats;

Kindle does not support EPUB. The file size for texts without images depends on the file format, but is always relatively

small compared with a richly illustrated text.


Monetizing Self-Published Content Online


Author, Publisher, Entrepreneurs: How to Publish a Book - new book on self-publishing by Guy Kawaski with 400 resource links


Self-publishing Emagazines via Newsstand:

Magcast webinar!  

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Online publishing and Emarketing free lessons
Ed Dale has been doing interesting things for 10 years or more


Monetizing Original or Collected Videos on Youtube:


Making money from Youtube (monetizing your channel)

YouTube for Profit


PBS Stations Need to Become the Youtube of Local Communities


Epublishing online courses:


ItuneU as online course format A new way to make six figures on the Web: teaching – Do It Yourself University – Free Ebook on free self-directed learning resources with dozens of models

for successful Elearning businesses.  – A dozen ladies teaching quilting online for-profit.


Self-Publishing and Selling Apps.


App Building, the Do-It-Yourself Way Non-Techie Entrepreneurs, Seeing Specific Needs,

Find Outside Resources to Help Them Create Software

Appsme, AppMakr or, allow just about any user to build simple apps by adding text, images

and other features into a ready-made template


App-Empire: APP creation and Marketing (no coding required)

This video tells you how Chad got started in apps. It starts with a car accident...literally!

Here about Chad's story here


Apps empire youtube videos

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IBuildApp  - Create Apps without Coding  

Youth Coding Programs, many with a game creation emphasis:

Mitch Resnick: Let's teach kids to code | Video on - 15 minutes

Stanford University's HS Coding Program: 
Here are sample games that you will learn how  to create  yourself while learning to write  code.
and as implemented as a statewide program in Montana:

Codeschool  Enroll now to play; learn by doing


Code Academy:!/exercises/0  learn to code


Article: Branson Backs Code Academy


Future of apps and the web (article) - 650+ public domain egov apps, and hundreds of volunteer coders to

help communities create local apps.

Article: Local Coders Help Improve Government Functions

There’s a new breed of software developer helping local government. | Anybody can learn  The Kapor Center has collected information on 300+ programs or software that teach youth and adults elements of computer science and coding. This is not an exhaustive list, as this field is rapidly growing. As stated in the introduction, we’re hoping that the larger community will help us to frequently update this list as programs continue to launch.  The primary objective of this Coding Landscape Database is to catalogue organizations that provide some type of coding training. We’ve generally categorized the range of programs into these clusters:  Bootcamps: Intensives that prepare participants for at least entry-level developer positions. Certifications: Trainings that result in a certification/credential, badge, or belt to identify skill development progress. Corporation-focused: Courses that provide training to corporations or on behalf of a specific corporation. Hackathons: Event in which individuals collaborate in a short and intense time period (typically 24 to 72 hours) to build a mobile or web application.

Create Games for a Living:

             Did you know the Cook Inlet Tribal Council has a new Alaska Native Global Video Gaming Business?

See this short video trailer and prepare to be inspired:

And here is the website; their first video game is due out this November!

Here is their vision for promoting Alaska Native values globally, while
creating exciting video game production jobs for their youth!


Game Salad  A very major STEM game creation tool….


AgentCubes-in-a-Box: Introduce Computing Through Game Design


Scalable Game Design Wiki


Alexander Repenning bio page


Edutopia article and resources on game design


GAETSS – Gamification and Enabling Technologies Strategic Solutions
Shaping the Future of Business and Society through Human Development and Motivation

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Mobile Phone : +447896659695
Email :
Skype: davidwortley

Youth Entrepreneurship Articles and Videos


Young, Rich, and Calling Their Own Shots
And don't forget Leanna Archer, who was barely 10 years old when she launched

a line of all-natural hair-care products. This year, she's set to bring in $150,000.

In October, she turns 13.  30 similar profiles:


Ultralight ecommerce startups


Ridiculous ideas that made people rich


Cheeseburger Millionaire


Mark is Obama’s IT guy from Anchorage


There are many more wonderful stories of success at this website:


Exciting Video Shorts


Mobile phone growth video (3 minutes)


Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh) by Socialnomics™ (6 minutes) 


A one minute video related to info-diets


How Web Video Powers Global Innovation



Youth Entrepreneurship Education


Student Entrepreneurs

A great article on start-ups that came unexpectedly out of a course at

Stanford to use facebook apps as a Launchpad was particularly interesting.


Teaching Kids Business


Financial Literacy Games


Young Entrepreneurs Council      
We also recently stumbled on a VA startup called 

which is a “Q&A with experts” site designed more for our much more typical rural mom and pop or microbusiness.  


Kauffman Labs Education Ventures competition;


4-H- Student Entrepreneurship  


Jump Start - Youth entrepreneurship  

This is a coalition starting from pre-kindergarten (!) through college age youth to support them in making smart financial decisions!


Youth Service Learning


The Kauffman Foundation’s All Terrain Brain 
Elementary Youth Entrepreneurship site



Starting START-UPS

Decentralizing education: how startups are dismantling the university


Resources for starting your startup


Harvard pitchomatic article


TED 21 young innovators to change the world


The art of the elevator pitch: simplified


Ecommerce Resources


SDRC national extension ecommerce initiative

Connecting Commnities Toolkit, by Bill Shuffstall and others


Find out how your skills stack up, skills assessment tool: is an online network of local groups. You can start or find a group in your area

with a huge variety of interests — everything from languages to dancing to education to politics,

and lots in between. even has meetup groups in 292 cities where students can

interact and supplement their courses.


Learn how the Midwest is becoming the next entrepreneurial hotspot - click here.


Startup Nation - 100,000 resources for starting an online business (too much to be helpful?)


Stanford University Entrepreneurship Center  Videos and podcasts on entrepreneurship from Stanford Univ.


Check out SBA's new online learning center for entrepreneurs.

New three-part series by ICMA on asset-based economic development and building sustainable rural communities.

Click here to get started with part 1.  


Stanfords Online  Free Technology Entrepreneurship Course

 Sign-up here for free:

Last time, nearly 40,000 students from around the world participated and worked in teams together.

By the conclusion of the course, it is our hope that you understand how to: Articulate a process for

taking a technology idea and finding a high-potential commercial opportunity (high performing students

will be able to discuss the pros and cons of alternative theoretical models).

Create and verify a plan for gathering resources such as talent and capital.

Create and verify a business model for how to sell and market an entrepreneurial idea.

Generalize this process to an entrepreneurial mindset of turning problems into opportunities that

can be used in larger companies and other settings.
Take your entrepreneurial knowledge to a whole new level with these free online courses from Stanford.

Classes start this week, so REGISTER NOW!

Technology Entrepreneurship Video>>

A Crash Course on Creativity Video >>

Finance Video >>

Startup Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship>>

See all of the courses available from Stanford Online.



Mobile Emarketing


US mobile advertising to triple this year fueled by Facebook, Google


Mobile Marketing Infographic

SBDC Network E-marketing Resources


Emarketing Webinars


SBA Exporting - 3 podcasts  and include transcripts.


Doing Business Online is an educational series available on-line to teach small business owners

the basic tools that strengthen their online presence. The pre-recorded introductory webinars can be

downloaded at no cost here.

Topic include:
Mobile eMarketing – the Basics

Getting Found on Maps

Facebook for Business

Using Pinterest for Market Research

Getting High on Google



International trade

Google’s free international trade and translation tools:


The video series, Take Your Business Global,   features five main topics

that guide small businesses through the process of exporting: Getting Started in Exporting; Planning for

Export success; Connecting with Foreign Buyers; Financing; and five Case Studies of successful small

business exporters.

The videos begin with answers to the frequently asked question, Why Export? They feature SBA Deputy

Administrator Marie Johns; U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke; U.S. Trade Representative,

Ambassador Ron Kirk, and a variety of small business exporters. Other modules feature exporting

experts discussing "how-to" take your business global. The videos are posted at.



Community Engagement and Digital Inclusion


Why Every School in America Should Teach Entrepreneurship

As an educator of at-risk youth for over thirty years, and NFTE's founder, I've seen only one thing

consistently bring children raised in poverty into the middle class: entrepreneurship education.


The 10 Commandments of Student Entrepreneurship” at  

It’s a great, simple, and concise article help get the wheels in motion. 


How can we raise the profile of innovators in our community?


New Digital Divide Seen in Wasting Time Online


Six stages of digital community engagement


Free Tool Gauges Website Engagement Effectiveness



Profound Reports:


Outstanding Conference and participants; on digital citizenship wow!


Boston Indicators Project Report, 2012

"City of Ideas: Reinventing Boston's Innovation Economy"


World Bank Maximizing Mobile 2012 Report

The report, Information and Communications for Development 2012: Maximizing Mobile,  says more than 30 billion mobile applications, or

“apps,” were downloaded in 2011 – software that extends the capabilities of phones, for instance

to become mobile wallets, navigational aids or price comparison tools.



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