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Building Learning Communities of Citizens and Educators
               Combining Caring and Connectivity with Common Sense...

      Lone Eagle Consulting provides uniquely effective Internet training for communities
      and educators - requiring the least time and effort, using the latest free web tools.
      Specializing in rural, remote, and indigenous learners, Lone Eagle Consulting represents
      over 25 years of experience innovating with online learning and community networking.


         Two "Fast-Track" mastery learning online courses for K-12 Educators
Start With ED 567E:
                                 Making the Best Use of Internet for K12 Instruction
           Alaska Pacific University Three Semester Credit Version
                                           A hands-on, self-directed format course focused on
                                           and resources for quickly integrating the best Internet resources
                                           into your existing curriculum! The Text for this course is the
                                           Common Ground Internet Guide, described below.
                                           Three Graduate Credits. $295 plus $25 materials

         OR       EDTE 5172:
                      Making the Best Use of Internet for K-12 Instruction

                             Seattle Pacific University Five Quarter Credit Version

Continue with:
                               ED 567F: Designing K-12 Internet Instruction
                               Alaska Pacific University Three Semester Credit Version
    A hands-on, self-directed format course focused on how to quickly
learn to create online K12 curriculum including hotlists, web-tours,
                                          lessonplans, project-based learning activities (Webquest, Cyberfair,
                                          Thinkquest) and complete online courses! Three Graduate Credits.
                                          $295 plus $25 materials


            You're welcome to review these alternative online course sources:
                        K-12 Courses http://lone-eagles.com/courses.htm
                               Professional Development Courses http://lone-eagles.com/self.htm

Online Non-credit Self-directed 'Fast-track' Courses for Citizens

 A Beginner's Guide to Profiting from the Internet
                           A shorter easier version of the online course "Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies"
                          designed for youth in particular.

 Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies
                          Over 200 pages of resources including a ten lesson online course on what's working
                          for others like you regarding rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies. Includes lessons
                          on the essential Internet skills required for Ecommerce, Telework and Self-directed Internet


21st Century Learn, Earn, and Serve Academy
http://lone-eagles.com/workforce101.htm   – Piloted Spring 2009 and funded by Alaska Dept of Labor Youth First Initiative in partnership with KACN-TV (An 8 lesson short course intended for Alaskan Native High School dropouts and youth no longer in school using the latest in social media tools.


Unique Train-the-Trainer's Internet Guides

             Common Ground:
             A Cross-Cultural Self-Directed Learner's Internet Guide

                    An instructional brokerage resource with emphasis on pointing to the best online
                    tutorials, and educational resources for self-directed learning and classroom teachers.
                    This is the text for the online course above "Making the Best Use of Internet for
                    K-12 Instruction." You can have this time-saving resource custom printed with YOUR DISTRICT
                    SCHOOL OR COMMUNITY’S NAME on the cover.

   Echoes in the Electronic Wind:
            A Native American Cross-cultural Internet Guide
           Same resources as Common Ground, (above)  with the addition of over 20 pages of
                    carefully reviewed Native American resources listed by topic.

Comprehensive Internet Workshops for Citizens and/or Educators     
For workshop and presentation titles and descriptions -
                         See http://lone-eagles.com/presentations.htm

                                A typical educator's workshop would run from 8:30am-3:30pm
                                for both beginning and intermediate Internet users, modeling
                                the latest in presentation technologies, covering;

- Painless Internet Integration for Existing Curricula

- How to Quickly Find the Best K12 Internet Resources

                          - Learning to Use Search Engines Effectively

              - Utilizing existing Project-Based Learning activities and    
                 creating your own, with emphasis on community

             - Creating K12 Online Curriculum using existing models,
                  templates, and online Web Tools

                          - Emphasis on "Train-the-Trainers" methods, activities, and resources!

Customized Internet Handbooks:  
A popular addition to the workshops has been distribution to attendees of my 146 page K12 Internet Guide "Common Ground - A Cross-cultural Self-directed Learner's Internet Guide "with YOUR DISTRICT OR SCHOOL'S NAME on the cover. This is also the textbook for the college credit online course "Making the Best Use of Internet for K-12 Instruction." Printed preview copies available on request at no charge to you.
Preview the online version at http://lone-eagles.com/guide.htm

       * 1-50 handbooks: $10 each plus $2 shipping, without customized cover
                                               $15 each plus $2 shipping with customized cover

        * 50 + handbooks without customized cover; $9 each plus $2 shipping
        * 50 + handbooks with customized cover; $12 each plus $2 shipping

                  The following rates are negotiable depending on the number
                of days per contract, and other special circumstances:

Conference Presentations and Workshops : $1500/day

Travel Days : $500 per day spent traveling to/from an event

Work not requiring travel : $500/day

Important: All travel expenses will be in addition to the daily rates.


Frank Odasz
Lone Eagle Consulting
2200 Rebich Lane
Dillon, Montana 59725
PH: 406-683-6270
Email frank@lone-eagles.com
Web: http://lone-eagles.com


Frank Odasz, originally from Cody, WY,   averages over 50,000 air-miles/year presenting state-of-the-art workshops for educators. Frank served as a teacher educator for 13 years at Western Montana College of the University of Montana, in Dillon, MT.  From 1988 to 1998, he  was director of the well-known Big Sky Telegraph network, providing online courses to rural teachers . All Frank’s resources, courses, articles,  services, and his resume are accessible at http://lone-eagles.com

Academic Resume and Biography: http://lone-eagles.com/articles/frank.htm

Lone Eagle Consulting K12 Services

After 13 years as an asst. professor at Western Montana College
of the University of Montana, a rural teachers’ college, averaging
50,000 miles per year presenting at professional conferences nationally,
I feel I have developed a unique knowledge-base.

I recommend you consider a one day "Making the Best Use of Internet
for K12 Instruction" workshop, followed by the two online classes,
with myself on retainer for 6-12 months interacting with your staff via
web conferencing as mentor and resource person, to create a sustainable
peer resource support network for your district.

K12 Internet Workshops:
          -  Beginning Internet
          -  Integrating Internet into the Curriculum
          -  Designing Online Instruction
          -  School and Community Networking Synergies
          -  Cultural Self-empowerment Using Internet

Workshops can be supplemented with a Customized
     K12 Internet Guide Handbook:

          - Cover with your school district's name;
                   "Your District’s K12 Internet Guide"
          - Printed Preview Copies Available on Request

Internet Resource Brokerage:
 -  Start your staff with the best of the best resources
              worldwide and the time-saving strategies training
              how on to build upon curriculum that is already
              available on the Internet.
                  (Retainer arrangement recommended to work
                   directly with your resource personnel in an
                   ongoing capacity; online.)

School Technology Planning:
   -  Technical Design of school network and/or
              distance learning collaboration :
         - Web conferencing
         - Online Instruction
         - Facilitation of Discussions;
                      Collaborative skill-building
                       Building sustainable learning communities
         - Progressive Internet Curriculum Integration
            without trauma!

Having won 1.4 million in grants and reviewed
               grants for private foundations and federal
               organizations, as well as helped dozens of
               projects get funded, perhaps I can assist your
               funding needs?!


Lone Eagle Consulting - Community-Building Services:

As director of the Big Sky Telegraph Network from 1988-1998, I learned a great deal about "building online learning communities" both by offering online courses to teachers, and also by providing free online interaction opportunities to citizens. I’ve been involved with community networking for over 10 years and have proven to be a successful grantwriter and have authored many articles on community networking and online learning. Here are a few services I can offer:

              Community Networking Conference Keynotes and Workshop Presentations
                     on Internet applications for rural Ecommerce and community development.
                     See recent presentations listed at  http://lone-eagles.com/new.htm and the full listing of presentation
                     options at http://lone-eagles.com/presentations

                  On-site community networking workshops:
                             - Sharing the vision community-wide
                             - Engaging Citizens; one at a time
                             - Providing ongoing online self-instruction opportunities
                             - Facilitating citizen sharing to "Build a Learning Community"

       Instructional Brokerage; Youth and Entrepreneurship
     - Building a local resource base using the best
                     resources worldwide.
                   - Entrepreneurship modeling and training
                   - Youth-driven Instructional Entrepreneurship Programs

       Technical Design of community networking
       collaborative features:
                    - Web conferencing
                    - Online Instruction
                    - Discussion facilitation    

        Internet Entrepreneurship and Self-directed Learning:
- How to become a "Lone Eagle"
                     - Community Economic Development; Internet-based
                     - Building community organizational capacity
                     - Building Social Value by giving people the gift of their
                          full potential

                      - Storytelling; making the vision tangible for broad
                      - Articles for publication
                      - Articulating your vision and action plan

          Philanthropy and Foundation Counseling:
- Leveraging Dollars through Internet efficiencies
                       - Online Monitoring of Mini-grants community programs
                       - Reaching Rural, Remote and Indigenous populations
                       - Executive Overviews for Leadership Retreats
                           * Insights as to what works
                           * Leveraging National Publicity as a dissemination