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Community Wireless and Satellite Internet Resources



Lone Eagle’s Best Community Networking Resources and Articles


The Best Lone Eagle Resource Listings http://lone-eagles.com/future-proofing.htm
Includes curriculum from the "Montana Choice" ecommerce and telework demonstration project for the U.S. Department of Labor - a project of the Montana Job Training Partnership http://www.mjtp.org

Lone Eagle’s Internet Training Guides (Also available as formatted WORD files for printing)

1. Two online graduate courses for educators on Internet for education are at http://lone-eagles.com/teachercreated.htm   There are two versions of a K12 web resources handbook in print and online which I've created for these courses. The first is "Common Ground - A Cross-cultural Self-Directed Internet Guide" at http://lone-eagles.com/guide.htm and the second version is "Echoes in the Electronic Wind - A Native American Cross-cultural Internet Guide".... a Native American version with an additional 22 pages of web-based Native innovation examples  at http://lone-eagles.com/nativeguide.htm 

2. Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies - http://lone-eagles.com/eguide.htm
A 200 page rural leadership manual complete with online lessons for basic Internet skills and ten lessons on what's working for others like you regarding rural ecommerce and telework. This manual is 3 years old and includes extensive resources related to online learning, community networking, grant-writing, community grant templates and more. We've since shortened the ten lessons and retitled the course "A Beginner's Guide to Profiting from the Internet" and separated these overview lessons from the hands-on skills lessons. The "Beginner's Guide" is at http://lone-eagles.com/ecom.htm and the "Essential Ecommerce Internet Skills" lessons are at http://lone-eagles.com/essential-skills.htm


3. Five years ago the "Good Neighbor's Guide to Community Networking" http://lone-eagles.com/cnguide.htm was written for a 1.5 billion Texas Community networking project. The first two short chapters in this guide are good at setting the context in story form. The rest needs updating but is still valid. An International Community Networking Clearinghouse was updated in 2004 at


Grantwriting Tips and Funding Sources

http://lone-eagles.com/asdnl8.htm A lesson on grantwriting from the Lone Eagle graduate course for educators.


Online Mentoring Models
http://lone-eagles.com/mentoring-mission.htm Contains links to extensive resources.


Lone Eagle Self-Employment Incubator

A postnuke content management system; installation $300, $25/month.
Details on KNET hosting services and innovations at http://lone-eagles.com/indigenous_resources.htm
K-Net Case Studies and Project (Flash) Overview  http://smart.knet.ca/kuhkenah_flash.html


New Aboriginal Youth Content Management System with web-authoring and collaboration tools
 www.deadlyzone.org from the www.deadlymob.org CTC  Other collected Australian links at http://lone-eagles.com/aussielinks.htm


Donnie Morrison's Scottish Telework Project


Strengthening America's Communities Initiative
http://www.commerce.gov/SACI/index.htm Seeking how to help communities innovate.


Free Ecommerce web sites www.tripod.com Select Site Builder and the free web site options.

Ron Doore selling alfalfa as bunny food via a site built at tripod.com
Includes information on his affiliate programs and drop ship partners.

Lone Eagle lesson on Ebay and Ebay Drop Off Centers http://lone-eagles.com/auctions.htm


Lone Eagle Paper Advising Industry Canada on National Strategy for Sustainable CAP(CTC's) Sites


NEW Dec. 2006 VISTA Newsletter

The CTC VISTA Project (http://www.ctcvista.org) invites you to check out our newest edition of the Project newsletter, the Digest ( http://www.ctcvista.org/digest/fall06/). The Digest's goal is to highlight the work of the CTC VISTAs, as well as the accomplishments of our participating organizations, and to explore new trends in the use of new digital media and technology in community-based non-profit endeavors. 

This fall edition include updates from the Project HQ, experts from the CTC VISTA blogs past & present, and feature articles including:

The CTC VISTA Project is now accepting applications for our January round of placements.  To begin the application process, simply submit an intent to apply ( http://www.ctcvista.org/application) - see the Project guidelines ( http://www.ctcvista.org/guidelines) for additional information.