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Storytelling Workshop Final Planning
Share this webtour link with your students:


  To Learn More: Frank@lone-eagles.com

1. Here's the Announcement: Please first read this context-setting blog post carefully:

The First Ojibwe Digital Generation:
Reframing the Rural Broadband Vision Based on Native Values


This Storytelling page has everyone YOU need to replicate the entire workshop and outcomes, to be shared without restriction.

The first press release from www.dailyyonder.com  This  Daily yonder article includes a photo of some of the 25 Native youth who participated in my digital storytelling workshop;  http://www.dailyyonder.com/taking-broadband-border-to-border/2015/11/19/9864/

The Blandin Foundation Annual Broadband Conference is the most innovative rural broadband community adoption event in the United States!
All Blandin Conference videos and ppts:

2. New Cultural Websites and Ebooks
      created by 25 Native American youth in an afternoon;

SEE all new student created websites using laptops or iPads; count how many?

See also the five Book Creator Ebooks created by students, below.

Ojibwe Youth Attendees
We were pleased to see youth share their experience and learning from Wednesday’s Digital Storytelling Workshop.
Moderated by Frank Odasz, Lone Eagle Consulting
•    Fond du Lac Ojibwe School:
     Jacob Ammesmaki, Mary Ammesmaki, Dakota Barney, Brea Hoagland, Michael Sayers, Quintana White
•    Leech Lake Boys and Girls Club:
     Steven Bruce, Alivia Christopherson, Amber Headbird, Keith Howard, Dedrick LaDuke, Dacia Staples, Ramona White, Donavin Wittner
•    Nay-Ah-Shing High School, sponsoring an afterschool organization through the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe’s Education department,
      we serve area youth K-12th grade in 8 area schools near our 4 reservation districts. Four community centers with wifi ready for pilot projects!
      Raeanna Sam, Chase Sam, Jarvis Sam, Adam Herrigan
•    Onamia School:
      Deilyah Dexter, KC Merrill, Aiyanna Mitchell, Bella Nayquonabe, Megan Saboo, Madison Sam

Special Thanks for the Adult Leaders Who Made This Workshop Possible:

Charles Hilliard from the Fond du Lac Reservation School
Claire Tsuji from the Leech Lake Boys and Girls Club, young adult helpers; Lideah Isham and Edward Lyons
Christina Clitso-Nayquonabe from the Onamia K12 School
Byron Ninham from the
Nay-Ah-Shing High School

Sample Free Website Created by two 10 year old girls
one of many exceptionally creative websites created at the workshop, see them all at
the digitalstorytellingworkshop link above. NOTE: We're still adding new sites to it as students created
additional sites after 9pm the day of the workshop, and the impressed 150 conference attendees
in their presentation the next morning! There were also videos and photos taken of the workshop
that we're sharing via dropbox (via the cloud) which will be added too.

See the video of the team Byron brought.

Bookcreator1  - Created with the $5 Book Creator app for iPads

- Created with the $5 Book Creator app for iPads



Bookcreator 5

Digital Storytelling Show and Tell: 2015 #MNBroadband Conference

Youth and Community Engagement – Use of Video and Storytelling: 2015 #MNBroadband Conference

We were all treated to a personal first experience with Virtual Reality:

The virtual reality new tools
Video: One minute with Chuck Olsen showing the tools to students during our workshop!!

Thanks to Chuck Olsen,  Inspiring shared virtual experiences, a Minnesota Entrepreneur

email: chuck@visualvr.co  Check out his website: http://Visualvr.co

Chuck is interested in considering ways to work with the kids at the workshop
and sent these videos below to enjoy!! 

While the videos play, use the up/down, left/right arrows in the circle on the screen to look all around,
from the top of a ferris wheel, no less!  Look at the ground or the clouds, spin around 360 degrees!

I've never seen this before, too cool!!!

Minnesota in 360

Two minutes only.

A live band, spin around while you are in the middle of the band.

Four minutes only.

Here is the 42 minute presentation to the youth, both the big vision, and a few key demos is now sharable; though this link is unlisted for the moment.
Digital Storytelling Workshop Intro


NOTE: The following short tutorial videos were sent to all workshop participants to explore prior to the workshop.

Of major importance is students can now create such tutorials for peers in all Boys and Girls clubs, and schools,
as a peer-to-peer innovation.

What to bring, and apps to install and explore, if time permits.


We’ll have many different devices, Mac and Windows laptops, iPads, iPhones, and more and the apps to install by device are below;


IF POSSIBLE; please encourage your advanced students to learn these apps prior to the workshop,
so they can assist others in learning to use them. Each is super easy to learn, requiring minutes only, not hours.


Apps to install which are compatible with all devices, Mac and Windows laptops, iPads, iPhones; maybe android phones and tablets, too?


1. Dropbox.com  

Do you and your students use dropbox?  Free cloud storage and strongly recommended! Install the free app.


2. The Google Earth app  http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html


3. Quicktime can also be used to create video captures for Mac and Windows as .mov files 


4.  www.join.me   The app installs very quickly.



Apps for ONLY Apple iPads, iPhones, and maybe Android OS mobile devices;


1. Sonicpic: THE easiest digital storytelling app
Sonicpics at the itunes app store for $1.99;


See the Sonicpics home website and explore.


2. Book Creator is both available in a Free version, Super easy and versatile.


One serious limitation is you can only create ONE ebook with the free version.

Learn more on Features: http://www.redjumper.net/bookcreator/education/

Strongly recommended is the  $4.99 version Book Creator .


Examples of Ebooks created quickly with Book Creator

Here is a 3 minute quick look at my iBooks folder, and this screencast video took only 3 minutes to make.


3. The weebly.com mobile app allows free website creation via iPad or iPhone.


Learn More about weebly; http://education.weebly.com  


4. Optional:  www.explaineverything.com  App. recommended for the Mac and Windows laptops and iPads. I believe it is Android compatible.
Though it costs $3.99 I’ll pay for it for installing on all iPads if the money is a problem. 


Advanced programs I’ll demonstrate:


For Mac and Windows PC’s

Swipe your digital tablet or phone and your screen appears on your PC, so you can easily create video tutorials for phone and tablet apps, and project up on the big screen.
Too Cool!


Reflector 2


Mac or Windows, allows mirroring from iPad and iPhone with airplay AND recording “how-to” narrated video tutorials. $14 and 7 day free trial.

Student version streamlines working via school networks.


Video app for Coaches:
The Coaches’ Eye

https://www.techsmith.com/coachs-eye.html   Short video, the app costs $4.99 There might be a free trial offer?


Jing Video Capture app (also called screencasting)
Creating video tutorials easily using free online tools

Watch the one minute video for Jing at


Creates Flash files only, but Snagit creates mpg4 files, 30 day free trial.

Works on PCs and Macs.

Before using Jing, give yourself a free account at www.screencast.com

so you can upload with a click and have the URL appear in your clipboard.


Mac computers only: Optional

iBook Author – free app for creating fancy iBooks



Introduction to Apple’s Ibook Author Example – Broadband Strategies Manual

http://www.screencast.com/t/xj1JpRbdktP  A 4 minute walk-through video.

iBook Author is free at the Apple app store for Mac computers only.

Recommended is the Apple iBook app for storing your iBooks as a separate app.


Download a free copy of this example iBook: Apple device compatible only.

The Broadband Strategies Manual Ibook for Ipads is at the AASB/CDL website
that includes the project description, photos, and additional videos.... 
Click on the link at http://cdl.aasb.org/itunes-u/  to get to the CDL Itunes resources, and
download the Broadband Strategies Manual and project guide.
You'll need to download the Itunes app.


The Digitizing Alaska project and Alaska Native Innovations Incubator were both

funded by the Alaska State Broadband Task Force. See their formal final

broadband report at www.connectak.org and yet more is at



Pre-conference recommended activities for your students;

Optional but strongly recommended.


1. Please ask your students to bring culturally related photos for creating digital stories, at least 20 photos, and some videos too. Print photos are OK, too.


2. Have them complete the short info-diet survey at http://lone-eagles.com/academy-info-diet.htm  to self-assess how they spend their time and to assess their self-confidence as self-directed learners in a digital world. Students average 9 hours a day in front of screens, 1 ½ hours per day with social media. Have them email their survey to you.


3. Please set your students on a scouting party; if possible please ask them to review the following and report to you what they think;


18 minutes of videos, only(!);


If time is short, this 8 minute video really is something they need to see before the workshop;


The Alaska Native Tradition of Creative Adaptation

More videos at http://lone-eagles.com/digitizing-metlakatla.htm and http://youtube.com/fodasz


The following short tutorials show how to use the apps for quick digital content creation.
More videos are at: http://lone-eagles.com/what-you-can-do-too.htm


Examples of Ebooks created quickly with Book Creator

Here is a 3 minute quick look at my iBooks folder, and this screencast video took only 3 minutes to make. 

You might install the free iBooks app on all your devices.


Introduction to First Nation’s web-raising events; 30 seconds


Learn more: http://lone-eagles.com/web-raising.htm 


Introduction to Web-Raisings and Art Ecommerce

Click for a 3 minute video walk-through



Weebly App for Ipad; 30 second video; quick free websites


Note many great weebly tutorials on the right sidebar!

More videos at weebly.com


How to create a free personal website in four minutes

http://www.screencast.com/t/w4fiVCX7xel   (How-to Video)

My quick weebly walk-through video.


 Do you know that anyone can use free tools to quickly (instantly) create a “How-To” video? Anyone can become a citizen video professor within 5 minutes.


Creating video tutorials easily using free online tools

Watch the one minute video for Jing at


Creates Flash files only, but Snagit creates mpg4 files, 30 day free trial.

Works on PCs and Macs.





Native Elders Digital Stories:
http://lone-eagles.com/elders-stories.htm for examples using several different digital storytelling apps.


How to create a local youth-driven innovations incubator (Video: 5 minutes)


All incubator content is at http://lone-eagles.com/incubator.htm 

Last year, I was able to enjoy an 11 month continuation of the Digitizing Alaska project, by creating a model for all Alaska Native villages “The Alaska Native Innovations Incubator.”   All incubator content is at http://lone-eagles.com/incubator.htm starting with the original proposal, noting the best part on page two didn’t get funded, but your kids in Minnesota might want to do something similar for their communities, and I’d like to help with that. Funding isn’t needed, just enthusiasm. 


Introduction to Entry-Level Digital Entrepreneurship 

Click for a 3 minute video walk-through:



Introduction to Monetizing, Emarketing, and Epublishing Entrepreneurship

http://www.screencast.com/t/4mLxDmzysM   Video: Six minutes

FUNDING!!  K12 Crowdfunding has never been easier. READ THIS ARTICLE: http://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/teachers-give-crowdfunding-essential-school-supplies-n195661
Now, teachers across America are logging on to join DonorsChoose.org and other sites, such as GoFundMe, Indiegogo, AdoptAClassroom and GradSavers.

Native youth grant templates free to all; http://lone-eagles.com/rural-grant-templates.htm  An online lesson in grantwriting http://lone-eagles.com/asdnl8.htm

All online courses and training guides from Lone Eagle Consulting, to be shared without restriction;


Strictly for FUN:


Here’s a fun video on how I presented for the 5th grade Code Club in Alaska via robotic iPad.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WaEw-ruwLs      One minute only. 

I drove the robotic iPad in Alaska from my iPad in Montana, and chased the girls around the elem. school lunch room.  


Learn more at www.doublerobotics.com


MORE fun storytelling apps; create comics and more:

StoryKeepers - iPad StoryTelling APPS


Digital Story Cook Book
from www.storycenter.org


See how Google and Facebook plan to bring 4 billion young people online from all over the world by 2020
using balloons and solar-powered drones. SERIOUSLY?!


Airbus Zepher solar powered drone microsatellites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwfbEMe5a4I


Google loon balloons 


Google drone delivery of products and disaster supplies


Top ten drones, and wiki with details;


World’s biggest drone company, located in China.


 Questions?  Email Frank Odasz at lone-eagles.com Use the @ instead of "at"

4. AND here's the final evaluation

Digital Storytelling Workshop Final Evaluation Q/A with all participants:

Moderated by Becky LaPlant, Blandinfoundation.org

The Questions:

What’s one thing you’ll remember about today?
What excited you about what we did?
What do you wish we would have covered that we didn’t?
How will you use this new learning at home?
End by asking them to give a word or phrase about your experience here today.

The Responses:
Claire (Adult) her youth were exposed to what she learned in college, far earlier than she was exposed.

The importance of these skills to kids, understanding the medium
Byron (adult) our tribe spend $20,000 on a digital storytelling workshop that produced no ongoing benefits.

Tracy (adult); Liked seeing kids so engrossed in creating, how easiy it is to create a website, and how creative kids can be.

Chris (adult) liked lives of kids jhelping one another. Her 6th graders received help form HS kids and other older ones.
Seeing younger kids learn from older ones….

How cool Virtual Reality Googles are (most popular favorite aspect of workshop, all kids got the opportunity.

Learning new things
Realizing how fast tech is advancing

Dakota: food was good

Chuck(adult) how easy it is to make an Ebook
How easy it is to create a website.
Understanding how simplicity can be effective in motivating learning

Dakota Barney; How little bits of tech can bring so many people together to build a brighter future.

Jacob will remember everything
What will you do when you get home?

Claire, Create a new Net Smartz Program

Chuck; Create a new elem. Native lang program to use book creator app where little ones can record their own voices

Fundraising: Major interest in how to add "the Donate button"  on student websites to raise funds for a trip.

  To Learn More: Frank Odasz, President Lone Eagle Consulting
                               Email:  Frank@lone-eagles.com
                               Cell: 406 925 2519