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 The 21st Century Learn, Earn, and Serve Academy

The Online Course Outline - for Alaskan Youth



Online Course Short Description:

This online employment training course will address 21st Century Workforce Readiness Basics and is designed to train young Alaskan young men and women entering the workforce in a time of accelerated change and opportunity.  Career opportunities and resources to achieve those careers will be presented as emerging Internet employment and entrepreneurship. 21st Century Learn, Earn, and Serve Academy will build financial, business, media, information, and entrepreneurship literacy in its participants. We will be using We 2.0 social media tools in a mastery learning format. Participants in this train-the-trainers program will learn how to effectively teach others online, anywhere, anytime, as an instructional entrepreneurship business creation opportunity.

This project, funded by the State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development - Division of Business Partnerships, in partnership with the Alaska Communications Center and KACN-TV is described at http://lone-eagles.com/loneeagleacademy.htm and http://akcomcenter.org

Short Project Summary:

The 21st Century Learn, Serve, and Earn Academy will implement an innovative program designed to give participants a foundation of skills that will increase their work readiness and basic entrepreneurial skills by utilizing internet and video production.  It will engage up to 20 students through two mediums

1. An online course that promotes workforce readiness and entrepreneurial skills  

2. The production of a series of video career guides that focus on high demand jobs in Alaska. 

3. The potential production of video news stories to air on KACN-TV on career related issues  
and 21st Century trends and opportunities.

4.  We want to make this fun too!

Online Course Technical Access and Skill Prerequisites:

Participants will need to identify their Internet access speed, computer type (Mac or PC), software available, and their self-assessed computer literacy level including current skills regarding specific software, Internet, social media, and web authoring. An initial survey will be one of the first tasks to be completed.

The course will have a minimum time requirement of four hours a week for eight weeks with optional additional hands-on learning opportunities available.

How to Begin – For Registered Participants Only:

The first pilot run of this course will be an 8 week program for 20 competitively selected youth between the ages of 16-24.

This pilot project runs April 1st - June 30th and participants will receive step-by-step instructions starting with a first email welcoming you to the course.

Scheduling an optional telephone call with the instructor is offered and recommended.

The Instructor is Frank Odasz, Email: frank@lone-eagles.com, PH: 406 683 6270.
Got Questions? Send an email, or give Frank a call.

The Online Course Lessons Web Page is http://lone-eagles.com/workforce101.htm 
All lesson content will be publicly accessible. Self-directed learners will be able to access all lessons and resources without restriction at any time.

All interaction online will be private for the participants, instructors and guest presenters.

Future registered participants requiring online mentors may be invited to participate after July 1, 2009 for $250 for an eight week program.
The plan is for the first participants to become paid mentors, if they choose to create their own online instruction businesses.

Course Format:

The first pilot run of the course will include eight four-hour weekly lessons beginning April 1st and ending May 31st, with an open lab component for creative projects extending to June 30th, the official end date of this unique pilot project.

This course is presented in a mastery learning format – which means there are no grades and failure is not an option. Everyone who stays with the course will succeed in learning new skills and creating new opportunities.

We will make extensive use of online Web 2.0 tools.

A certificate of completion and letters of recommendation will be awarded to those who choose to complete this learning adventure. The instructor’s goal for this class is 20 entrepreneurs starting new online businesses, or being employed, or being well on their way to meaningful careers. We may write and submit grants, establish micro-multinationals, or achieve anything we decide to do.

What participants get out of this course will be related to what they put into it. Extensive additional online learning resources will be provided, customized to meet the individual needs of participants. The course is intended to be oriented to creating real world opportunities and to directly connect participants with serious skills and opportunities as fast as possible.  Participants in this train-the-trainers program will learn how to effectively teach others online, anywhere, anytime, as an instructional entrepreneurship business creation opportunity.

Lesson Structure:

            Each lesson will include four hours in roughly the following structure.

            One hour viewing videos, and/or listening to podcasts.
            One hour reviewing online tools, and web sites.
One hour socializing about the lesson content, issues, and how the course can be improved
            One hour creating web-based content using Web 2.0 tools. (How far, how fast, will depend on each participants current skills and ambition)

            Each new lesson will be posted on Monday morning, with the past week's lesson tasks to be completed by that time.

However, we’ll be flexible with task completion deadlines since the mastery learning format requires everyone success; whatever it takes.
            We will do our best to support each others so we can move forward as a group, modeling the social corporation model of the 21st Century.

Instructor’s Biography:

For the past ten years, Frank Odasz, as Lone Eagle Consulting, has taught online courses for Alaskan educators from a remote ranch house near Dillon, Montana. Frank’s resume is at http://lone-eagles.com/articles/frank.htm and published history is at http://lone-eagles.com/history.htm  The most recent Lone Eagle update is at http://lone-eagles.com/update2009.htm 

Click on this link:  "Frank Odasz" for a quick "visual search engine" ( www.searchme.com ) overview of the volume of online resources offered online without restriction by Lone Eagle Consulting. Select "Search All."

My role is to be the guide on the side, not the sage on stage. The lessons will be presented in self-directed format for you to work through at your convenience. My role is to help each of you decide on your greatest interests and to help customize your personal plan of action, and what you are most interested in learning and doing next.

Course Rules:

No rules really, just our mutual agreement to make this experience a good one for us all. It will be whatever we make it.

We will treat others as we would like to be treated.

We will do our best to contribute, have fun, and make good things happen for ourselves and others.

We’ll think outside the box.

We will use this course to make something of ourselves.

Please ask questions as necessary and be “real.”  I will do my very best, too.

Eight Weekly Lessons:

          The following eight weekly lessons may be modified to better suit the unique needs of course participants.

Week 1: Becoming a 21st Century Learner and Earner

Everyone both learner and teacher, both consumer and producer, all the time.

1.      Getting comfortable with the online course format.

2.      Understanding  the challenges of the 21st Century workforce

3.      H.O.P.E. How Optimism Promotes Entrepreneurship (Attitude 101)

4.   Developing Self-Directed-Internet-Learning Skills

4.      Learn, Earn, and Serve and Practicing Innovation and Creativity,

5.      Participants will develop an increased understanding of what is necessary to be a successful entrepreneur and how Alaskan communities and villages can benefit from supporting and having local successful entrepreneurs.

Week Two: Health and Wellness Literacy

 1. Self-assessment of our lifestyles, info-diets, and beliefs about ourselves, and our true full potential

 2. Taking responsibility for personal self-actualization; self-determination developing for one’s own goals and directions,

 3. Identifying one’s core values, passions, and orientation toward others

 4. Review online health and wellness web sites

Week Three:  Pre-employment Basics

1.      Softskills – How to make a positive first impression

2.      The Job Search, establishing a plan of action

3.      Online resumes, job boards, and selling yourself (in a good way)

4.      How to be a boss or project manager and dealing with personalities in the workplace

Week Four: Information and Media Literacy

1. Information Literacy: Dealing with accelerating change; information overload, uncertainty, megatrends, future shock

2. Searching Skills: Just-in-time-inquiry-based learning, search engines – visual search engines, natural language search engines

3. Media literacy: persuasive media awareness and creating our own cultural norms:

4. Collaborative opportunities: with a little help from our friends, social activism trends in social media

5. What issues affect you? What do you care most about? Global Warming, Outmigration, fuel?

Week Five: Financial, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy

1.      Definitions of these three literacies

2.        The changing nature of business, the knowledge economy and innovation economy dynamics.
 Keeping current in a world of accelerating change.

4.       Emerging trends: social entrepreneurship. Green businesses, corporate social responsibility,
 environmental activism, community organizing, and modern leadership

5.      Instructional entrepreneurship: Everyone both learner and teacher, consumer and producer

6.      Finding and sharing relevant ecommerce and telework success stories.

Week Six:  Social Entrepreneurship: Learn, Serve, and Earn

1.      Doing Well by Doing Good. The latest trends in Business.

2.      Showcase Your Skills Via Community Service – Making a Difference

3.      Citizenship: “Acting Locally, Thinking Globally.”

4.      Cultural Expression: Adaptability and Accountability

Week Seven: High Tech Business Startup Basics

1.      Copying successful business models

2.      Your elevator pitch, value proposition, market positioning and secret sauce

3.      The Art of the Start – Starting a business without a dime

4.   Where to get professional assistance for creating a business plan and getting loans.

5.   Possible entry in AFN’s Marketplace Competition

Week Eight: Decision Time for Individual Action Plans for June 2009

1.      Peer reviewing of participants action plans for our final month

2.      Launching our businesses

3.      Promotional options, writing letters

4.      Taking Action – Collabor-ACTION strategies


This Academy offers you a fast-track means to learn to use amazing free web tools,
to create web sites, and many different types of social networks:

1. How to create a free ecommerce website at http://tripod.com   Here's an example: www.sunroadsfarmory.com 
2. How to give yourself a google account and use Google groups for group activities with discussions,
    web pages, file storage areas.   http://groups.google.com
3. How to know about all the google tools available and how to integrate them. www.googlelabs.com
    or see the more, and even more sections within your google account.
4. How to create a free wiki and embed youtube videos, graphics and more on your pages.    http://education.pbwiki.com
5. How to create a free blog at www.blogger.com (owned by Google) and use RSS to subscribe to any blogs you like.
6. How to get a Google reader account http://reader.google.com to let you subscribe to blogs, video channels, or podcast channels.
7. How to understand what widgets and gadgets are for use on blogs, wikis, and more.
8. How to create a public or private social network at http://Ning.com  
9.  How to use www.jingproject.com to quickly create "show me" video captures
10. How to create free online resumes and do job searches and more at http://monster.com 
11. How to create your own global TV channel at www.youtube.com (owned by Google)

By the end of eight weeks you will have mastered all the above and more, if you make the time to allow it to happen.
Failure is not an option in this mastery learning academy where we are all help each other Skill-UP!


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