Rural Community Development Web Tour

The Story of the Impact of Internet on Dillon, MT:

SJ Mercury News front page article on impact of Internet in Dillon, Montana
Dillon-net   Read their story at

Exceptional Sites and Resources

Entrepreneurship Web Tou
Ebay Online Auctions
Youth Entrepreneurship     
Ebiz for Teens   
A 14 year old from Jamaica won a Thinkquest award for this site!!

Government, Corporate, and Foundation Ecommerce Resources

Lone Eagle Grantwriting Tips and Sources
A simple introduction to writing grant proposals
Federal Ecommerce Resources
Cisco/SBA Ecommerce Courses
Transitioning from Welfare to the Workforce
Washington Telework Tools
Kellogg's MIRA project 1998-2000
Taos MIRA project nine team projects
AOL Rural Innovation Awards
Youth World Trade Training   Sponsored by the Reis Foundation  Youth entrepreneurship focus
Adult and Youth Entrepreneurship Training Resources 
The Kauffman Foundation has a billion dollar endowment for funding youth and entrepreneurship programs. To review their free training resources, select Entrepreneurship, then Entrepreneurship resources! Also hosting , listing extensive resources for entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs Foundation
Enterprise Foundation
Roberts Foundation
Social Venture Partners
Silicon Valley Community Ventures
Community Development Financial Institution Fund
Brainerd Foundation

Regional Community Networks and Virtual Incubators:

Idaho Virtual Incubator
Louisville virtual incubator
Oregon Innovation  
Central Oregon Regional Community Network
Wisconsin virtual incubator
Missouri Association of Community Information Networks (37)
NCKCN's new site  (North Central Kansas Regional Community Network)

Women's Entrepreneurial Networks

Women's Rural Economic Network
Collectively Making the Ordinary Extraordinary
Women's Economic Self-sufficiency Team (WESST) Artisans, Taos, NM
The Women's Business Center at Coastal Enterprises, Inc.     Betsy Tipper
Helping Maine women grow their businesses through telecommunications.

Best Practices Sources: Community Associations, Guides, and Networks

Association for Community Networking
Good Neighbor's Guide to Community Networking
Community Networking Guides Directory
New Free Community Networking Guide from Blackburg Electronic Village
Order a free copy online.

Davis Community Network
Over 500 local businesses and organizations have web sites posted.
Includes text-based conferencing in a web-accessible format.

La Plaza Telecommunity
A rural tri-cultural community network which was the first to use a graphical interface.

A + Community Mentors
The simplest format for creating a community talent database and mentoring program.

Specific Web Business Models

Marysville, KS  Garden of Eden Gifts
Angus Bulls
Herbal Supplements
Brend wood gift services (specialty gift items) can be reached through

Recommended First Community Action Initiatives with 3 mini-courses