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 Making I. T. (Information Technology) Happen in Dillon, Montana;

                          By Frank Odasz,  frank@lone-eagles.com


Rural Broadband and Quality of Life; March 2017

Alaska Native Digital Empowerment:

Presented for NTIA in Missoula, Aug. 2017

Digitizing Metlakata 2012-2014
Alaska Native Pilot project

Chapter from "The Virtual Community" 1993

Chapter on History of Big Sky Telegraph  2003

Dillon Tribune article on Lone Eagle Consulting 2014

Montana Mainstreet Innovation Incubator
Local Action Plan for MT rural communities

Dillon's video application to Google to become a Gigacity:

Created by Scott Wade, now the Information Technology Director for the University of Montana/Western

Montana's Tech Jobs Summit Videos (17 top CEO's)
Hosted by Senator Baucus, now US Ambassador to China

Dillon's Historical Links; our history attempting to be intentionally innovative.

The following history of community technology projects might be of interest, perhaps as inspiration for the next chapter in Dillon's story of community technology innovations.

The Story of the Impact of Internet on Dillon, MT, 1988-2001:

The front page story of Silicon Valley's premier newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News, (October 31st, 2000) was on the impact of the Internet in Dillon, Montana, http://lone-eagles.com/dillonarticle.htm

The Dillon Web-Businesses Directory at http://lone-eagles.com/dillonbusdirectory.htm  lists which local businesses are online. If yours isn't listed, please give us the link!

The article heralded Dillon-net, (no longer online) as a model Community Technology Center.  The Dillon-net Community Technology Center closed its doors in 2001, after having been an awards finalist for the International Rural Innovation Bangemann Challenge 2000 competition held by the King of Sweden. Dillon-net was also an awards finalist two years in a row for the America Online Rural Innovations Competition. Perhaps Dillon is ready to take the next step in demonstrating how the collective will of a community can create a model community center for realizing the potential of the Internet?

NOTE: Read more about Dillon's Internet innovations in this chapter from "The Good Neighbor's Guide to Community Networking" at http://lone-eagles.com/chap2.htm  and "Community Networking - Leveraging the Public Good Electronically"  http://lone-eagles.com/articles/networking.htm This guide was written on contract for the state of Texas and the guide's table of contents is at http://lone-eagles.com/cnguide.htm While this guide is seven years old, the following article and others listed  below are quite recent.

Rural Community Ecommerce Grant Templates

Community Networking Best Practices and Global Citizenship:
A Knowledge Management Trend Report

From 1988-1998, the Big Sky Telegraph Network was a national model, based at Dillon's University of Montana, Western campus.  The Big Sky Telegraph Network was created to engage teachers in determining how the online medium could help them share curriculum resources and generally determine how good people can learn to support one another, online. During this same ten year period, the community networking movement rose, and fell, while technologies changed and experimental community-building applications of the online medium were conducted nationally.

When the Big Sky Telegraph project was created, few people accepted getting online was something important to learn. The Dillon-net project created a local community gathering place where young and old could have access to their first hands-on Internet experiences, and could learn from each other about the benefits. Both projects have prepared Dillon for what might be considered the next chapter for how a community can learn about the self-empowerment potential of online learning and collaboration.

Resources in Support of Our Writing the Next Chapter in Dillon's Self-empowerment Story

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