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Rural Community Emalls and Innovations - A Webtour


Dillon, Montana Links

Dillon's Business Web Sites

A History of Dillon's Online Innovations

A Story of Grassroots Champions from Dillon and Jackson, MT
Chapter Two - Making a Difference http://lone-eagles.com/chap2.htm

Community Networking:
Leveraging the Public Good Electronically!


An example of Community Network features Dillon might consider

A Community Networking Clearinghouse

Northwest National Country Connection (Rule Realty)
http://northwest-national.com  A Dillon Success Story!
(See the chart on site usage!) Within six months of creating their web site their business quadrupled! Steady growth has been enjoyed since then. Business is growing dramatically every month. They now receive over 5000 hits a day viewing over 18,000 pages. They maintain 700 listings with a total of 11,000 images. They maintain 29 offices nationally from Dillon. Business is booming!
Chip Rule taught himself how to create and maintain web pages and says "This is the most cost-effective form of advertising available. It allows rural businesses an equal footing with Fortune 500 companies. We posted a home for one client and in seven days they had 2100 people view the site. We posted a listing for another client and they had 26 inquiries in three days." "The web will rival the printing press, if local businesses take up the challenge they'll find the web can be one hellofa business!"

Beefalo Business is Booming
Paul Rebich of Dillon, MT doing business Internationally.

Cattle Sales

Angus Bulls


Explore these sites, many taken from the
Ecommerce Webtour
at http://lone-eagles.com/entrelinks.htm

Women's Rural Economic Network
Collectively Making the Ordinary Extraordinary.
A wonderful model involving over 500 rural women entrepreneurs! Note how effectively they provide online support services and links to collected resources.

Women's Economic Self-sufficiency Team (WESST) Artisans, Taos, NM
http://www.wesstartisans.com/   Rural women artists' web sites. Recently featured as a case study of success.

Montpelier, Idaho's Story of Ecommerce Successes

Montpelier, Idaho's New Emall
http://www.clovercreekmall.com Just getting started!

Based in Boise, Idaho, this company helps communities create web sites showcasing local Ecommerce businesses and much more. Visit the sites for Blackfoot, Burley, and Twin Falls.

Here's another business to help communities generate multiple web sites based on templates. Many such services exist. Compare prices and features to learn which are best. Another would be http://www.mediaspangroup.com.

Free Ecommerce sites for 30 days, plus many services for creating your own
E-business! They work hard to make their services easy for beginners.

Food Ventures Web Site
A successful food products rural cooperative from Appalachia. Note their wide range of support services, collected resources, and grant-funded programs.

Central Oregon Regional Network
This is an example of a regional community economic development web site. Note the wide range of collected resources. Look to see if this site reflects widespread citizen involvement.

La Plaza Telecommunity
The first web-based rural community network and home of many outstanding innovations. Their main source of revenue is their role as Internet Service Provider. Note their wireless Internet services. Located in Taos, New Mexico.

Native American Artist's Web Sites
Free Ecommerce sites for Native American artists. A great example of how easy it can be to get an Ecommerce site up and going. This would be a model to consider replicating in your community! The Indian Arts and Crafts Association is a co-sponsor. http://www.iaca.com 

Americans Communicating Electronically
A USDA Economic and Development Systems initiative. Links to federal programs, funding, 4H youth programs, and related diverse resources from USDA. Note the link to the E-team entrepreneurship curriculum and the link to http://www.workers.gov

Free Ebusiness sites and training for youth!

EBusiness for Teens
A Thinkquest entry from Jamaica with lots of Ebusiness resources for teens!

Idaho Virtual Incubator
Select the link to businesses to see Ecommerce examples. Other Idaho Economic Development resources and more are on their "Additional Resources" listing at http://www.idahovirtualincubator.org/links/ Follow the links to the Idaho Small Business Development Center, and their other links listing. Additional Idaho resources are provided by the State Department of Commerce and others.

Wisconsin virtual incubator
Take the tour to see what you can learn.

Eastern Idaho Economic Development
This regional economic development initiative primarily serves to promote the region by attracting new businesses. Select "Technology Corridor" to see Entrepreneurial awards article.

Seems a bit more advanced. Free Ecommerce merchant accounts and much more for Ebusiness startups!

Amazon.com's zshops
The largest e-mall which you can join. Explore to see how others are selling online. Free trial Ecommerce sites and a Merchant's Resource Center! Select zstores from the left hand menu. Auctions also available. An example of web mall where your Ecommerce page will be listed with many others. A great place to see the newest trends in online stores and Ecommerce.

Free Ecommerce sites for two weeks, at http://store.yahoo.com/ and then you pay. Compare with the above offerings. An example of web mall where your Ecommerce page will be listed with many others. Review their resources on Ecommerce. Auctions available here, too. A great place to see the newest trends in online stores and Ecommerce.


A Hands-on Play Activity to Create Topical Hotlists

Go to http://google.com and enter the phrases below - including quotes. Use cut-and-paste to collect the best sites and information in a word-processing document. Then select "Save As Web Page or HTML" and you'll have created your own hotlist ready to "Open" and use in any web browser.

Putting phrases in quotes will return only those sites with these exact phrases. Combining terms with the word AND (in capital letters) returns only sites with both terms. Experiment and "play" to discover how easily you can find specific resources to benefit your community. The "*" is a wildcard character, for example edu* will return all sites with words beginning with edu. Using "OR" to combine keywords will result in MORE, not fewer sites. OR is MORE.

Search for:

rural AND emall*

"free ecommerce sites"

"ecommerce incubators"

"virtual incubators"

Idaho AND entrepreneurship


An advanced tip to try out for finding tutorials, lessons, and online courses on ANY topic, such as Ecommerce would be

ecommerce AND (tutorial* OR lesson* OR course*)

Four Essential Skills for Ecommerce Readiness

From the Ecommerce lessons at http://lone-eagles.com/ecommerce.htm

Level One - Searching and Browsing Skills
(The Power of a Self-Directed Learner)
Successive hands-on experiences are presented to build the basic Self-Directed Internet Learning Skills for web browsing, cut-and-paste, and using search engines to learn anything from anywhere at any time.

Level Two - Creating Your Own Web Pages
(The Power of Self-Publishing Globally)
Learn the basics of Web Self-Publishing Skills, creating and posting web pages with text, images, and hyperlinks.

Level Three - Communicating and Working Together
(The Power of Building Learning Communities Through Internet Collaboration)
Learn about efficient uses of Online Collaboration Skills. Includes many related resources for advanced learning.

Level Four - Learning-to-Earn for Sustainable Communities
(The Power of Building Online Communities)
Learn about using Internet collaborative tools for Teaching, Mentoring, Groupwork, Relationship-building, and Customer Support. 

    Explore other free web page services and more at
    http://lone-eagles.com/webdev.htm and http://lone-eagles.com/entrelinks.htm

    READINGS: Read each article once without clicking on the included supporting web addresses. Then return to explore those links that interest you.

    From: The Good Neighbor's Guide to Community Networking
    Eleven chapters, including a bibliography of community networking guides.

Read the short Chapter One - "What is a Community Network?"
http://lone-eagles.com/chap1.htm and

Chapter Two - Making a Difference http://lone-eagles.com/chap2.htm

Read Chapter Six - "Rural Community E-Business Strategies, and Training Resources" http://lone-eagles.com/chap6.htm  

Many more resources available in the online course
"Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies"
The 200 page guide for this class is at http://lone-eagles.com/eguide.htm


Virtual Museums of Canada
Featuring Ecommerce and K12 instructional components.

          Los Gatos Community Multimedia

          Ely, Nevada

          Dan Parchman's Family Scrapbook
          www.erockingranch.com  Dan offers web authoring services

Panoramas - Take a look!
Spring comes to Swan Peak: http://www.rockingeranch.com/bear_lake/roundup/april-02/swanpeak.html
Take a look at the kitchen and great room: http://www.rockingeranch.com/bear_lake/roundup/october-02/index.html
Free tools for panoramas at http://stone.newton.cam.ac.uk/mirrors/PanoTools/20010626/