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Rural Ecommerce Resources for
the Montana Association of Counties



Presentation Feb. 12, 2007 for the Montana Association of Counties (MAC0) Economic Development Committee:

"Empowering Montana's Rural Entrepreneurs with Ecommerce Support Systems"
The Internet has unleashed an explosion of entrepreneurial creativity worldwide. We have the opportunity to build on the best successes, as they emerge, from global sources. Because rural entrepreneurs are limited by the size of the local consumer base their level of success increasingly depends on their ability to market to the one billion consumers on the Internet, with another six billion coming.

This session will present online Ecommerce and Telework curriculum resulting from years of USDA and USDOL demonstration projects, including rural community action plans for raising local ecommerce awareness and strategies for generating local ecommerce support systems. New easy-to-learn, low-cost rural Ecommerce tools and techniques have dramatically enhanced what’s possible for rural Entrepreneurs.

Biography for Frank Odasz 
Born in Cody, Wyoming, in 1952, Frank Odasz has been a carpenter, oil field roughneck, dude ranch manager, college professor and is now a "Lone Eagle" - that is, an independent instructional entrepreneur. Coming to Dillon in 1985 as faculty at UMW, he founded the Big Sky Telegraph network in 1988 - linking one-room school teachers as one of the first rural online educational networks.

Specializing in fast-track Internet training for rural, remote, and indigenous learners for the last 20 years, Frank has traveled over a million miles presenting at national and international conferences on online learning, community networking, and rural Ecommerce.


The Montana Choice Demonstration Project
Three years presenting Rural Ecommerce Success Stories across Montana for a U.S. Dept. of Labor demonstration project.  This uniquely Montanan project has generated extensive resources and community-lead activities for generating individual web-based self-employment, community strategic action plans, community mentoring programs, and more.


The Montana Choice Process
Common Sense first steps recommended for rural community leadership supported by extensive new training resources included in this resource listing.


Best Lone Eagle Resources

Dillon’s Web-Based Businesses and Visions for the Future


Making It Happen in Dillon, Montana
A review of the history of Internet innovations in Dillon, Montana.

Net makes rural Americans less isolated
A Montana town (Dillon) struggles to reconcile Old West values with the new Net economy  http://lone-eagles.com/dillonarticle.htm  A front page article in the Silicon Valley Newspaper on Dillon, MT.

Dillon’s Businesses on the Web


Many businesses do more business via Internet than through their stores in town.

Montana’s Ecommerce Success Stories


More and more Montana businesses are enjoying a return on their investment getting their products and services advertised via the Internet


Opportunities for State Support of Rural Ecommerce



Other articles of interest from Lone Eagle Consulting, Dillon, Montana


The Power of All of Us? The eBay Lesson for Community Development

What is Community Networking; And Why You Should Care
http://www.comtechreview.org/fall-2005/000347.html  Many related links are listed in the overall publication.

Community Networking Hits Media Mainstream (Almost)--
And Makes Its Own News   (4 pages)

"Reaching the Tipping Point for the New Generation of Community Networks" 
http://lone-eagles.com/tipping-point.htm (9 pages)

Creating People-Centered Community Knowledge Networks
http://lone-eagles.com/smart.htm   A self-quiz for rural communities recommended for rural leaders as a tool to begin discussions on how best to use the Internet intelligently.


Spring 2006 CTC VISTA Digest
Contains the following two articles by Lone Eagle Consulting

Peer-to-Peer Social Networking; The Next Big Thing

Empowering Americans: CTC VISTAs in Community Networking


Lone Eagle’s Best Rural Community Grant Templates:

Rural Community Grant Templates for both Native and non-Native rural communities have already been written related to citizen engagement with Internet collaboration and learning. The grants are all listed and offered for use without restriction at the end of a chapter at http://lone-eagles.com/village-sustainability.htm


Rural Community Ecommerce Grant Templates


Sustainable Ecommerce Education Development Strategies (SEEDS)
 This grant model involves youth in raising ecommerce awareness among adult leaders.

Rural Ecommerce and Telework Incubator Centers
A scalable model to engage many communities simultaneously.

An Alaskan Village Bootstrap Academy -
An Education and Economic Development Partnership 
http://lone-eagles.com/northstar.htm as a model community Internet learning program. More templates listed at the end of http://lone-eagles.com/village-sustainability.htm


Rural Broadband Application Videos:
Invest 15 minutes and view the following three five minute videos while thinking about how Montanans can keep current on similar innovations from global sources on an ongoing basis.

"From Cedar to Silicon"
A six minute preview of the new one-hour video on the First Nations communities in British Columbia who understand the vital importance of Broadband access for cultural sustainability.


Business Trend Short Videos from the United Kingdom  (5 minutes)

www.broadscape.tv Presents links to 20 more case study videos.


Creative Media Institute http://cmi.nmsu.edu/videos   A five minute video on an outstanding New Mexico project teaching youth multimedia and film-making as business skills.


 Free Ecommerce and Personal Web Sites
Select Site Builder
 See the Tutorial at the end of http://lone-eagles.com/pcna1.htm

   Testimonial from attendee of presentation at 2005 Rural Workforce Conference (see her new web page:)

Frank, You gave us the site for promoting our website, and I made mine the day I got home.  

 I have 4 new businesses set up on the internet and have been teaching my business people how to do this.

Shelley Hartmann, Executive Director

Mineral County Economic Development Authority

P O Box 1635 Hawthore, Nevada   89415

15 free ecommerce web sites and a community web site in a one day workshop in Zortman, Montana
http://littlerockieszortman.tripod.com   and at Winnett Montana http://winnett-webraiser.tripod.com/

Lone Eagle Consulting Experience

For the past seven years, Frank Odasz, President of Lone Eagle Consulting, with funding from USDA and USDOL has been developing extensive online Rural Ecommerce training resources along with a community “Web-Raisings” workshop model for raising ecommerce awareness in rural communities.  
Rural Ecommerce Resources 

Native Americans face particularly interesting challenges adopting web expression and cultural entrepreneurship as a means of sustaining and preserving their cultures. Project opportunities: Native Resources: http://lone-eagles.com/afn-resources.htm


Fall 2006, Frank and his NY partner Jerry Ashton were successful bringing a call center with 25 jobs to the Tlingit Haida in Juneau, and have plans to bring more such corporate jobs to rural Alaskans. More on Alaska below.


Lone Eagle presented the following two presentations Dec. 6th in San Antonio, for the National Conference of State Legislators new Educational Technology committee www.ncsl.org/forum at the request of Wes Keller (Alaskan Legislature), staff chair for the committee. Alaska Senator Fred Dyson was present.


National Conference of State Legislatures Lone Eagle Presentations:

Using Technology to Inform and Support Teachers
his presentation will share lessons learned with online mentoring, and will address the importance of supporting teachers as innovators - if they are to produce students who can help the U.S. lead in global competitiveness.

Educating Native American, Alaskan, and Hawaiian Students
Narrowing the achievement gap for indigenous students requires addressing basic motivation in a community and cultural context as well as leveraging students innate interest in the new digital communications mediums. This presentation will address applying constructivist concepts, where students are in charge of building their own knowledge, with new models for project-based learning and international multiclassroom projects. Handout: http://lone-eagles.com/ncsl.htm


Alaskan Activity Summary:
Starting in 1997 when the first Internet satellite systems were installed for YKSD villages, Frank provided the first workshops for educators, students, and community members of all ages. In the past year, Frank presented with a team of experts on the opportunity and necessity for integration and reform for Internet applications and training for K12, Youth entrepreneurship, cultural expression, and rural ecommerce and telework.


During 2006, the following Alaskan leaders and leadership groups have attended Lone Eagle presentations on rural ecommerce training strategies and community Internet learning programs.

2006 Presentations for Alaskan Leadership
The USDA director
The Denali Commission
The Alaskan House Education committee
The Senate HESS committee
The Alaska Alberta Bilateral Council
Gary Wilkins – Chair Senate Finance Committee
The AFN leadership forum
       *co-presented with AMEP/ANAF and village ecommerce champions and separately
         with leaders from GCI and DRS/Tamsco
The Denakkanaaga Elders and Youth conference in Koyukuk
Villagers and leadership in Hooper Bay, Anvik

As a consultant for Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s Rural Alaskan Village Ecommerce Network (E-RAVEN) and the Alaska Native Arts Foundation, Frank’s extensive online resources, online courses, village grant templates and action plans are now accessible to all Alaskans. http://lone-eagles.com/afn-resources.htm

Who IS Lone Eagle?


Frank Odasz resume and biographies


Big Skies and Lone Eagles
http://lone-eagles.com/history.htm A 33 page published history of world-class innovations in Montana over the past 21 years.


More? Google “Big Sky Telegraph” or “Lone Eagle Consulting” or “Frank Odasz”