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Alaska Native Cultural Web Expression
A Web Tour and Celebration of Digital Storytelling Methods


Five updated links as of May 21, 2008.







Koyukuk Student-created Web Pages
For Athabascan language instructional pages with audio click on "Learn the Native Athabascan Language" in the left hand column. For community web pages created by 4th graders click on "The Village of Koyukuk on the left column.

YKSD Summercamp
2006 summercamp photos from the Yukon Koyukuk School District

Jackie's Tribute Blog

Jackie Isaac, a young student of ours from the village of Kasigluk, lost
both his grandparents last year.  Being very close to them, this was
devastating for Jackie and his family.  Jackie had a tough time of
it...missed his semester of classes through absence and  I had thoughts
that Jackie wouldn't make it back to the college.
Jackie has since been back to college and has been thriving...his
declaration for an ITS degree is 'right on' and he likes computers and the
work he does. This semester we taught Jackie how to blog, CIOS 275 'Using the
Internet'... He has paid tribute to his late grandparents through his interests and
study:  Look here, this is significant from a cultural perspective:
(his personal written tribute and he has podcasted their music...a large part of their lives)
<http://ingallakqerrataq.blogspot.com/ >

Mt. Edgecumbe Native Boarding School, Sitka, Alaska
An exceptional model for electronic student portfolios

and includes a student-written tutorial on how to create such portfolios. The school is expanding their Entrepreneurship emphasis.
See also

Idamovie; Video Movies Competition Winners


Alaska Podshow
Podcasting is the process of sharing audio files such as oral histories of elders via the Internet. It has become very popular to download audio podcasts to Ipods for convenient listening.  This is similar to allowing everyone to have their own syndicated radio program and anyone can use "RSS" to automatically receive any new audio programs from you. This requires you install a free software program called an "RSS Aggregator."  For more information on podcasting, RSS, Web Logs (called Blogs) and Video Web Logs (called Vlogs) and much more. See the Toolbox link below for tutorials and related resources.


Lone Eagle's Collaborative Toolbox:
A master listing of new Internet collaborative tools.

Outside Is Our School: Yupik Eskimo Youth Embrace Subsistence Living and Renew Community http://www.whatkidscando.org/featurestories/russianmission.html

Click here for a PowerPoint slideshow (2.9 MB) that includes
additional photos, student journal entries, sample curriculum, program impacts, and student surveys.
Click here to download a PowerPoint Viewer if necessary.

Click here to see model subsistence-based curriculum.

Suicide Prevention in White Mountain Alaska

Arctic Ways Web-Authoring Tutorials for Ecommerce Web Sites
The project will catalyze local, regional, and statewide native infrastructures to develop e-commerce ventures to stimulate village cash economy, codify traditional culture to support regional business ventures, and provide venues to apply and increase technology skills. This model will demonstrate how information technologies can be incorporated into indigenous environments to enhance and strengthen traditional social and economic structures rather than supplant them. Activities include: developing intergenerational culturally-based computer training modules, training villagers to replicate modules in other sites, creating state-of-the-art computer centers, and introducing small e-commerce businesses for native economic growth.

The Arctic Ways site has good images tutorial and other web design resources.

Arctic Ways Computer Camp Student sites created in 2004, 2005, and 2006

Arctic Village Computer Camp Student Web Sites from Yukon Flats School District


 and in Nulato in 2005 and 2006.


Alaska Women's Network

Arctic Student Writing Project



LitSite Alaska
Welcome to LitSite Alaska, a Web community promoting literacy, cultural diversity, and well-being throughout Alaska. A gathering place for families, communities and teachers, LitSite Alaska features narratives illustrating many cultural aspects of life in Alaska. As an on-line learning tool, LitSite Alaska showcases a living archive of lesson plans used in Alaskan classrooms and an extensive collection of excellent peer work by Alaskan students.
This site was started some years ago through a collaboration with the CAS faculty at UAA and some ASD language arts and tech people.  The idea was to have statewide multi-cultural expression and story-telling. It was conceived to be multi-media and to foster an e-community across cultures around literacy and cultural understanding.  It doesn't seem to be deep in multi-media, though a digital archive is planned. It is now facilitated by Dr Ron Spatz, who is very earnest about its mission.


KNET Innovations - Canadian Aboriginal Community Networking Innovations
See their videos at
Lone Eagle KNET Self-employment Incubator http://lone-eagles.knet.ca    Select photogalleries and see the Koyukuk slideshow. To hear Eliza Jones' narrated historical photographs you have to click on each one.


Virtual Aboriginal Trade Show (Canada)
 http://www.vats.ca See the animated Flash Introduction    


Australian Aboriginal Telecenter
http://www.deadlymob.org and
Australian Aboriginal Youth Site with Web Authoring and Collaboration tools
Australian Aboriginal Art sites (but whitefellas' commissions receive most of the profits)


Thinkquest International Student Instructional Web Site Competition

Thinkquest Library

Search for "Alaska Native" to find additional student-created instructional web sites like these two:

Women in Alaska's History
From the first Native Alaskan women to today's female mushers in the Iditarod dog sled race, the story of women in Alaska is fascinating. Fully searchable, this site tells their stories using maps and pictures, biographies, trivia, and a time line. Important events in Alaskan history such as the Gold Rush and the origin of the Iditarod are… More
Contest - 1997 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge


Natives of the Midnight Sun

Natives of the Midnight Sun web-site is a comprehensive account of life in Alaska through the eyes of its people. It covers the land, geology, bush life, environmental problems, flora & fauna, food, maps, traditions, and history of Alaska. One of its most uniques features is the personal audio interviews of several Alaska Natives.… More
Contest - 1999 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge


Webquest Alaskan Cultural Curriculum Examples

Gates of the Arctic: A Season on Foot with the Arctic Caribou:
Grade Level: Middle School (My estimation)
This project has obvious cultural significance to Alaskan students,  and I
had a particular teacher in mind when I was reviewing the content.   Our
eighth grade geography teacher has integrated GPS devices with his students,
and I could see them really getting into the trek, even though the  third
stage of the trip was abandoned due to weather.  There are  excellent maps,
and I could envision an activity whereby students verify the  mileage of the
checkpoints by establishing approximate waypoints into their computer
simulated GPS units.

In the Time of the Old Ones:
Grade Level: Elementary (3-5)
This webquest explores the Navajo people and their belief systems while
connecting mathematics, language arts and science.  I think there would also
be a natural connection to studies of Alaskan Native Americans, too.  In
particular, the ³importance of belief systems in a particular culture, and
in understanding how the ideas people profess affect their behavior,² is
relevant to all Alaskans.

Bethel Region Blogs (Web Logs) Vlogs (Video Web Logs) and Podcasts (oral histories)

Rural Broadband In Alaska Video Web Log (Vlog)
Click on the Video Interview of Pat Cleveland from Eek, Alaska.


Village Technician Program
State-wide program for training IT personnel. KuC campus has trained over 300 people in Y-K Delta villages
through a cooperative effort with Bethel Native Corportation and the State of Alaska.

The purpose of the Information Technology Specialist program is to acquire
beginning to intermediate technology skills, as well as the industry certification
and experience that will assist you with applying for entry level technology positions
in the Information Technology workforce.


Courtesy of Martin Leonard - See His Kyacking Blog!

Camtix  http://camtix.com
See their video examples including Alaska Exposed!
Camtix  were the one of the 'if not THE' first video blogging compression and

storage services on the web...they remain at the forefront with 'flashdelivery,
scripting, autoposting' w/ many new developments coming online
next week. I have had an account with them since they started and it still
remains 'the cheapest  bandwidth around'...esp for this bandwidth starved
Alaskan! OUR work here at KuC and my personal content will be used as one
of their leading / featured members.

Our video content is now linked to at the Alaska Native Knowledge Network.

Science and Technology Academy (ANSEP)

Statewide ANSEP: Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program

Summer Science Program where Seniors in HS are getting the Field
videography training:

Blog regarding our ANSEP program on KuC Campus:

Show-casing Creative Web Sites  from the Y-K Delta region.

Nunivak Island Cultural Education and Adventures

Kuskokwim Campus Summer Science Field Camp

Click on slideshow at the bottom if you have a fast Internet connection.

A Peek at Toksook Bay Ecommerce

Oscar's Originals - Ecommerce - Winner of the Alaskan Marketplace Award 2006

Alaskan Weather Current Satellite Photos

Nunivak Cultural Programs (Eco-Tourism)

Alaskan Community Web Sites

Bethel, Alaska

Citizens regularly share their news on this regional community network. One can quickly see than many citizens are directly involved in regularly generating local news for this community information site.


Bethel, Alaska Business Directory

An elegantly functional business directory to facilitate local online shopping. All local businesses are displayed on one page with all businesses with web sites easily identified by their names as blue hyperlinks.


Kawerak Community Web Sites
A Technology Opportunities Program grantee. Cultural web sites for multiple Alaskan villages.

Alaskan Ecommerce Initiatives and Trainers

AMEP E-RAVEN (Rural Alaska Village Ecommerce Network)
http://e-raven.com http://lone-eagles.com/e-raven.htm

Alaska Market Place

Alaskan Ecommerce Web Sites

Alaskan Eco-Tourism Resources

Joseph Davis Ebay Workshops and Consulting

Artic Ways Web-Authoring Tutorials
www.articways.org has good images tutorial and other web design bits   

Student sites created in Arctic Village Computer Camp Events in 2004 and 2005,

Arctic Village Computer Camp Student Web Sites


 and in Nulato in 2006.


Ebay transaction agents in Alaska within 500 miles of Fairbanks
http://tradingassistant.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MfcISAPICommand=TradingAssistant&page=results&sortColumn=&sortOrder=&previousPage=main&servePrivateCustomerOnly=true&fuzzyZipSearch=true&searchType=3&streetAddress=&city=Fairbanks&state=AK&zipCode=&tradingSpecialty=-1&search=Search  Alaskans who can help you sell your art and crafts on Ebay.

Serious microloan model we need to be aware of. Required viewing!
 A 16 minute video on the Grameen Foundation's Micro Loans and ICTs Program

Alaska Native Portals

 Alaskan Native Knowledge Network
A major project based at the University of Alaska/Fairbanks Campus,
supported by the National Science Foundation and the Annenberg Rural
Challenge to collect and disseminate indigenous curriculum.

Alaskool Alaskan Native Curriculum
 We feature some of the best materials on Alaska Native history and culture available,
and the tools to help instructors use them in the classroom.With our Interactive
Curriculum Planner and Class Bookmarks teachers can tailor students' Alaskool experience
to suit their educational goals and objectives, as well as national standards.

Alaska Digital Archives

First Alaskan's Institute

Alaska Federation of Natives

Alaska Native Resources Directory

Alaskans.com | AlaskaSearch.com | AlaskaDirectory.com | Alaska-Travel.com | Alaska-Business.com

AlaskaFishing.com | AlaskaGuides.com | AlaskaOutdoorGuide.com | Alaska-Lodging.com

Lone Eagle's Alaskan Native Ecommerce Links: 

  1. Alaskan Native Ecommerce with emphasis on art
  2. Alaska Eco-tourism resources
  3. Youth and Adult entrepreneurship and e-commerce lesson plan sets
    Extensive links to Entrepreneurship and Ecommerce training for youth, women and adults
  4. A full online Ecommerce course (ten two-hour lessons) with links to other lesson sets and extensive resources listed by the topics of the ten lessons the Alaskan Version is at http://lone-eagles.com/akecom.htm and the older non-Native version is at http://lone-eagles.com/ecom.htm Other Ecommerce courses are listed at the end of the first lesson.
    Everyone is invited to do the lessons on their own at no cost!
    If you'd like to join the group listserv and have a mentor to ask questions - there is a $49 fee.

Lone Eagle's Alaskan Native Village Internet Empowerment Resources

Lone Eagle's BEST Alaskan Resources

Community Internet Empowerment Resources

Alaskan Native Village Grant Templates

Rural Ecommerce Grant Templates

Realizing Cultural Sovereignty Through Internet Applications

Lone Eagle's Motherlode of Best Resources

New Articles and Most Recent Lone Eagle Update

Lone Eagle Update May 2006

Community Networking Best Practices and Global Citizenship:
A Knowledge Management Trend Report


Spring 2006 CTC VISTA Digest
Two new Lone Eagle articles

Peer-to-Peer Social Networking; The Next Big Thing

Empowering Americans: CTC VISTAs in Community Networking

Past article: What is Community Networking; And Why You Should Care
http://www.comtechreview.org/fall-2005/000347.html  Many related links are listed in the overall publication.

The Power of All of Us? — The eBay Lesson for Community Development

Nativeheart - A Vision for What's To Come

Lone Eagle background including Alaska

Lone Eagle Alaskan Background

Lone Eagle Articles Archive (includes many Alaskan Articles)

Outstanding Canadian Native (Aboriginal) Innovations
          Sample innovations from http://lone-eagles.com/canadian-links.htm 

Native FIT community Flyer: Creating "Fully Integrated Technology" communities

Old Crow, Canadian Yukon Community Website
http://oldcrow.ca See their Internet radio station, Google Earth satellite photos, and many other innovations.

The Yukon Portal

Aboriginal Youth Network

Aboriginal Voices - From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunity
The last three pages is a summary of this important 33 page document
on Ecommerce, Elearning, and Egovernment. See also

Community Radio - Tagish  Innovations from Yukon Territories.

Canadian indigenous community video

The Eel Ground First Nation Drama Club is presenting a FASD play and video conference on this coming Tuesday
http://firstnationhelp.com/fasd/ a great example of how communities, no matter where they are located,
can produce and distribute outstanding content over the internet if Broadband is available.

Jamie Sterritt

Sa'hetxw Consulting

c: 250.877.0585
f: 866.324.2293



Canadian "Youth in Philanthropy"

 Indigenous Ecommerce Web Portals

Note: Worth taking the time to explore: Many outstanding Canadian Native ebusiness and related community sites are listed at http://lone-eagles.com/canadian-links.htm

Virtual Aboriginal Trade Show
     Run the Flash intro at www.vats.ca  Cool eagle animated flyin to the portal with music.

Canada's aboriginal portal

KNET Innovations - http://lone-eagles.com/indigenous_resources.htm 
and select the Flash routine at http://smart.knet.ca/kuhkenah_flash.html    Six short videos are available. No need to view them, but this is a nice professional layout summarizing their complex project similar to the Whole Village concept. Then look at the $25/month CMS tool for community sites at          
Lone Eagle KNET Self-employment Incubator http://lone-eagles.knet.ca        

4.  Australian Aboriginal Art sites (but whitefellas' commissions receive most of the profits)
www.desart.com.au  See also the
Deadly Mob Telecenter http://www.deadlymob.org
and the new youth web-authoring and collaborative tools at www.deadlyzone.org

Hochunk's All Native site with almost 400 crafters:

Indian Village Art and Crafts

Blackfeet Culture Camp Web Site with nice artist profiles and layout
By Ron Ridesatthedoor,
see also his draft
International Native Trade Network

Simple Montana Crafts Portal

Wyoming Art Marketing sites are at http://lone-eagles.com/art-marketing.htm

10.  Gifts made in the Adirondacks: http://www.adirondackcraft.com
After presenting at the CDS conf in Baltimore recently, someone mentioned you might be interested in our cooperative effort at a regional branding effort and online catalogue that features 400 products made locally by 70 crafts people and small manufacturers. After 4 years, selling at least an item a day to customers in 44 states with the average sale of $93.

 Timothy P. Holmes - Holmes & Associates
 Specializing in Community Based Research and Online Business Solutions
 PO Box 295 Saranac Lake NY 12983        AOL-IM: AdkCraft
 518-891-6525 fax: 891-3139  mailto:holmes@adirondackcraft.com
Entrepreneur Magazine Article:  http://www.entrepreneur.com/mag/article/0,1539,314776,00.html
Case Study: http://www.webtrends.com/Customers/CaseStudies/HolmesAssociatesGivestheAdirondackEconomyaBoostwithWebTrendsReportingService.aspx
 Forests, Communities & Craftsmanship:   http://www.adirondackwood.com
 Bicycling Information for the region:
 Project reports and summaries: http://www.adirondackresearch.com


MORE from Bethel Alaska - NEW as of Sept. 9th, 2006

The College of Rural and Community Development!
I think this blog and response exemplifies our College mission and validates all our aspirations for the use of technology in the Delta.
I'm proud of everyone involved in the project this summer.
How did we do it?
More vod / podcasts than anywhere I've seen in the state...and the quality of the student production work is exceptional...despite the fact that much was produced in a tent 100 miles out in the Bering Sea.
BTW I haven't seen one RSS Feed on your alaska stories site???/
Even the younger kids getting involved via our summer talent search recruitment program, 100s of kids on the internet:
Building J class Rockets with a NASA scientist and documenting their results:
The Village Techs have set up an interactive site at yahoo groups...it's private corporate and tribal communications betwix the whole group...to facilitate discussion and communication within the technical and management groups across the Delta...will be ~ 30 members by time we're all done...all talking support for tech, management use of the Public Access Points...here's the front end of the group:
COMPLETE alaska exposed series:
SOME KuC Blog Resources:
The first Yupik Native Elder Podcast show eminating from Alaska via the KYUK public radio in Bethel...stay tuned:
Many classes will be presented on public access wiki's for student access and participation...here's one of my test sites and our campus front end just put up:
Frank, give me a call I'm back in my office... 907.543.4510
I'll be in until the weather breaks...then I'm off to the coast to bike down the beach to my favorite surf spot:


MEHS Videos:

1.  http://www.mehs.educ.state.ak.us/student_links/student_links.html

 The above is a boarding school site that uses their online presence to present their student’s points of  view.  I want to do something like what their students did, but be a little more careful about protecting student identities. The student portfolios are also very well done.   The exact address for the student videos is:  http://www.mehs.educ.state.ak.us/video/video.htm

Here are some immediately accessible sample videos for you.

Go to www.vats.ca  and click on English, a neat short Video flash segment will show.

Then, go to http://www.vats.ca/abdt/apps/vats2.nsf/vLUHighlightsByDocID/D1B9DCBC9CF4A29185256FC1004D9A2D?OpenDocument&lang=en   which should present the Open for Business 5 minute video on Native Entrepreneurship.

From the community college in Bethel, Ak, courtesy of Martin Leonard.

More vod / podcasts than anywhere I've seen in the state...and the quality of the student production work is exceptional...despite the fact that much was produced in a tent 100 miles out in the Bering Sea.

 Video storytelling from the Native boarding school in Sitka, AK  http://www.mehs.educ.state.ak.us/video/video.htm

(home page includes student web/electronic portfolios http://www.mehs.educ.state.ak.us/video/video.htm )


The Alaska educational org www.aste.org has winners from a youth video competition (Ididamovie) at http://www.aste.org/index.cfm/1,1,71,html

I'd shared this in the last email: One of my favorite web video sites for Native projects is http://smart.knet.ca/kuhkenah_flash.html   from my hot list at http://lone-eagles.com/indigenous_innovations.htm   I'm certain the KNET project has many more videos and I have six DVD's of theirs on hand.

Native TV, Radio, Multimedia
Review carefully for inspiration. and see their lists of related links

www.nativetelecom.org Native American Public Telecommunications

Phrasalator - Native Language translation electronic tool http://www.fortwayne.com/mld/newssentinel/living/15547797.htm