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Lone Eagle's Rural Ecommerce Resources

*Click through the following Web Tour at http://lone-eagles.com/pcna1.htm


Note: Lone Eagle's best resources including Ecommerce online lessons and Indigenous resources are listed by topic at http://lone-eagles.com/future-proofing.htm and at http://lone-eagles.com


Citymax Ecommerce Sites www.citymax.com
Login with    Username: lone-eagle Password: lone-eagles
and select the "Make Money" button on the right to see a comprehensive listing of affiliate programs.
The easiest site for creating a free ecommerce web site, but it is only free for 30 days.


Tripod Free Ecommerce Web Sites http://tripod.com The Spanish Version is at http://www.tripod.com.mx 
(Select Join, fill out form and then select Site Builder) Note their Site Promotion resources, including Amazon.com affiliate programs.  Free sites are free without a time limit. See the Tripod Tutorial at the end of this web tour.

Ron Ridesathedoor sells alfalfa as bunny food via this site built at tripod.com
Includes information on his affiliate programs and drop ship partners.


Affilate programs http://affiliateshop.com  Free affiliate programs and tutorials


Blackfeet Culture Camp (and Art) http://blackfeetculturecamp.com

Created by Ron Ridesathedoor, see artist profiles and art pages


Native Trade Network http://www.nativetradenetwork.com

Created by Ron Ridesatthedoor. See the exquisite Guatemalan weavings under Textiles.


Idaho Virtual Incubator Model http://www.idahovirtualincubator.org/
A model for a virtual ecommerce incubator.


Virtual Aboriginal Trade Show www.vats.ca 
See the Flash intro. and elegant design, as well as the 10 minute video on Aboriginal entrepreneurship "Open for Business."


KNET Lone Eagle Self-Employment Incubator

A postnuke content management system; installation $300, $25/month, hosted by KNET.
Details on KNET hosting services and innovations at http://lone-eagles.com/indigenous_resources.htm

K-Net Case Studies and Project (Flash) Overview  http://smart.knet.ca/kuhkenah_flash.html

Overview text and short videos on the multiple innovations of the KNET project.


Lone Eagle lesson on Ebay and Ebay Drop Off Centers http://lone-eagles.com/auctions.htm


"The Ebay Effect: Worldwide Obsession" A recent one and a half-hour CNBC documentory on ebay features the fastest growing company in U.S. history. If you get the chance to watch this show, do it, or purchase the video ($40)
from http://moneycentral.msn.com/Content/CNBCTV/TV_Info/email.asp You can also call 877-251-5685


Lone Eagle Paper Advising Industry Canada on National Strategy for Sustainable CAP (CTC's) Sites


Outstanding Canadian and First Nations Community Web Sites and Resources


Sample listing of Montana Rural Ecommerce Success Stories


(Includes many sites referenced during the Lone Eagle Presentation)


Grantwriting resources http://lone-eagles.com/granthelp.htm


Sample community Ecommerce grants

http://lone-eagles.com/intelligent.htm summarized at http://lone-eagles.com/summary.htm



New Aboriginal Youth Content Management System with web-authoring and collaboration tools www.deadlyzone.org from the www.deadlymob.org CTC  Other collected Australian links at http://lone-eagles.com/aussielinks.htm


Old Crow, Yukon Territories www.oldcrow.ca
An outstanding site from an aboriginal community.


Fully Integrated Technologies Program
http://lone-eagles.com/FIT.pdf  From the Ktunaxa Nation www.ktunaxa.org


Aboriginal Voice - From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunity

Home Site:  www.crossingboundaries.ca/aboriginalvoice


Donnie Morrison's Scottish Telework Project


Strengthening America's Communities Initiative
http://www.commerce.gov/SACI/index.htm Seeking how to help communities innovate.


Web Self-Employment Resources for individuals with disabilities


Lone Eagle Update January 2006

Demonstrating Rural Ecommerce Innovations for USDOL and USDA

For the past two years Lone Eagle Consulting has been working with the Montana Choice Ecommerce Demonstration project for the U.S. Department of Labor. We’ve delivered over 50 presentations and workshops in rural communities on Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies. We’ve given rural Montanans the choice to preserve their cherished rural lifestyles by providing them with entry-level Ecommerce instruction specifically for rural citizens. We’ve developed a process and resources for rural communities to use to raise local ecommerce awareness. During the past two years we’ve seen our program dramatically validated by global trends and success stories. More at http://lone-eagles.com/future-proofing.htm


Presenting for Montana’s Telcos and Government Agencies

Lone Eagle presentations have been delivered for the Montana private telecommunications providers conference, the Governor’s Economic Development Council, and include a train-the-trainers Ecommerce workshop for the Small Business Development Center coordinators. Suggestions for the Governor of Montana on how to raise rural ecommerce awareness– http://lone-eagles.com/montana-suggestions.htm


Mentoring VISTA Volunteers and Community Networking Projects

Beginning in September, 2005, Lone Eagle Consulting assumed the role of Community Networking Resources Coordinator for the CTC VISTA project working with volunteers working with community networking projects and community technology centers across the country.  Frank is also on the board for the Association for Community Networking. Details are in the current Community Technology Review www.comtechreview.org as is my latest article "What is Community Networking? And Why You Should Care!"


International Presentations

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for Rural Network Directors
For Industry Canada, Lone Eagle Consulting presented a train-the-trainers workshop for 22 rural network directors in charge of over 600 community technology centers. During the last ten years 8,800 centers were created and since government funding ended half have shut down. In question is how to sustain the remaining centers and where to go during the next ten years. Suggestions at http://lone-eagles.com/industry-canada-talk.htm
Canadians have generated an amazing number of quality resources and innovations, particularly for First Nation communities http://lone-eagles.com/canadian-links.htm
Lone Eagle Consulting will be presenting multiple sessions at the PCNA conference Feb. 23-25, 2006
Details at http://www.2006summit.ca


Mexico City, Mexico for Indigenous Telecenter Directors

The new Microsoft Telecentre Support Network www.telecentre.org paid for Lone Eagle Consulting to deliver a keynote presentation at the first International Indigenous ICT conference in Mexico City, Nov. 2005. Indigenous telecenter directors from all across Mexico and Latin America attended. The conference was hosted by the International Telecommunications Union, and other regional ICT organizations. Keynote at: http://www.fntc.info/files/documents/EchoesInTheElectronicWind.pdf


Native American Telework Development
Working with www.cfoadvisors.com in New York a model for Native American Telework Centers have been created, to be combined with a culturally appropriate community Internet empowerment program. Many corporations have expressed keen interest in partnerships, particularly Microsoft.


High End Readings and Resources

What Is Web 2.0: Design Patterns and Business 
Models for the Next Generation of Software, by Tim O'Reilly.
http://www.oreillynet.com/lpt/a/6228  Exceptionally articulate!
The Pew Internet & American Life Project today released a report
"The Strength of Internet Ties," describing how the internet improves
Americans' capacity to maintain their social
networks and how they gain a big payoff when they use the internet to
activate those networks to solicit help. The full report is available at:

Network visualizations!!! 

Social Entrepreneurship Awards and Microloan Models (Click on link to "article" in first paragraph)

Cellphones for Learning

A 16 minute video on the Grameen Foundation's Micro Loans and ICTs Program

Grameen Foundation Homepage





Tripod Hands-on Activity

Creating a Free Ecommerce Web Site
A Hands-on Activity

Create a free Ecommerce Web site in 15 minutes with no expiration date.
This tutorial is online at http://lone-eagles.com/tutorial.htm  


1. Go to http://tripod.com and click on the START NOW button to see your website options. You will see “Tripod Free” in the upper left and click on “Sign Up” for the free website plan with no time limits.   Note: you can also click on “learn more” for details on the free website option.
(A Spanish Language Tripod site is at http://tripod.com.mx )


2. The "username" will be part of your web site address. Example:     http://username.tripod.com  Your username must be one word with just letters or numbers. You should click on the “Check Availability” button to make sure your username isn’t already taken. You must give yourself a Password and enter it a second time to confirm it.

IMPORTANT: Write down your "username" and Password NOW so you can access your site again in the future.

Username____________________   Password_______________________


3. Fill out ALL the blanks - keeping in mind you do not have to give accurate
    private information. 


   Click on the birthdate down arrows to see options. You must enter a birthdate to identify yourself as being older than 18.  (Parental permission is required for those under 18 years of age.)


4. Deselect all boxes preselected with green checks or you will receive
    advertisements. Note you might want to receive their web-building tips.


5. Enter the largest numbers shown in the box at the very bottom of the form page
     into the box labeled “Into This Box” and at the bottom of the page
     select "I Agree." This is simply a security measure to make sure you are a 
     person and not a computer.
    Note: If you are asked to resubmit your form, you’ll have to uncheck the boxes.


6. You should see “Please Wait While We Process Your Account”

7. On the left you’ll see options to Create a Site, Blog and/or Photo Album.
    Note you have links to tutorials with everything you need to know across the
    top of the page.

    Select “Create a Site.” Note that you are now in the “Site Builder” section –
    Select “Start with an Express Site Template”

8. Select "About My Business" (Click on the Choose link)  (Page 1 of 3.)


9.  Replace the text “About my business” with the title of YOUR business as this
       will appear at the top of your web page. Enter other information as time
       permits in the other boxes (Optional.)  You can always return to add more
       text later.  Select the NEXT button on the right side of the page. Read the
       simple instructions above the next button. (Page 2 of 3)


10. Continue adding brief bits of information in the next series of boxes.
      Select the NEXT button on the right side of the page. (Page 3 of 3.)


11. Select "Choose from all designs" at the top of bottom of this page, and choose
      a new web page design by clicking on the design you like.
      Then click on "Use this Design"


12. You should now see many editing buttons across the bottom of the page for
      adding text, pictures, links, pages, etc.
      Select PUBLISH NOW and your web page will be instantly published on the
      Internet with the web address “username.tripod.com:


*Note the web address for your Ecommerce site is at the top of the screen - 
   Write It Down Now!   ________________________
 Note also the SITE PROMOTION link at the bottom.


14. Select the EDIT button to continue editing your page - explore the easy
      buttons at the bottom of the screen to continue exploring how to add new web
      pages, new pictures, and new content, including whole new web sites. If errors
     appear, simply try again and explore the options looking for the Edit Page link.


15. Select "log out" when you're finished.
You now have your own free Ecommerce web site which you can edit from anywhere, anytime, as long as you remember your username and password.
You can create many web sites, photo albums, and blogs using your account.


IMPORTANT:      Double check you've written down your "username" and Password so you can return to build your site later. Don't forget to write down the web address for your new web site, in the following format:   "username.tripod.com"


Final Step – Do This NOW!
If you have logged out of your tripod account, it is time to see if you can log in using your username and password. Try it NOW!     

NOTE: If you can’t find your web site once you logged in, select Sitebuilder.


To learn more about Ecommerce and Emarketing lessons go to
http://lone-eagles.com/ecom.htm  More Lone Eagle Resources are at