Gearing Up With Free Web Tools

With the success of offering free personal web pages there has been an explosion of free tools covering nearly every type of user-created online content you can imagine. Below is a tiny sample.

Lengthier listings are at and

First there was free email (,)
(All family members can have their own email account
which can be accessed through any Internet connection!)

then free animated musical greeting cards (,)
(In only a couple minutes you can create a customized
web page greeting card with animations and music. Then
you can send the web address of your card via email to
anyone you like! This is the quickest way to create your
first web page! Free 30-day trials available.)

then free web page hosting
A listings of 700 free web page authoring sites
(Fill in the blanks to create your own web page, add your
own digital photos, return anytime to make changes, give
your own web address to anyone you like. Easy and

then free private group conferencing (
(Web conferencing, photo and file sharing, and more, which
you control for your own private groups!)

then free Ecommerce sites at, blogs at, photoalbums at

What Next?!!  Since many businesses have been successfully created by offering free services, and selling advertising banners based on the number of people visiting their sites, you can expect to see more free sites with increasing levels of usefulness! These businesses will be competing to see who can bring you the most benefit with the least effort and time on your part. See the Free Learning and Other Freebies Web Tour at

How will you, and your community, stay on top of the continuing wave of new, self-empowering free services? The real question is; "How will we all learn to use the best free web tools to produce the most tangible benefits, on an ongoing basis??!!"

Linking to the best learning resources, created by potentially anyone, adds value to any individual’s web site. Such brokerage of resources is demonstrated in this guide, with sincere gratitude to those who shared their knowledge to help others win the freedom education offers.

For more Free Web Tools for authoring curriculum and much more go to

Master Web Browsing

Learn the basics for using a web browser to access, print, and save web pages, using the Checklist Activity on the next page or by exploring the tutorials below.

Learn Web Browsing:

1. From the Cyber Playground
they offer a great browsing tutorial at

2. Learn-the-Net tutorials
Internet for beginners resources