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 Native Youth E-Entrepreneurship Resources


Native Youth E-Entrepreneurship Resources
http://lone-eagles.com/entrelinks2008.htm See also http://lone-eagles.com/entrelinks.htm

Native Youth Digital Indianpreneurship
Creating a Cultural Shift Toward Sustainable Sovereignty

Digital Pathways - Native American Online Learning conference handout


Fort Peck Community Ecommerce Incubator Grant

A Public/Private Partnership Model to Showcase Youths' Digital Skills
and Rural Community Web-based Innovations

A Fully Integrated Technology (FIT) Community Flyer from Canadian First Nations  

Canadian First Nation’s Innovations http://lone-eagles.com/indigenous_innovations.htm
See also

A letter to Gov. Schweitzer recommending creation of a rural ecommerce and telework support network for Montanans http://lone-eagles.com/support-montanans2.htm
And to Alaskan Governor Palin:

Good questions for Montana Regarding Rural Broadband Applications
http://lone-eagles.com/montana.htm   See also http://lone-eagles.com/ruralbroadband.htm

American Rural Teleworkers:  Great Employees, Lower Costs

Rural Ecommerce Grant Templates

In Support of Genuine Rural Broadband Applications….

Wyoming RC&D Rural Ecommerce and Telework Project
Presented Jan. 14th 2008 at the Western States RC&D Conference.

Electronic Warriors Ride the Fast Pony  http://lone-eagles.com/fastpony.htm


More Lone Eagle Resources:
http://lone-eagles.com/future-proofing.htm  and http://lone-eagles.com



National and International Initiatives
Focused on Broadband Training Best Practices


AIHEC and Lone Eagle Consulting Seek Partners for Broadband Training Best Practices Clearinghouse


The Montana Indian Business Alliance (MIBA www.mibaonline.org  )  held a Native Youth Entrepreneurship conference in January and below is my resources handout. There are many great related resources on the web which I'm busy collecting and plan to disseminate.  Since MIBA was formed 2 years ago, similar orgs have popped up in half a dozen states following this model. There is talk of a national meeting for these orgs.


The Indigenous Commission for Communications Technologies in the Americas
http://www.iccta-citca.org/ENG/home.html   This group was formed March 2007, and just had a major meeting with Canadian Govt. leaders and several multinationals.
Major interest in sponsorship was evident by all attendees.  This is an initiative to watch.


Global Rural ICT’s conference in Tokyo- Trip Report  (21 Nations)
The Lone Eagle “Social Engineering “
whitepaper on best practices:
Tokyo Conference Report Summary http://lone-eagles.com/tokyo-summary.htm


Native Ecommerce Successes

In Browning, Montana, Ron Ridesatthedoor sells alfalfa as bunny food www.sunroadsfarmory.com to supplement his farm income. He was elected commissioner of Glacier county and created his own wireless Internet business, too.

Web Raising Events:
After Lone Eagle train-the-trainers sessions in Wolfpoint, MT, Fall 2007, for the Fort Peck Community Ecommerce Incubator grant listed above, local trainers taught youth how to create their own free ecommerce pages complete with affiliate programs with Amazon.com and Walmart which return commissions of 10-17% for items purchased online. See "Rez Bread" at
http://snarf2000.tripod.com/  which has Walmart and Amazon products posted. We held Web-raisings where everyone creates a free ecommerce site in less than an hour. More Successes at http://lone-eagles.com/ecommerce-successes.htm     and  http://lone-eagles.com/montana-successes.htm