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21st Century Workforce Readiness

Lesson Seven: High Tech Business Startup Basics

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Required Submissions Checklist for Lesson 7

1. Listen to the Podcast and Overview video at http://lone-eagles.com/academy7.htm and carefully review the resources at the advanced link at the bottom of the lesson.

2. Send your instructor what you have learned and identify the five best links for youth which provide motivating online instruction on web-based business start-up basics for youth.  Use multiple keywords in your searches to hone in on exactly what you hope to find.

Go to http://lone-eagles.com/ and using the internal search engine google the following terms separately and email your instructor how many resources are listed:
Alaska  "rural ecommerce"  "Alaskan Native"  "Native American"

4. Now, go to google.com and google separately "rural ecommerce and telework strategies"   and "lone eagle consulting" and "Frank Odasz" and report the number of hits to your instructor.

Review the following resources shared with www.SEConference.org Fall 2011

Since I delivered the first Internet workshops for 11 YKSD villages in 1998, I have been writing village grant templates, writing online courses, and authoring articles on my own time - totalling hundreds of hours. I have presented for many top leadership organizations, and overall, been frustrated that no one was ready to review my work or take action. I am a teacher or teachers, and an aggressive self-directed learner. I am not a mercenary consultant looking to profit at the expense of anyone.

That said, I am called a firehose as I have so much to share, and enthusiasm is my best, and perhaps also my worst trait. (Grin) Everything I have created is online without restriction, though I do still hope to be able to make a living.

Attached is a Virtual Potlatch concept paper, for which I believe I can find funding in the short term, to ideally include Metlakatla, Angoon, and other villages and partners to create a scalable model for distance learning to help youth in all villages learn how to create Alaskan Native Digital Villages statewide.

Lone Eagle's Online Curriculums are at http://lone-eagles.com/guides.htm

Lone Eagle's update on national and International Indigenous activities is at

Lone Eagle's three newest online courses are at http://lone-eagles.com/teachercreated.htm
        Teaching Effectively Online, http://lone-eagles.com/teaching.html

        Social Media for Educators http://lone-eagles.com/social.html

        21st Century Workforce Readiness (for educators) http://lone-eagles.com/workforce.html

Lone Eagle's Alaskan Native specific courses are:

A Beginner's Guide to Profiting from the Internet
http://lone-eagles.com/akecom.htm (authored in 2006)

The 21st Century Learn, Earn, and Serve Academy
 (For AK Native HS dropouts, funded by the AK Dept of Labor in 2009)

Alaskan Native village grant templates;
Hundreds of hours of work for over a dozen village-specific grant templates.

An online lesson on grantwriting is at

Web-raising workshops are detailed, with youtube videos and participant created free Ecommerce websites at 

Indigenous Innovations