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Native Youth Entrepreneurship

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Native Biz for Youth

Connecting Youth

Native Business

www.onaben.org  Building Native communities’ financial skills for families

Edutopia video: "Student Entrepreneurs Win Big"
www.edutopia.org/1056  Main Site: www.edutopia.org Many outstanding Youth Entrepreneurship resources

Debit or Credit Banking Resources and savings guide for teens and kids

Creating a Budget for your home:
Link provided by students of Abby Brendese at the Jefferson district library.

Navajo web warriors

Social Enterpreneurship Teaching Resources Handbook

Google the title for updated versions.

Youth Global Microenterprise conference (handbook of resources available)
www.youthenterpriseconference.org   See also www.makingcents.com
or contact us at: conference@makingcents.com 
youth global microenterprise www.ymeconference.org  or contact the
Conference Manager:
whitney@makingcents.com Tel. +1 (202) 783-4090
Making Cents International
www.makingcents.com  2900 M St. NW, Suite 200 • Washington DC, 20007 • USA

Young Money

Minisociety Project

Biz World
A hands-on, project-based approach to teaching students about the business world.
It’s projects involved students from many cultures and economic levels. It gave all students the skills and and creative window to dream and develop ideas that they could actually try out.

Rich Dad/Poor Dad
http://richdad.com .
My favorite educational site of all is I began my financial education 2 years ago and this site along with the resources available through this company, have been a ‘gold mine’!  The best part is the media library that you can access that includes hundreds of videotaped workshops and presentations from some of the finance world’s greatest resource people.  I am such an auditory learner, and this being my topic of choice, I have a hard time tearing myself away!  They also have forums where people from around the world compare strategies, thoughts and ideas.  The signature games Cashflow 101 and 202 are also online and you can play these incredibly educational games with people from across the globe.  

The Maker Fair:
  http://techchallenge.thetech.org/about.cfm Youth applying tech for real world problems

Youth Entrepreneurship Society

Youth Ventures

Alaskan Youth Video Broadcasting Innovations
http://ourreality.org   Other Alaskan innovations http://lone-eagles.com/Alaskan-Stories.htm

Native Language Preservation Funding

First Voices Software for Native Language Preservation and Teaching
www.firstvoices.com  www.fpcf.ca  www.fphlcc.ca  www.firstvoiceskids.com

The Mint.org-Fun for Kids-Be Your Own Boss at
Introduces kids to earning, saving, spending, investing, giving, owing, and safeguarding money. There is an interactive “Entrepreneur Challenge” to help kids understand what it is like to start their own business, and lets you know if you are cut out for the job.

Kaufmann Foundation for Entrepreneurship
http://www.kauffman.org/campuses/studentcenter.cfm  A terrific place to find what the site calls “mind petals” – pieces of wisdom designed to encourage young entrepreneurs.  This site is valuable because it provides a common place for like-minded entrepreneurs (geared mostly toward college-age students) to be drawn.  Here they will find online resources, helpful student organizations, and a blog to discuss what interests them most in this area.

Entrepreneurship Education

NY times ecommerce section
Viewing:  Teaching Entrepreneurship
Watch as inner city high school students launch their own soda company, and hear why some say entrepreneurship education is "the civil rights issue of our time." --
PBS.org ( www.pbs.org/merrow/podcast/index.html )

The Indigenous Commission for Communications Technologies in the Americas
http://www.iccta-citca.org/ENG/home.html  This group was formed March 2007, and just had a major meeting with Canadian Govt. leaders and several multinationals. Major interest in sponsorship was evident by all attendees.  This is an initiative to watch.

The Montana Indian Business Alliance
(MIBA www.mibaonline.org )  held a Native Youth Entrepreneurship conference in January and below is my resources handout. There are many great related resources on the web which I'm busy collecting and plan to disseminate.  Since MIBA was formed 2 years ago, similar orgs have popped up in half a dozen states following this model. There is talk of a national meeting for these orgs.

American Indian Youth Entrepreneurial Empowerment Project
www.nayouthempowerment.com  from NTDA newsletter www.ntda.info  

The Healing Tree
www.naclubs.org Rick Robinson, Lame Deer, MT, 7 Boys/Girls clubs in Montana, 2 in Wyoming

Hopa Mtn Philanthropy - youth leadership emphasis?

Udall Center's Youth Entreprenership Programs
http://Fastcommerce.com  Live?

American Indian Business Leaders
www.aibl.org   68 chapters in U.S.

National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneuship

Young Entrepreneurs Organization
www.yeo.org  For those under 40 years with a million dollar business

Boys/Girls Clubs Filmmaking Media project
www.mediarts.org  Peter Rosten Phone: (406) 370-3745 Email: peter@mediarts.org

"Indian law for tribal leaders" series of video lecture courses.
You should definitely take a look at all the lectures and web courses on our "Multimedia" link at the top of the page. Bell lecture material can be found there amidst the series. Check out the work of our collaborator on the project, Native Nations Institute(NNI) which has produced a number of videos on tribal leadership capacity building on their series , "NNI TV"
http://www.arizonanativenet.com/multimedia/index.cfm?subject=gov&sect=med See the show we did on tribal sovereign immunity as an example of the type of broadcast production that would seem to compliment and fit with what you are doing.  http://www.arizonanativenet.com/multimedia/info.cfm?mediaID=71

Center for Rural Affairs Marketing Conference and Resources

World Exchange Business Network
www.wbe.net  Youth Programs emphasis: It has fabulous and timely information on a variety of global topics. I was fascinated by the ability to isolate Alaska’s exports and compare year-to-year increases. While our top two sites are still Japan and Korea, I found it interesting that our exports to a few European countries have increased tremendously in the last few years: Spain by 1400%, The Netherlands by 900%, Switzerland by 1000%, and Germany by 700%. If I were an enterprising student, I would be anxious to produce a product that would appeal to a market that is on the rise.

Coeur d’Alene Tribal Information Technology Initiatives

Montana American Indian Reservation Economic Development Fliers
The Montana Department of Labor & Industry, Research and Analysis Bureau (R&A), in collaboration with the Montana Department of Commerce, Census and Economic Information Center (CEIC), has unveiled American Indian Reservation Fliers containing economic and demographic information for the seven Reservations in Montana. 

Small World Networks, Inc.
Small World Networks exists to help entrepreneurs, principally those located outside the urban mainstream, be more successful by helping them develop and execute robust growth and financing strategies. In exchange, they seek to learn about the evolving needs of entrepreneurs and innovators and to explore the use of technology to stimulate social capital and entrepreneurial learning. (406) 587-1900

Gaebler Ventures Resources for Entrepreneurs
http://www.gaebler.com/resources-for-entrepreneurs.htm Extensive entrepreneurial resources including resources for young entrepreneurs by state, legal info, tax tips and lots and lots of websites to visit for advice, guidance and resources.

Tech-Based Economic Development Resources
www.tbedresourcecenter.org  The Department of Commerce has partnered
with the Ohio-based SSTI to introduce an interactive website *- that permits users "looking for information building a technology-based economy" to tap into " hundreds of reports prepared over the last four years on topics ranging from strategic plans to research on entrepreneurship from best practices to addressing the brain drain."

MINT: Mentoring Involving Native Teens
Funded by First Nations Development Institute in Denver

Workitout - MT softskills training, MSU Great Falls, Linda McNeil

Browning mini-bank financial literacy program

Tulalip tribe Internet TV

Maori TV Online

National Native Radio


American Indian chamber of commerce

Indian Gaming


Native BPO

Myspace Socializingtools Team

Caucus committees National Caucus of Native American State Legislators - John McElroy

Hot Shot Business
A game where kids rack up points for the entrepreneurial abilities. 

Lux Deavereaux's Native Business Support Site


Native Arts and Crafts Sites, National and International 

Native Art and Crafts Web sites

Navajo Arts and Crafts

Alaskan Art Web Sites

The Crafts Center

Ten Thousand Villages
International indigenous crafts – dozens of national storefronts.

Claims to have helped sold millions in native art and crafts.
I don't know who has the lowest commission charges, but overstock claims to have sold $37 million in goods last year. See their press section for articles.
It's at
http://www.teach-nology.com/teachers/lesson_plans/economics/ by the way. As an example, check out the "Dot Commerce" link for the lesson Dot-Commerce " In this lesson, students analyze the impact that e-commerce has in their community, as well as in small traditional communities that one might not expect to be part of the dot-com marketplace. " Neat, huh?? ( http://www.nytimes.com/learning/teachers/lessons/20000330thursday.html


Lone Eagle Consulting resources
Main listings at http://lone-eagles.com and http://lone-eagles.com/future-proofing.htm
A site specific search engine can help you locate specific resources by topic.

Ecommerce Successes - A Collection of Native Ecommerce Sites

Native Youth Digital Indianpreneurship
Creating a Cultural Shift Toward Sustainable Sovereignty

Good questions for Montana Regarding Rural Broadband Applications

A Public/Private Partnership Model to Showcase Youths' Digital Skills
and Rural Community Web-based Innovations

A Fully Integrated Technology (FIT) Community Flyer from Canadian First Nations http://lone-eagles.com/FIT.pdf

American Rural Teleworkers:  Great Employees, Lower Costs

Fort Peck Community Ecommerce Incubator Grant

Rural Ecommerce Grant Templates

In Support of Genuine Rural Broadband Applications.

Wyoming RC&D Rural Ecommerce and Telework Project
Presented Jan. 14th 2008 at the Western States RC&D Conference.

Electronic Warriors Ride the Fast Pony