McGrath Community Network

Collaborating and Sharing Knowledge

    This innovative survey was created by Natalie Baumgartner in McGrath, Alaska. She found Lone Eagle resources
               via a Google search and created a narrated "vision" powerpoint for the community to become intentionally innovative.
                 Sadly, her efforts were not embraced quickly enough, and the school has since closed, and many young families have left
the village, leaving the future of McGrath Alaska very much in question.



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Community Internet Skills and Content Development
A series of very easy, but highly relevant and motivating lessons created to facilitate the rapid growth of new skills in seven categories:

  1. Email skills as essential for electronic citizenship
  2. Search Engine Skills as essential for self-directed Internet learning
  3. Web self-publishing skills as essential for local and global ecommerce and expression.
  4. Mentoring and teaching skills as essential for sharing knowledge in your community.
  5. Entrepreneurship skills as essential for individual, family and community sustainability.
  6. Cultural Preservation and expression skills as essential for using technology to preserve the knowledge of our elders and culture for future generations.
  7. Leadership and innovation skills as essential for becoming a role model for your community for adapting to change.


E-commerce & Telework Strategies online class.
Non-credit course, independent study with mentorship provided. Certificate will allow person completing program to mentor others for $20. per student. This is an online Internet course designed specifically for non-technical learners as a first online learning experience. This non-credit mastery learning online course offers ten two-hour lessons covering the basic concepts, skills, and trends for rural Ecommerce, Internet entrepreneurship, and Telework employability.

Hands-on activities provide for exploring many of the best Ecommerce and Telework training materials, resources, and replicable models available - from which you'll easily be able to determine the resources best suited for your continued self-directed learning.

Who Is It For? -Young and old interested in learning essential Internet entrepreneurship, ecommerce, and Telework readiness skills - to allow them to remain in, and sustain their rural communities.



The Good Neighbor's Guide to Community Networking
Community networking is about sharing information, ideas, and innovations.  …Bringing the best of over ten years of community network experimentation and innovation to your community. Exactly how you, and your community, will match big-heartedness, with computers and bandwidth, to create a network that is fun, inclusive and productive, will be determined by your imagination, and your ability to share your visions with others. As expectations increase with experience, you can expect your community members to become increasingly proactive in reinventing "their" community network. Eleven online chapters:

  1. What is a Community Network?
  2. Community Networking: Making a Difference
  3. Building Individual and Community Collaborative Capacity
  4. Starting a Community Network; How to Get and Use the Tools
  5. Community Networking Applications for Education, Healthcare, and Community Development
  6. Rural Community E-Business Strategies, and Training Resources
  7. Youth-Based Community Development Strategies
  8. Grantwriting Tips and Funding Sources
  9. Innovation Diffusion; Looking at the Process of Change
  10. Twenty Lessons Learned
  11. Bibliography of Community Networking Resource




                What other skills would you like to either learn or share?


I’d take a 30-minute eye-opener         I’ll mentor/share this 30-minute eye-opener



                                                            Basic Computer Skills

__  I can turn it on, now what?                                      __  I can turn it on, now what?

__  Word processing-easy steps                                    __  Word processing-easy steps


                                                               Internet Use

__  Search Engine savvy                                                __  Search Engine Savvy

__  How to use “e-mail” (Outlook Express)                   __  How to use “e-mail” (Outlook Express)

__  Simple Web Page construction (Netscape)               __  Simple Web Page construction (Netscape)

__  Shopping on the web – Web Tour                            __  Shopping on the web – Web Tour

__  Where can I buy…? (bring your questions)              __  Where can I buy…? (bring your questions)

__  Anti-Virus Program overview & configuration         __  Anti-Virus Program overview & configuration


What Information would you like to either learn more about or share?


E-Commerce and Telework

__  e-Bay Web Tour                                                     __  e-Bay Web Tour

__  “60 Minutes” e-Bay Video viewing                        __  “60 Minutes” e-Bay Video viewing

__  e-Bay “tools” Tour                                                 __  e-Bay “tools” Tour

__ Business startup resources Web Tour                       __  Business startup resources Web Tour

__  Digital camera basics for the web                             __  Digital camera basics for the web    

__  What is Telework? Web Tour                                 __  What is Telework? Web Tour


__  EcoTourism Web Tour                                             __  EcoTourism Web Tour

__  Alaskan Village EcoTourism part 1 Web Tour         __  Alaskan Village EcoTourism part 1 Web Tour

__  Alaskan Village EcoTourism part 2 Web Tour         __  Alaskan Village EcoTourism part 2 Web Tour

__  Infrastructure needed for SED                                  __  Infrastructure needed for SED


Resources on the Web

__  State of AK resources Web Tour                            __  State of AK resources Web Tour

__  Women’s Web Tour                                               __  Women’s Web Tour

__  Men’s Web Tour                                                    __  Men’s Web Tour

__  Teenage Web Tour                                                __  Teenage Web Tour

__  Kid’s Web Tour                                                     __  Kid’s Web Tour

__  Pre-School Web Tour                                             __  Pre-School Web Tour

__  Health & Medical info Web Tour                            __  Health & Medical info Web Tour

__  Free online classes, tutorials, lessons Web Tour      __  Free online classes, tutorials, lessons Web Tour

__  Frank Odasz’s Website Tour                                   __  Frank Odasz’s Website Tour


What other skill or information not listed above do you want to find or learn about on the Web?

What Information or Skill not listed above are you willing to share using the Web?