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Examples of Digital Storytelling Methods for Elders:

Right Click on each link and select “Open in New Window” and
then return to this webtour page and do the same on the next link.
Amazing new tools for digital storytelling are evolving quickly, becoming easier and more powerful and sharable.
Digital storytelling can be as simple as narrating a series of digital photographs of photos in family print photo albums,
resulting in preserving an elder’s knowledge of family, community, and/or cultural histories for all future generations.
You can use Powerpoint or Apple’s Keynote or Garage Band (see “expanded podcast” tutorial.)

Sonic is an app that allows anyone to narrate a photo before sharing it.

Storehouse is a new app for creating sharable slideshows with text-only descriptions.

Many new digital storytelling apps are available, dozens literally; search the app store.
Here are just a few examples

1.     Jackie Isaac’s Memorial blog celebrating his grandparents; http://ingallakqerrataq.blogspot.com/
        Jackie used to have his grandparents fiddle music posted on this page. How cool is THAT?!
        More collected Alaska Stories and web-based celebrations of culture:
http://lone-eagles.com/Alaskan-Stories.htm   *Dated, and needs updating.

2.     First Nation’s webraising; 30 seconds
Learn more: http://lone-eagles.com/web-raising.htm

3.     Sample narrated photos “Elder’s Yukon Stories” created with Explaineverything.com app,
         and directly uploaded to the youtube channel:  http://youtube.com/fodasz
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNkYHnONKHs&feature=share&list=UUbNItcwaxU_q3w-GlPPzI6w  4 minutes

4.     At flipalbum.com is software to create CD’s with narrated photos and 150 narrated photos were recorded
         and distributed on CD’s at the Youth and Elders conference in Koyukuk, AK in 2006  (5 minutes)

5.     Examples of Ebooks created quickly with Book Creator for an elder, Dennis Dunn, and one for a 5 year old, Jeannie Lindsey's daughter.
        Here is a 3 minute quick look at my Ibooks folder, and this screencast video took only 3 minutes to make.

          6.     Here is a short look at what Ibook Author Ebooks can include:
        Broadband Manual- Ibook Author Example –
         http://www.screencast.com/t/xj1JpRbdktP  A 4 minute walk-through video.

          7.     Metlakatla Elder Janet Guthrie's Interview “Potlatch is coming back” 17 minutes


AISD Current Innovations:

Metlakatla Videos from the Digitizing Alaska Project:

Frank's Youtube Channel has all Metlakatla videos and more,

Short Videos Showing Cool Tools You Can Learn Too!

The Current AISD Innovations Incubator Open Invitation:

My Silver Tsunami article and pages of links for seniors:

Brain-training activities for Elders:

A new site for Seniors:
created by http://oats.org (Older Adults Training Services)
OATS runs 60 senior computer training centers in New York City,
and is now planning a rural upstate NY project to get iPads in the hands
of 1000 seniors along with fast Internet access.

Opportunities for Innovation for Digital Youth Supporting Cultural Communities

Above are a few links I suggest you first view, then show to your 5th grade or older students. Then, we can all talk about what looks most interesting.
You can see half a dozen different examples in under 20 minutes. Only the Janet Guthrie video is long; 17 minutes, but she relates growing up
during a time when Tsimshian culture was suppressed, and that now….”Potlatch is coming back.”  Other similar local interviews are available.

Your students can easily create public websites to share links for public safety, health, and/or new ways of expressing and preserving Native culture.
If necessary, we could have local elders, or local health and public safety professionals ask your 5th graders for their help creating local websites
to share the best links your students are able to scout out on their own. New Iphone and Ipad apps allow creation of easy free websites, including
ecommerce sites; http://weebly.com  example: http://art-ecommerce.weebly.com   and classroom sites http://education.weebly.com

I’d like very much to teach your students how to be Cyberscouts, to discover innovations from other villages to share locally, to literally
fuel the home fires of local innovation.   Easy searching methods can produce amazing results in seconds.

I’ve created long lists of Alaska Native digital innovations, which can be explored, and improved, such as
I suggest you ask your students to explore this list, and cutnpaste what they like to a separate page.

Let’s talk about your interests:

Frank Odasz, Email: frank@lone-eagles.com PH: 406 925 2519