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Opportunity Literacy 101

The innovation process is learning to keep an Open Mind, and knowing to open your eyes to learn what's working for others like you, globally, because now you can!
The following is just a sample of fast easy self-empowerment using new cool tools and short "How-To" videos you can learn to create yourself to help others globally.


Quick-start awareness videos for What You Can Do TOO:
Just the short videos, only, from the expanded tutorials below

1. Introduction to Web-Raisings and Art-Ecommerce


View this three minute introduction to the above Web Tour:

Click for a 3 minute video walk-through

A Web-Raising – One hour event creating free Websites

Everyone creates a free personal and/or ecommerce website in less than an hour at http://weebly.com

And/or free classroom websites at http://education.weebly.com

Weebly App for Ipad; 30 second video; quick free websites

How to create a free personal website in four minutes
http://www.screencast.com/t/w4fiVCX7xel   (How-to Video)

How to create a local youth-driven innovations incubator (5 minutes)

See http://art-ecommerce.weebly.com with the list of other Metlakatla websites created Spring 2013 on the home page.
More web-raising results are at http://lone-eagles.com/web-raising.htm And more easy online web creation tools are at http://lone-eagles.com/easy-tools.htm

2.  Introduction to New Entry-Level Digital Entrepreneurship

Entry-Level Digital Entrepreneurship Innovations

Click for a 3 minute video walk-through:

I would like to work with students as apprentice Cyberscouts to find and share more such opportunities.

3. Free iPhone/iPad Apps for  Creating 3D Images

We're reviewing new apps for 360 3D rotating images,
as well as apps for virtual tours.  The 360 Drop app for Mac only
lets you drag and drop 12 images to the app to instantly have a sharable
3D image to post on your Ecommerce website. Our favorite old app was Youspinpro.com
and the company in Norway will have a new app soon, but likely no longer free.
Search for yourself at http://cnet.com/downloads or the Apple app store, or just Google
360 3D iPad apps   and/or  virtual tours software

4. Introduction to Monetizing Online Content and Epublishing

Seriously, you can create your own business creating apps without learning to write code,
you can self-publish without needing a publisher, dozens of new ways to
"Make the living you want, living wherever you want" exist and more opportunities are popping up every day.

Prepare to be amazed at what is already working for others like you!

Monetizing and Emarketing
Resources for Epublishing and Entrepreneurship
http://www.screencast.com/t/4mLxDmzysM   Six minute Video

The resources: http://lone-eagles.com/digitizing-alaska.htm

5. Become a Citizen Video Professor Like Sal Khan of the
    Khanacademy.com :

It took 6 minutes to create the short video walk-through (above) of fascinating new digital entrepreneurship and Epublishing resources.

When I finished recording, I hit a button to upload it to www.screencast.com
(in the cloud) and it put the URL in my clipboard, ready to paste in an email or on a web page.

When all educators and students learn to do this, it transforms the efficiency of sharing skills via “Show-Me-How” videos.
Easy-to-learn, and indispensible once you see how much time it will save you!

Check how quickly you can become aware of What You Can Do TOO!
"How-To" videos at http://lone-eagles.com/what-you-can-do-too.htm

Here is how....

UPDATE: We have just learned about an exciting new iPad/iPhone app: http://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector/  $12.99
Also, Screenflow is recommended for video capture but it isn't free like Jing below, Screenflow costs $99.

Creating video tutorials easily using free online tools your students can learn to use, too:

Watch the one minute video for Jing at

Educators can easily create video tutorials in a couple minutes, and refer students to them again, and again,
to save time for the educator and provide endless remediation for students. You will be amazed how easy it is! NO video editing!

Older students can be tasked to create “How-To” tutorial videos for younger students.

NOTE: Jing creates Flash files only, which Apple mobile devices cannot view without a Flash app. But, the $29 Snagit
is better than Jing as it offered editing and saving your video captures as mpg4 files compatible with everything.
See the video tutorials for Snagit also at www.techsmith.com

List your new video tutorials on your new classroom website created at http://education.weebly.com

Jing is a free video capture program, Jessi Dewey at Bethel HS created a final project with remedial math video captures
to save herself time, and to provide painless remediation for her 7th graders.
And she's going to have her 9th grade math students create tutorial math jings for her 7th grade students.

Jessi writes:

Jing is my new top teaching tech tool.  I have a dream....that I will set up a how-to station using two laptop computers (one for high school and one for junior high).  Instead of reminding students individually on how to preform a task (rounding, checking their grades, dividing fractions, etc.), I can simply point them in the direction of the how-to station and they can watch a video of me explaining whatever it is they don't know how to do!  I'm teaching kids how to find and sort through resources while saving my one-on-one time for the students who truly need remedial help!  I love it!

Frank's comments "My favorite time-saving tool for how to quickly make video capture tutorials to allow students self-directed remediation while saving the teacher valuable time not having to repeat and repeat. See Jessi's Mountain Math page below as an example; a dozen short video tutorials that took no more time than talking through the visuals. Quick and Easy."

Post your remedial video tutorials on your new classroom webpage, also mobile compatible at http://education.weebly.com - no ads, and
easy to maintain. Weebly apps for iPad/iPhone are free at the app store, too! Easy enough for elementary students, and elders, to create personal or
Ecommerce websites in minutes.
  Learn more tools like this as you see how easy "Show and Tell" video capture can make learning new tools:

Jessi's comments:
Here is my final project that I'm super proud of.
This is my class webpage.  It is set as the home page to all my student's laptops.
It's main uses included:
HS Study Skill - A place where I can keep students' weekly assignments.  Every week we complete a annotated text or text structure assignment.  The students get to choose with graphic organizer they prefer or which text structure they would like to complete.  Having this webpage means I don't have to make unneeded copies.  The students simply download the forms they need and print them (which wirelessly print to the printer in my room).
7th grade and 9th grade intervention math - As weekly bellwork, my students do an activity called Mountain Math.  This is an activity set up to review previously learned skills, which unfortunately means students struggle to recall specific processes.  I created a tab on my webpage called Mountain Math Help.  Students can watch Jing video of me reteaching the concept they are struggling with.  Then, they will hopefully be reminded enough to answer the Mountain Math question.  I've also included a vocab section that students can reference anytime.

Here's two more sample jings from Jessi
Jessi infodiet jing http://www.screencast.com/users/JJDewey/folders/Jing/media/e8febe3d-2ccf-48c9-93be-d38c38624267
What if all educators at your school used this means of quickly showing each other the edtech tools they have found most effective?

Jessi Dewey  at Bethel HS created this five minute Jing on using Quizlet: http://screencast.com/t/DmdZtfs7H2

The Khanacademy.org is the most famous example of similar video tutorials for “flipped” instruction. Over 2000 videos by topic at http://khanacademy.com

Video on the Khanacademy: (15 minutes)


Jing Video Tutorials on how to use Jing;


How educators are using Jing: (and LOVING IT!)




6. Sports App - COACHES MUST SEE!

Coaches Eye – Sports video app to analyze Iphone/Ipad sports videos:

Share this will all local coaches and sports fans....



7. Explaineverything.com - Create tutorials, narrated slideshows,
     and much more (Iphone/Ipad App)

The $2.99 app at www.explaineverything.com to allow anyone to narrate their historical photos, and create narrated videos of any browser exploration, and more.

See the short sample slideshow below and/or at


Learn how in 1 minute: www.youtube.com/watch?v=b00ZeszvjP4

Here is the manual link: http://www.explaineverything.com/ibook--itunesu.html

I put my own Odasz Family history as unlisted, but you can show it with this url

http://youtu.be/0J8PplRjbeQ as a demonstration of how the explaineverything iPad app for elders' stories.
My mother died Nov. 11, 2014, at age 89, and this is the only recordings of her voice we have left.
Don't wait to capture elders' stories and wisdom for all future generations!

8. Introduction to Digital Storytelling for Every Grade Level

Many new digital storytelling apps are available, search the app store.

Screencasting is a form of digital storytelling that allows you to show anything on your screen with motion and narration. Jing is the free software, from. I used Snagit, $29 educational discount, which has more features, and Camtasia $99 is the full featured software. 30 day free trials, and video tutorials are at http://techsmith.com
See Frank for more lessons and links.

Examples of Ebooks created quickly with Book Creator
Here is a 3 minute quick look at my Ibooks folder, and this screencast video took only 3 minutes to make.

How to get Book Creator; $4.99

Broadband Manual- Ibook Author Example -
http://www.screencast.com/t/xj1JpRbdktP  A 4 minute walk-through video.

The Broadband Strategies Manual Ibook for Ipads is at the AASB/CDL website that includes the project description, photos, and additional videos....  Click on the link at http://cdl.aasb.org/itunes-u   to get to the CDL Itunes resources, and download the Broadband Strategies Manual and project guide. You'll need to perhaps download the Itunes app, first?

AASB/CDL's posting on their language projects

The Qbooks cost $6000 each, which is perhaps cost prohibitive.

Chevak paid to have Prek storybooks put into C'upik as you'll see at the link above.

Article on Qbooks with Links to Downloads.

New Zealand created 700 Maori language nests for preschool lang immersion, decades ago.

Bob Whicker, Director of the AASB/Consortium for Digital Learning,
has been working with http://kiwadigital.com/ a native-owned Ebooks company.

I participated in the Qbook event in Chevak,

Note the Broadband Manual Ibook video (above) shows a slideshow on the creation of
that Qbook.

Book Creator for the Ipad, suitable for elementary students, at the Apple app store, $4.99.

Ibook Author for the Mac, suitable for HS students, free at the Apple app store.

Other Amazing tools for digital storytelling, can be as simple as narrating a series of photographs ,
such as preserving an elder’s knowledge for all future generations.
You can use Powerpoint or Keynote, or Apple's Garage Band (see "expanded podcast" tutorial.)

Storehouse is a new app for creating sharable narrated slideshows on Facebook.

Many new digital storytelling apps are available, search the app store.

Exceptional, current Epublishing resources are at http://lone-eagles.com/digitizing-alaska.htm

More resources coming soon!


9. Cook Inlet Tribal Council’s New Native Video Game Innovations

Watch this short video explaining their first Alaska Native video game launching in Nov. 2014:

Here is their website: http://neveralonegame.com/

And here is their video for using video games to teach Native values globally:

Learn More at http://aisdk12.org/innovationincubator/2014/08/26/aisds-innovation-incubator/

STEM Educational programs based on learning to create video games  are
listed at http://lone-eagles.com/digitizing-alaska.htm


10. Examples of Digital Storytelling tools for Elders:


Amazing new tools for digital storytelling are evolving quickly, becoming easier and more powerful and sharable.
Digital storytelling can be as simple as narrating a series of digital photographs of photos in family print photo albums,
resulting in preserving an elder’s knowledge of family, community, and/or cultural histories for all future generations.
You can use Powerpoint or Apple’s Keynote or Garage Band (see “expanded podcast” tutorial.)Sonic is an app that allows anyone to narrate a photo before sharing it.Storehouse is a new app for creating sharable slideshows with text-only descriptions.Many new digital storytelling apps are available, dozens literally; search the app store.Here are just a few examples:

1.     Jackie Isaac’s Memorial blog celebrating his grandparents; http://ingallakqerrataq.blogspot.com/
Jackie used to have his grandparents fiddle music posted on this page. How cool is THAT?!
More collected Alaska Stories and web-based celebrations of culture:
http://lone-eagles.com/Alaskan-Stories.htm   *Dated, and needs updating.
2.     First Nation’s webraising; 30 seconds

Learn more: http://lone-eagles.com/web-raising.htm 

3.     Sample narrated photos “Elder’s Yukon Stories” created with Explaineverything.com app,
and directly uploaded to the youtube channelhttp://youtube.com/fodasz

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNkYHnONKHs&feature=share&list=UUbNItcwaxU_q3w-GlPPzI6w  4 minutes

4.     At flipalbum.com is software to create CD’s with narrated photos and 150 narrated photos were recorded
and distributed on CD’s at the Youth and Elders conference in Koyukuk, AK in 2006  (5 minutes)

5.     Examples of Ebooks created quickly with Book Creator for an elder, Dennis Dunn, and one for a 5 year old, Jeannie Lindsey's daughter.
Here is a 3 minute quick look at my Ibooks folder, and this screencast video took only 3 minutes to make.

6.     Here is a short look at what Ibook Author Ebooks can include:

         Broadband Manual- Ibook Author Example –
http://www.screencast.com/t/xj1JpRbdktP  A 4 minute walk-through video.

7.     Metlakatla Elder Janet Guthrie's Interview “Potlatch is coming back” 17 minutes


11. Digital Montessori Resources

AISD received a major 3 year grant to create a new Digital Montessori School
for 3 year olds through Fifth grade. Montessori methods have been a part
of Alaska Native culture for over 10,000 years.

AISD's Digital Montessori Vision:

The Similarities Between Montessori And Digital Learning

Individual Learning Progressions & Competency-Based Learning
Elimination of Age and Grade Restrictions
Formative Assessments & Short Feedback Loops
Non-traditional Teacher Roles
A Global Citizen Perspective


Let’s talk about your interests:

Frank Odasz, Email: frank@lone-eagles.com PH: 406 925 2519

I love to Skype!: ID frankodasz