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Lesson Five

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Advanced Skillbuilder:




 It is easy! Go to www.jingproject.com  Take the 2 minute tour. Download the software (Mac or PC) and experiment a bit.

You do not need a camera to create a screen capture, (also called a video capture) and you can upload your (five minute or less) video capture to www.screencast.com  Show us how to do something interesting via your computer screen and talk us through something exciting. You may need to check the Jing Audio Settings. Their HELP instructions are quite good.

See what other screencasts are at the screencast.com site. Note our wiki has a page of Screencast resources to explore.


OK, we are half-way through the 21st Century Academy. It is time to think what you will take away from the Academy....ideas, skills, motivation....

READ the following paragraphs and review the links which were shared with the American Indian Higher Education Consortium and many others:  http://lone-eagles.com/nativehearts.htm   and here is a grant proposal to Google  http://lone-eagles.com/googleproposal.htm (2 pages only)

Once broadband access is achieved, the goal for many telcos has been met,
but the challenge for citizens and businesspersons for finding the best education on how to turn that access into opportunity has just begun. Where to turn for the type of community education that is most needed and is focused on short term results is the opportunity for innovation it does not exist yet.

What specific education is needed to turn Broadband into jobs and opportunity? Short term immediate employment such as $11-$15/hr remote home agent jobs hosted by Oracle
www.contractxchange.org  Or gaining a web presence quickly for existing businesses? Or creating a new social media business on a shoestring www.thirtydaychallenge.com  Amid too many work-at-home scams can sites like www.startupnation.com be helpful or are they just confusing and confounding the need from informed simple solutions suitable to the needs of most folks?

A Peoples Open University model is already evolving based on peer content, just search youtube for tutorials on any topic. The Montana Mentors business model would be peer evaluated best of the best repackaged with a nominal fee to
1. Provide a painless marketing and business model for the best online skill transfer products, both self-directed, and mentored.
2. Provide a service for ongoing identification of the best of the best fun, social learning innovations focused on entertaining, motivating, guaranteed essential skills transfer with emphasis on least time, cost, energy to achieve the highest level of new capacity.
3. Trick My Tech themes focus on provision of affordable services to minimize unnecessary duplication of learning. For example, search engine optimization (SEO best practices) bundled with related social media innovations.

The clear trends for IBM innovation are that with smarter services, the process, cost and timeline for getting an existing business on the web and for creating new businesses, can be scaled at lower cost, including creating totally new business models. Think - Social Corporation.

And many new start-ups are addressing how best to provide these services. Studying the best models from the booming number of related global bottom up innovations, such as micromultinationals informs future innovation as an essential strategy.  Brokerage of Broadband Training Best Practices is the future.

A Tribal Leaders Leadership Guide is at http://lone-eagles.com/empowerment.htm

Native Youth Digital Indianpreneurship
Creating a Cultural Shift Toward Sustainable Sovereignty:

Tribal College Recommendations
for Innovative Community Education are at

For Individuals
seeking to understand Broadband Entrepreneurship:  I created a first online course for rural adults who have never taken an online course

"A Beginner's Guide to Profiting from the Internet."
http://lone-eagles.com/ecom.htm   Alaskan Native Version: http://lone-eagles.com/akecom.htm With copious online mentoring and encouragement it is intended as a primarily self-directed hands-on exploration of many of the best existing resources by category. It is five years old. An update would include short videos, podcasts, and screencast presentations of specific web resources. I've been learning a lot of the newer social media distance learning techniques and am eager to put them to good use.

Echoes in the Electronic Wind; A Cross-culture Guide to the Internet

For Communities in association with the USDOL Ecommerce demonstration project, a locally driven five step process was offered for Ecommerce awareness and adoption. 
http://lone-eagles.com/montana-choice-2005.htm    A short Smart Community Quiz with Model community websites is at http://lone-eagles.com/smart.htm

A 200 page rural leadership guide was also created and printed:
Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies:

For Statewide Awareness Raising:  A simple start to a statewide broadband awareness program was recently proposed to both Alaskan and Montanan leaders
http://lone-eagles.com/alaskan-innovations.htm  The core idea is to offer a free online course with three tracks - simple video overviews for adult leaders, classroom ready entrepreneurship curriculum for educators, and hands-on advanced self-directed lessons for youth.

Everyone both learner and teacher, consumer and producer, all the time.

Host a Web-Raising workshop where all attendees create free ecommerce web pages were created in under 45 minutes? Tutorial at
http://lone-eagles.com/tutorial.htm  Windows Live now offers free ecommerce web sites.  

Create cultural flipalbums with narrated digital photos of print photos from family scrapbooks, the tutorial at http://lone-eagles.com/flipalbumtutorial.htm   Very popular and fun to do.  More options are in my update link below, including my latest online graduate course for educators on social media basics.