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 Resources for Belgrade Lone Eagle Presentation Sept. 21st 2005


Dillon’s E-business Directory



Local e-mall http://trailwood.com


You can listen to the hour long statewide radio interview anytime for the next seven days at http://northernbroadcasting.com "berg in the morning" "Making the Living You Want, Living Wherever You Want"  Sept. 15th 9am, parts 1 and 2  Or you can download it and share it.


"The Ebay Effect: Worldwide Obsession" A recent one and a half-hour CNBC documentory on ebay features the fastest growing company in U.S. history. If you get the chance to watch this show, do it, or purchase the video
from http://moneycentral.msn.com/Content/CNBCTV/TV_Info/email.asp You can
call 877-251-5685


Gifts made in the Adirondacks: http://www.adirondackcraft.com
Timothy P. Holmes - Holmes & Associates
 Specializing in Community Based Research and Online Business Solutions
 PO Box 295 Saranac Lake NY 12983        AOL-IM: AdkCraft
 518-891-6525 fax: 891-3139  mailto:holmes@adirondackcraft.com
   Entrepreneur Magazine Article:  http://www.entrepreneur.com/mag/article/0,1539,314776,00.html
   Case Study: http://www.webtrends.com/Customers/CaseStudies/HolmesAssociatesGivestheAdirondackEconomyaBoostwithWebTrendsReportingService.aspx
Forests, Communities & Craftsmanship:   http://www.adirondackwood.com
Bicycling Information for the region: http://www.bikeadirondacks.org
Project reports and summaries: http://www.adirondackresearch.com

Amazing article: The Power of US
 http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/05_25/b3938601.htm from  

The CTC VISTA Project - Update for Year 6: 2005 - 2006  
 Funding for Vista volunteers is available. Frank Odasz will serve as community networking coordinator. Lone Eagle Volunteerism Resources http://lone-eagles.com/ctcvista.htm


Lone Eagle Self-Employment Incubator

A postnuke content management system; installation $300, $25/month.
Details on KNET hosting services and innovations at http://lone-eagles.com/indigenous_resources.htm
K-Net Case Studies and Project (Flash) Overview  http://smart.knet.ca/kuhkenah_flash.html


New Aboriginal Youth Content Management System with web-authoring and collaboration tools www.deadlyzone.org from the www.deadlymob.org CTC  Other collected Australian links at http://lone-eagles.com/aussielinks.htm


Donnie Morrison's Scottish Telework Project


Strengthening America's Communities Initiative
http://www.commerce.gov/SACI/index.htm Seeking how to help communities innovate.


Free Ecommerce web sites www.tripod.com Select Site Builder and the free web site options.

Ron Doore selling alfalfa as bunny food via a site built at tripod.com
Includes information on his affiliate programs and drop ship partners.

Lone Eagle lesson on Ebay and Ebay Drop Off Centers http://lone-eagles.com/auctions.htm


Lone Eagle Paper Advising Industry Canada on National Strategy for Sustainable CAP(CTC's) Sites


New Heroes  - PBS documentary on social entrepreneurship  www.pbs.org


“Sustainable Ecommerce Education Development Strategies”
http://lone-eagles.com/seeds.htm A community action plan which doesn’t require outside funding.

In Malta, MT http://spaghettiwesternreplicas.com brings in over $10,000/month.


9600 Bed and Breakfasts in Canada


Montana Ecommerce Sites http://lone-eagles.com/montana-successes.htm  

Organic and Gourmet Foods Coop

http://inlandNWfarmersmarket.com from Malcom Dell of www.giftmarketing.org


Community Technology Review www.comtechreview.org


Lone Eagle’s Lesson on Online Auctions http://lone-eagles.com/auctions.htm


Visit Montana  http://visitmt.com


For More:

Montana Ecommerce Success Stories

Please send urls to the successes YOU know about to
Frank Odasz frank@lone-eagles.com