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Lone Eagle Broadband Entrepreneurship and Social Media Training

Teaching Independence, Imagination, Innovation

Online at http://lone-eagles.com/expertise.htm

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Master Online Trainer, Frank Odasz, has been teaching online since 1988 and is well known as one of the early pioneers of online learning, and rural community networking. With 25 years experience as an online “Teacher of Teachers,” Frank Odasz, is an internationally recognized expert on broadband empowerment.

Frank Odasz, President of Lone Eagle Consulting
2200 Rebich Lane, Dillon, MT 59725, Office Phone/Fax: 406-683-6270

Resources and Expertise to Share based on 25 years experience with rural, remote, and Indigenous Internet Learners. Grant templates, online courses, articles, all unrestricted.  My goal is to be part of the creation of individual and community success stories.  Much creative work building on the following is underway.

Broadband Training Best Practices, and "People-Ready" Ecommerce Training is Already Online

Cultural Community E-learning programs and Comprehensive Community Grant Templates
A specialty is designing fast-track community education programs designed to produce measurable outcomes. Extensive resources are online, to be shared without restriction, most pointedly the rural community grant templates. http://lone-eagles.com/rural-grant-templates.htm

The past ten years have focused on E-training for "Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies" and more recently, Social Media Entrepreneurship for At-Risk Youth.

Lone Eagle Consulting is an S corporation, and a Small Economically Disadvantaged Business. I’m based near Dillon, Montana which is an SBA Hubzone so I believe that makes me a small disadvantaged busiess (SDB) for BTOP grantwriting purposes.

Background Highlights: For the last 25+ years, as one of the early pioneers of both online learning and community networking, Mr. Odasz has presented at national and international conferences focused on online learning, community networking, indigenous broadband applications, and rural Ecommerce/Telework strategies.

He has presented for government sponsored rural broadband conferences in Mexico, Jamaica, Australia, Japan, and Canada.  Mr. Odasz has also worked with NTIA and the Asian Pacific Economic Council as an expert on Rural Broadband Training Best Practices and, in 2006, presented in Calgary on Indigenous Broadband Best Practices. 

In 2008 he presented to a multi-national gathering in Tokyo on “Global Rural Broadband Best Practices.”  The most recent publications are a whitepaper to NTIA/BTOP advising on NOFA guidelines, and a whitepaper on “Social Engineering” for the NTIA/APEC Tokyo conference on Rural Broadband Adoption. http://lone-eagles.com/social-engineering.htm

Mr. Odasz was listed as one of the one hundred most influential people in the microcomputer industry by Microtimes Magazine in 1990 and has been cited for excellence by the Whitehouse and four Congressional Technology Assessment Reports.  A prolific writer, googling “Frank Odasz” will produce decades of online innovations, resources, and published articles focused on rural ecommerce and telework strategies, E-learning and rural community networking.

Presentations documented at http://lone-eagles.com/new.htm  

Resume and additional biographies: http://lone-eagles.com/articles/frank.htm

Primary Past Projects:

Presented first Internet workshops for 11 YKSD Alaskan Native Villages, 1997-1998

University instructor for two graduate online courses for Alaska Pacific University

Founder and Director of the Big Sky Telegraph rural education network 1988-1998

Founder and Online Trainer for the “Reach for the Sky” teacher mentoring project, 1994-1997

Presenter for Kellogg Foundation’s "Managing Information in Rural America"

Presenter for the U.S. Dept. of Labor National Ecommerce Demonstration Project,
The Montana Choice project: http://lone-eagles.com/future-proofing.htm

Co-founded the International Indigenous Commission on [Broadband Best Practices] in partnership with the International Telecommunications Union with mandates from the UN, and WSIS Indigenous forums, 2007 in Antiqua, Guatemala, with NCAI president Joe Garcia. http://lone-eagles.com/guatemala.htm

Multiple USDA funded projects creating online Ecommerce curriculum for rural learners in partnership with Idaho State University’s College of Technology Workforce Training Office. (Many links below)

Academic Background:

B.A. Psychology, University of California, Davis

Master of Science Instructional Technology from University of Wyoming

Asst. Professor of Microcomputer Applications, University of Montana, Western

Adjunct (online) professor Alaska Pacific University, Seattle Pacific University


Lone Eagle Consulting’s Existing "People-Ready" Curriculum

Note: Extensive “People-Ready” curriculum has already been developed by Lone Eagle Consulting and is online and available without restriction. Since 1988, all Lone Eagle curriculum have focused on gathering and disseminating the best of the best web resources with the following online courses serving as a brokerage of the highest quality resources. Links not already listed below are available at http://lone-eagles.com/guides.htm   or by request.

Three credit graduate online courses for Educators offered by Alaska Pacific University and the Alaska Staff Development Network; “Making the Best Use of Internet For K12 Instruction,” "Social Media for Educators," and "21st Century Workforce Readiness"    http://lone-eagles.com/teachercreated.htm  

A Beginner’s Guide to Profiting from the Internet – Ten two-hour online lessons designed for Alaskan Natives (Originally funded by USDA) http://lone-eagles.com/ecom.htm  Alaskan Native version; http://lone-eagles.com/akecom.htm  

21st Century Learn, Earn, and Serve Academy
http://lone-eagles.com/workforce101.htm   – Piloted Spring 2009 and funded by Alaska Dept of Labor Youth First Initiative in partnership with KACN-TV (An 8 lesson short course intended for Alaskan Native High School dropouts and youth no longer in school using the latest in social media tools.)

Web 2.0 for K12 Classrooms, a three graduate credit online course for educators developed for New Mexico State University, Spring 2008. (Permission required from NMSU)

FCC Indians Web Site “Broadband Training Best Practices” hosted by Lone Eagle Consulting since September 2008. Extensive resources, see top link above for content details.


Existing Digital Literacy Training and Resource Guides
(Available in print and downloadable online)

Common Ground, A Cross-cultural Self-directed Learner’s Internet Guide
http://lone-eagles.com/guide.htm   141 pages, the resource handbook course listed above; suitable for all learners; “Making the Best Use of Internet For K12 Instruction,”

Echoes in the Electronic Wind; A Native American/Alaskan Native Cross-cultural Internet Guide http://lone-eagles.com/nativeguide.htm   166 pages Same as “Common Ground” with the addition of 22 pages of Native education links.

Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies http://lone-eagles.com/eguide.htm   220 pages A comprehensive guide for rural leaders.

Lone Eagle Online Resources (the motherlode) http://lone-eagles.com/future-proofing.htm  


An Alaskan Native Village Grant Model combining state-of-the-art Satellite Distance Learning Centers, integrated with community inclusion strategies and Superlative Training for All ARRA Objectives

Having co-authored the Alaskan Healthy Village Broadband Training Program for the 42 Alaskan Native villages of the Tanana Chiefs Conference with Fletcher Brown, I am familiar with the first round BTOP guidelines and process.

Alaskan Healthy Village Sustainable Broadband Program
Executive Summary http://lone-eagles.com/healthy-village-summary.htm

Healthy Village National Broadband Campaign

Googling is recommended to appreciate the volume and diversity of Lone Eagle resources already online. A favorite collection of rural community networking articles I’ve written is at http://lone-eagles.com/smart.htm  


If you are new to grantwriting, you may find these resources helpful:

Many Grantwriting tutorials and funding sources are at http://lone-eagles.com/granthelp.htm  with a lesson on grantwriting at http://lone-eagles.com/asdnl8.htm   

Lone Eagle's rural and Native community grant templates are at

You can subscribe to the searchable database of foundations for $19/month at www.foundationcenter.org   See also the Council on Foundations www.cof.org   The Chronicle of Philanthropy www.philanthropy.com   and The Center for Effective Philanthropy www.effectivephilanthropy.org   would also be sources to review.