Lesson Three

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Pre-Employment Basics


Welcome to Lesson Three!

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         Each lesson recommends four half-hour sessions (per week)

              VIEW some excellent short videos online.
              EXPLORE some outstanding websites for ideas on what you can do

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              READ Or LISTEN TO:
                             Short articles with ideas on trends and opportunities
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Lesson Goals

We’ll address the job seeking process, making a good first impression for job interviews, and the basics of being a good employee and working effectively with others.

1.      Softskills – How to make a positive first impression

2.      The Job Search, establishing a plan of action

3.      Online resumes, job boards, and selling yourself (in a good way)

4.      How to be a boss or project manager and dealing with personalities in the workplace

5.     Advanced Skillbuilder: 
        Create an online electronic portfolio, online resume or other web-based
        means of promoting yourself as a great potential employee.


Imagine you run a business and you are interviewing someone to work for you. Can you trust them to work hard and to be honest? Will they show up on time and dress neatly, comb their hair and work well with your other employees? This might sound obvious but for those who are not familiar with working a real job, you would be surprised how many people do not know what responsibilities come with having a job. Some people think the world owes them a living and will not demonstrate an ability to be trusted or to be self-starters.

POP QUIZ: For example, how much time did you invest in the first two lessons of this course as a self-test on your ability to take initiatives on your own behalf? If you really spent hours, then you are likely to make a great employee. If you did not take the initiative, then as an interviewer looking for self-starters I would like to talk to the next person in line behind you. (Just Joking.)

Watch the Interview video and you will get a good laugh and see what I am talking about.  Take some time and watch other other videos, and search youtube for more videos with tips on how to get a job.

The following job interview is funny to watch, and look at the other videos linked to this one. The more of these videos you take the time to view, the better you will do at your next job interview. And the time you take to explore the great resources below and in the other Academy lessons is an investment in your 21st Century Workforce Readiness.

VIEW: How to Nail an Interview http://www.howtonailaninterview.com/ 


READ about Obama’s I.T. Guy, from Anchorage, 21 years old

Perhaps we can get this guy to come talk to us at KACN-TV, or better yet, you can do a video about him and the three Facebook founders. Do you know how they used social media and facebook.com to get Obama elected? They are all under 25 years old and have been offered a billion dollars for their online Facebook.com but they refused the offer. Not enough. Now, Facebook is focusing on social activism. They have 35 million users and are growing at 38%. Myspace had 100 million users in 18 months and sold for $2.6 billion but now is growing only at 1%. Perhaps YOU will create the NEXT BIG THING?  There are many sites you can find by googling "young millionaires" or "teenage millionaires."

Anything is possible and if there is only one thing you take away from this academy I hope it will be that in the innovation economy anything is possible and you are limited ONLY by your imagination. The top recommendation by successful online Start-ups is quit thinking about it and just do it. Get something online as a test model and get feedback from others. Get ideas from other online start-ups and get busy. Just Do IT!

The social media tools at your fingertips have created many young millionaires and billionaires who were self-starters who make things happen. You can start an online business with no money. How?  Well, this lesson gives you lists of links to explore and in our discussions we can share the best links we each have found.


Go to www.monster.com and look at their free resume authoring tutorial
          and their extensive resources for learning how to get a good job.

Electronic portfolios are the modern way of sharing your resume. You can post your resume online free at dozens of sites.

Renee Estelle's Online Short Course for Students on creating Electronic Portfolios
 http://eportfoliocourse.bravehost.com/   Take a good look at the Sample Portfolio and click on each of the links. Renee’s short course for students uses the free web site authoring tools from www.bravehost.com but you can use google groups, or ning.com or dozens of other free sites.

Renee is a teacher in Alaska and took both my two online courses at http://lone-eagles.com/teachercreated.htm   In addition to the course lessons being online without restriction at this link, also listed (scroll down) are dozens of final web based projects my teachers created by demonstration their own abilities to learn-by-doing and taking initiative.

EXPLORE:  Take a half hour or more and see what you can find relevant to your needs in the links below.

A web site for at-risk youth who left school.

A youth mentoring program site

A web site for youth on online safety

National Dropout Prevention Center

EXPLORE:  Watch for resources on dealing with difficult people
                      and harassment and stress in the workplace.

Sometimes you will run into other employees who do not work well with others. This can cause you great stress and how you deal with stress is another important issue. Find one or more great links on dealing with difficult people, harassment and stress in the workplace and share what you found in a New Post in the Google Groups discussion area or to the Academy listserv

Anchorage School District Resources for employability:  
Twelve online lessons on employability skills.

Alaskan Employers Expect poster: 

Alaska Dept of Ed Career and Technology
Many great resources on employability skills and more.

Alaska Career Ready:  Ensuring Foundational Skills for Alaska’s Workforce
Another great site with extensive resources to explore.

John Stilger, a teacher in Wainright, AK posted the following rich listing of Voc-ed and related career sites

For the Lower Koskokwim School District this long list of Alaskan and National career resources

Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Career Guide through Alaska Youth First aids in career exploration using Alaska Career Information System. (AKCIS); develops career plans and registrations ...http://labor.state.ak.us/awib/2008-may-mtg-binder/DOLWD-TPO.pdf


VIEW  If you want to see videos on where the Internet is headed, see http://ted.com
This TED  site alone is a model for what's possible having short videos with leading visions easily accessible to help guide us all forward.

VIEW  Kevin Kelly’s  (19 minutes) on the next 5000 days of the web: http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/kevin_kelly_on_the_next_5_000_days_of_the_web.html   Totally mind boggling.


Share your thoughts on the themes, links, and readings in this lesson either by posting a NEW POST in our Google Groups Discussion or by sending an email to everyone via our academy listserv email address:  loneeagleacademy-L@netpals.lsoft.com

Did this lesson work for you? Was it too much? Not enough?
What was of greatest interest? What would you like to see more of?


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Advanced Skillbuilder: