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A Native American Cross-cultural Internet Guide   Four Essential Skill Levels

Alaskan Cultural Web Innovations

Native Expressions
20 pages of Native web innovations including language education.

Lone Eagle's Best Alaskan Resources
First 3 resources listed are new!

Alaskan K12 Web Innovations

Arctic Celebrations

Develop your own celebrations web site

Virtual Museum

Mentaska Lake or

Ask A+ Mentoring Roster

Larry's Dogsleds

Turtle Tracks

Electronic Portfolios

Sheila's Portfolio

Rankin Inlet community center

Juneau Middle School

Tok Library

Lone Eagle Alaskan-created curriculum

Aurora Webquest

Winter Olympics

Cold weather safety

Community Internet Awareness Event Ideas

Community-building and Ecommerce

The Good Neighbor's Guide to Community Networking http:///

        Chapter 2

        Beefalo Beef Quilters
        Fishing Supplies

Toksook Bay Crafts

Lone Eagle's Rural Ecommerce Book  

Lone Eagle's Rural Ecommerce lessons

Lesson on Search Engines  

        Search Engine Watch

Ecommerce training resources
        SBA Ecommerce online courses 
        Minnesota Mainstreet Ecommerce
        Rural Women's Ecommerce Coop
        Women's Business Resources/ Betsy Tipper
        Women's Business Resources
        Entrepreneurship Training - The E in Me
        USDA Ecommerce Training - Eteam
        Student entrepreneurship, service learning and careers
        Telework at home
        Telework Tools
        LKSD Careers
       Indian Vocational Education Internet Recommendations