Welcome to the Course;
 EDUC 58073-"Social Media for Educators"
                        Offered by Alaska Pacific University

                                           By Frank Odasz       frank@lone-eagles.com                                    

                Course Flyer and Description

             Welcome to the online course!

             Course Syllabus

How to Begin

    flame.gif (1381 bytes)    Teaching the love of learning so we'll all be both
                learners and teachers, all the time.

   Lesson One: Tools and Trends

   Lesson Two: Best Practices for What Matters Most

   Lesson Three: Assessing Our Info-diets

   Lesson Four: 21st Century Workforce Readiness

   Lesson Five: Professional Learning Networks for Educators

   Lesson Six: Motivating Accelerated Learning Outcomes

   Lesson Seven: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

   Lesson Eight: Best Practices for Vulnerable Populations